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Mantra Om: the essence of what is meditation and mantra, detailed instructions

Om mantra — the first sound in the universe

The famous Ohm mantra is the most famous in the world. It is considered basic in Vedic teaching and carries a deep sacred meaning.

It personifies the unity of the three main deities: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu.

Historical background

Om mantra originated in very ancient times in Vedic culture. In Hinduism and Buddhism, this syllable is considered the main sound, which concentrates all the wisdom of the ancestors and tremendous divine power.

It is also believed that the first sound in the universe was precisely this mantra. It sounded, and only then everything appeared — thanks to a powerful energy vibration.

Proponents of Vedic culture use the Om mantra for meditations that help to gain enlightenment, harmony, to know oneself and to penetrate the essence of things, to find the meaning of being.

Mantra Om: the essence of what is meditation and mantra, detailed instructions

Currently, Om is an indispensable accompaniment of yoga, meditation, pranoyama and other spiritual practices. To come into contact with the Divine forces, you will need the Om mantra — to listen and sing it must be in a state of relaxed consciousness.

The word “Om” itself has no translation; it is an analogy of the Christian “Amen.”

The very word “Om” has a deep sacred meaning:

  • This is all spiritual, located in the area of ​​the unconscious, about which a person has no idea and is unable to comprehend
  • It is the basis of everything, the beginning, the source, the birth
  • “Om” otherwise sounds like “Aum.” «A» is the material part of everything in the Universe — physical bodies, phenomena, everything tangible and visible
  • “U” is the deep wisdom of the Universe as a whole and of an individual in particular. Sometimes the letter is considered a symbol of dreams, but only conscious or prophetic
  • “M” is a spiritual component of the Universe or an individual person, that which is in a state of sleep, rest, meditation

In the generally accepted understanding, Om is the quintessence of everything, deep individuality, superconsciousness, enlightenment.

How to practice reading mantras?

In order for the mantra to “correctly enter” your consciousness and help, it is important to use it correctly and as consciously as possible. We recommend that you first listen to audio recordings of sacred texts, and only then repeat them yourself.

Mantra Om: the essence of what is meditation and mantra, detailed instructions

The classical Ohm mantra helps to improve well-being, increase efficiency, concentrate energy and direct it in the right direction, find harmony and tranquility.

There are private options:

  1. Mantra Om Namah Sivaya helps to attract positive in life. Regular practice leads to the fact that fate will constantly provide plenty of opportunities for happiness and development.
  2. Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum — to listen and pronounce this text is worth people lonely, devastated. It will help to attract love into life, be filled with vital energy, learn how to save it and give it to your partner
  3. Om Shanti Om helps to find a feeling of calm, to become more peaceful and balanced
  4. Om Triyambakyadzhamahe — mantra charm from vices and temptations. Protects from addictions, balances emotions, protects the soul from all sinful, negative

Mantra Om: the essence of what is meditation and mantra, detailed instructions

Here are some recommendations that will help you quickly learn the correct pronunciation of mantras:

  • Hard ringing sound «M» try to pull a little longer. You should feel it vibrate like a huge bell.
  • Mentally imagine how the sound penetrates the location of the «Third Eye» — this is the area between the eyebrows. Draw in your imagination a picture of how sound, becoming tangible, passes from your mouth into the brow, soft vibrating movements
  • You can also try to imagine that sound is a dense and powerful bunch of energy that enters your body. If you succeed, you instantly feel a tremendous surge of strength, joy, satisfaction

Proper pronunciation of the Ohm mantra and regular practice will surely bring good results:

  • Such spiritual practice creates incredibly powerful energy vibrations that activate the human energy centers.
  • There is a cleansing of the chakras at a subtle level, energy begins to circulate freely through the body, energy clips and blocks are removed
  • As a result, the state of health improves, the mind comes to a state of harmony, feelings of anxiety, excitement, instability
  • The psyche and emotional state is normalized, which can even lead to the healing of physical ailments.

Watch the video about the mantra Om:

Not comforts: what to do?

When a person first enters the path of spiritual development and begins to practice chanting mantras, difficulties may arise. Unusual to such manipulations, the thin body begins to protest, discomfort and unpleasant sensations arise.

Headache, irritation, a feeling of strong emotional tension — this is absolutely normal. Likewise, your muscles ache after unusual loads from sports.

Therefore, continue to practice — over time, the discomfort will recede, you will learn to relax and release thoughts from the mind completely. Gradually, you can get real pleasure from spiritual practices, to penetrate deeper into their meaning.

Important: try to act as consciously as possible. Mechanical repetition of sacred texts will not give anything.

Vibration of sounds should be heard in your soul, only then “OM” can positively influence your life.

We summarize: regular spiritual practices and the reading of the mantra “OM” help to change the inner state of a person, balancing it and bringing it into harmony. As a result, it affects fully all other areas of life — health, well-being, personal life.

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