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Mantra removes all negative energies from the path.

Mantra removes all negative energies from the path.

How to achieve the desired goal? How to remove obstacles from the path?

Sometimes we experience powerful resistance on our way that does not allow our goals to be realized. At such moments, help from the higher world is needed.

In this article we will learn to read the mantra, which removes all negative energies from the path.

Mantra removes all negative energies from the path.

Mantra Vajrapani

This mantra removes all evil and negative from a person’s path, gives him power and strength to overcome any obstacles. Vajrapani is a wrathful deity who personifies the forces that remove the obstacle to spiritual enlightenment.

According to popular beliefs, Vajrapani personifies the Thunderer (vajra in Sanskrit — lightning). He is also considered the patron saint of snakes and rain. The text is:

If a person is pursued by enemies or troubles, one should sing this mantra every morning 108 times, meditating on the image of Vajrapani. For the account use rosaries from a natural stone (108 beads).

Listen to the mantra online:

During meditation, one should imagine how a flow of blue color and celestial nectar, which envelops the practitioner from head to toe, emerge from the heart of Vajrapani. This stream purifies the aura of dirt and disease.

Then it is necessary to imagine how a stream of golden color and divine nectar come out from the region of the heart of Vajrapani. This flow envelops the aura and is a defense against negative manifestations. The next morning, the meditation is repeated.

It is necessary to practice as long as it is necessary for protection.

Om Sarva Mangal Mangalie

The words of the mantra refer to the soft power of the Absolute. Its strength crushes evil, gives protection from obstacles, eliminates physical and psychological pain.

The power of the heavenly flow, invoked by the words of the mantra, cuts off dark energies and a bad influence on a person’s path.

This formula can be used to protect the family, children, property. Sacred words give the power to say «no» to annoying people, to eliminate the adverse influence of dishonest and dark people.

With the help of attracted celestial energies, a person can deal with problems calmly.

«Om Sʻarva Mangal Mangal
Shiva Sʻarwate Sadikʻe
Sharanah Traymbake Gaur`i
Narayani Nam`osute. «

सर्वमङ्गलमङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके।
त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते ॥१॥

Listen online (repeated 108 times):

Mantra «Hell Gurey Name»

Mantra removes all negative energies from the path.

This magic formula removes obstacles and provides protection against any manifestations of dark forces. It is necessary to practice it at dawn, when help and support from the highest world is required:

  • in hard situations;
  • in the attack of detractors;
  • with severe illness;
  • for support in the endeavor.

“Hell Gurey Nama
Jugat Gurei Nama
Sat Gurey Nama
Siri Guru Deva Name. ”

To listen to the mantra Hell Gurey Nama:

Sacred words attract the protective energies that surround a person and destroy evil. When singing, you must present your situation, which you decide to cover with protection.

You should see how all the obstacles are removed, and the green light ahead.

Mantra eliminate obstacles

This magic formula gives the practitioner enlightenment, sharpens intuition and adjusts to the spiritual channel. The mantra activates the mind of a person, and he is able to cope with any negative manifestations on his own.

He begins to see through the situation, choosing the right path. A very powerful mantra for overcoming any evil.

“Ek he (d) kar sat gur prasad,
Sat gur prasad ek he (g) kaar. «

“God and we are one. I know this by the grace of the true Guru. God and we are one. ”

Mantra Vajrakilaya

This formula fights dark manifestations inside and around man. A powerful stream of light eliminates any internal demons attacking the practitioner’s brain.

Also, the mantra cleans from dark energies the space around a person and his dwelling.

«Om Bendza Kealy Kilaya
Sarva Biganen Bam Hum Phat. ”

Mantra eliminates aggressive energies, anger and ignorance. Frees the mind from informational garbage, stamps and stereotypes.

Listen to the Vajrakilaya mantra:

If things don’t go: mantra Ganesha

If your affairs cannot get off the ground, a divine-headed deity, Ganesh, comes to the rescue. Ganesha (Ganapati) — a symbol of wisdom, success and good luck.

The energies of Ganesha eliminate any evil and obstacles from the path of man.

«Aum Vakratundaya Hum x2
Vacratundaya Dhimahi x2
Ganesh Avatar Namaha. ”

Also, the mantra helps in despondency and depression. It liberates the mind, clarifies the situation, inspires good luck. Ganesh is a very bright and positive deity of Hinduism.

He is very much loved in India. At the request of Ganesh, according to tradition, his trunk is stroked.

Reading tips

How to apply mantras to eliminate negative energies from the path? To do this, you must clearly define what is bothering you and what goal should be realized.

After that, you turn to certain deities in it and ask for protection.

You can practice at any time. It is better to chant the mantra at dawn.

How many times do they need to be repeated? According to the tradition of Hinduism, mantras are pronounced 108 times, and can be pronounced 9 or 27 times.

However, the power of the formula increases with each new reading circle. Therefore, sacred formulas are pronounced many times.

Some mantras gain strength after reading 1008 times.

How many days to read the formula? Practice the sacred formula until the situation is corrected.

In the future, you can use the mantra at your discretion. Sometimes you have to read formulas for a long time so that they gain strength.

It is better to sing the mantra, directly referring to the deity, that is, to his image. You can print the image on the printer and laminate — then the picture will always be whole and will not faint.

In esoteric shops you can buy a statuette of the desired deity, arrange a mini-altar in the house.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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