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Mantra, purifying karma — purify your energy!

Mantra cleansing karma will help improve your life!

Today, mantras are quite a popular way to make positive changes in your life. You can find sacred texts that attract good luck, love, grant health, improve the financial situation of the applicant.

Many people convinced that mantras really work, but very often people are overwhelmed with negative energy — they have heavy karma. In this case, any magic rituals have a less pronounced effect.

Mantra, cleansing karma will help eliminate negative energies and gives you harmony and peace.

Mantra, purifying karma - purify your energy!

What is the power of mantras

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to establish what the mantra really is. It can not be compared with a spell or plot.

A mantra is a prayer in which a specific deity of the Buddhist pantheon is addressed.

Therefore, in each mantra, the name of the divine essence, which is addressed for help, is necessarily present. The names of the gods can be divided into syllables, in some cases — mixed with each other.

Buddhism has a very extensive pantheon of deities, each of which affects a person’s life in a certain way.

When you seek help from divine beings, you are filled with a particle of the energy of a given God. Thanks to the regular practice of reading sacred texts, you have the opportunity for amazing changes in your life.

If your energy is littered with excessive negative information, remnants of transferred pathologies and bad thoughts, you feel inharmonious, you do not have enough energy to perform basic tasks, not to mention more global things.

Mantra, purifying karma - purify your energy!

The mantra of the purification of karma has a beneficial effect in eliminating any negative energy; it fills the space around you with exclusively positive vibrations.

How many times should a mantra be read?

Many people are worried about the number of repetitions of the sacred text that must be performed? Most of the texts are not very long, so it is difficult to determine how many times to read a mantra — one, ten or a hundred times ..

Start by repeating the divine song for seven times. And gradually reach one hundred and eight repetitions per day. This figure is sacred, denoting the code of our Universe.

You can also read the mantra seven, fourteen, twenty-eight times.

Please note that an important condition is not to pronounce the sacred text too little or too many times. So, six times reading will not be enough, and one hundred and fifty will be a bit too much.

The sound vibrations of the mantra are at their peak exclusively at the specific points indicated above.

Also in the process of reading follow certain rules:

  • Speak words and sounds as clearly as possible.
  • Read the mantra slowly, slowly to quickly complete a session.
  • Listen to the inner feelings of your body that arise in the process of reading. If there is an indisposition, it is better to end the session.
  • Take occasional breaks.
  • Use the rosary to score correctly. In the classic version there are only one hundred and eight, but you can find a smaller number if you wish. The rosaries allow you to concentrate on reading, not on the score.

From this video you can find out how to clean your karma.

Cleansing Karma with Prayers: Examples of Sacred Texts

All the cleansing mantras given below have a very pronounced effect. They, like a broomstick, sweep away all the energetic “dirt” from a person, contribute to the rejection of negative habits, and eliminate negative emotions.

In addition, the purifying mantras allow us to reduce the influence of mistakes from past reincarnations that prevent us from achieving happiness now.

When you read the mantra, harmony will come to your soul, peace, you will be filled from the inside with divine light. But for mantras to work, they must be read regularly.

Further we offer examples of the most effective mantras for the purification of karma.

Mantra Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva is a Deity personifying purity and wisdom, and it bestows divinely pure energy on both your body and your soul. Through reading the mantra, a person’s life begins to rapidly improve in all areas.

Cleansing spell

It also has a very strong effect, helps to eliminate any negative impact, as well as harmonization of the psychological state. Calms the mind.

The following sacred text must be pronounced:

Gayatri Mantra

Positive effect on energy, eliminates blocks and any negative.

Mantra, purifying karma - purify your energy!


Spell Triyabakam

It promotes the purification of karma, has a positive effect on all organs of the human body. Heals from various ailments.


Mula mantra

It is the most powerful magic text cleansing the space of negative energy.


Mantra against the evil eye

It will protect people from any destructive programs — the evil eye, damage and so on. You should regularly read the following text:


Observing the rules of the pronunciation of cleansing mantras, you can achieve their maximum effect in getting rid of any negative. Every day life will bring even more positive emotions and good mood!

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