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Mantra of unlimited joy — how to quickly change life

Mantra of joy — improving your life!

Sometimes in life we ​​really lack positive emotions. Eternal pursuit of money, youth, position in society deprives us of the usual joys of life, which, however, are very, very important.

The mantra of unlimited joy is a very strong typing, it allows you to get rid of the accumulated negative and attract positive emotions and experiences into your life.

Mantra of unlimited joy - how to quickly change life

How to use the mantra

Sound vibrations, as mentioned earlier, interacts with the human body. Everything in our world has its own vibrations, prone to change in the process of influence of sound.

When you begin to pronounce the mantra regularly, the structure of the energy body changes, mental toxins are destroyed with energy and, as a result, a noticeable improvement in the quality of your life. Your energy merges with a single source of Light.

The mantra of joy allows the mind to clear itself of constant mental dialogue, gives it deep silence and peace, improves the state of the nervous system. As a result, the chakras begin to work equally well, and the soul and body enter into a state of complete harmony.

There is the elimination of unnecessary frequencies for you, the purification of the surrounding reality and due to this, a lot of free energy appears to achieve goals.

But in order for a mantra to bring the proper effect, it must be properly applied. Recommended regular singing of the magic song for ten to thirty minutes.

At the same time try to use the maximum high with the low tones of your voice.

Traditionally it is believed that to connect with the abundance channels of our Universe, it will be necessary to repeat the mantra daily for eleven or twenty-one days. But repetitions should be no less than one hundred and eight.

Text to repeat next

«Om tare here tare round plow»

Listen to the mantra of unlimited joy:

How to activate the action of the mantra with the help of movements

Not everyone knows that you can make the effect of the mantra of joy more pronounced if you make certain movements in the process of reading.

So, one should perform the mantra in a sedentary position, with the hands placed on the knees so that the palms are looking down.

Mantra of unlimited joy - how to quickly change life

Then simply perform the necessary movements when pronouncing certain sounds:

  • «Om Tare» — raise your right palm up;
  • «Tare tare» — now raise up your left palm;
  • «That re» — on this syllable, the right hand is located at the level of the heart, the palm must face the floor;
  • Soha — this word assumes that the left hand is parallel to the stomach, so that the palm looks upward;
  • «Om Tare» — it is necessary to unite palms in the area of ​​the third chakra (solar plexus);
  • «Tu Tare» — raise both hands up above your head;
  • «Tu Re» — hands are crossed around shoulders;
  • Soha — the initial position is taken on this word.

Referring to the translation of the sacred text. The divine song in translation means the following: “I find myself in a state where my body starts laughing«.

Regularly practicing the mantra of boundless joy, you will be able to achieve a qualitative improvement in your life, get rid of the negatives that hinder you, and be filled with positive emotions and experiences. Mantra will help you direct your life in the right direction, so as not to lose, but only to accumulate life-giving energy!

How does she act on the man mantra of joy?

The mantra of unlimited joy is not only a source of positive experiences, but also gives amazing vigor and energy for the whole day ahead. It awakens your body and adjusts it to a wave of vigorous activity.

Therefore, it is recommended to refer to this mantra in the morning, when the body gradually awakens from a night’s rest.

There is an opinion that in the process of reading the mantra of joy, the power of your voice merges with the divine energy of being, due to which the surrounding reality begins to line up in the way you want.

Who is addressed in this mantra

The mantra of joy is an appeal to the Savior Tara. This is the divine representative of the fair sex, who managed to achieve perfection, but who refused the highest good to help people on earth.

It is believed that Tara is the female hypostasis of the Buddha, who always provides support to people in need.

Green Tara is a Warrior, successfully resolving various issues, helping to cope with difficulties and accelerating the achievement of the desired. The magic words of the mantra are imbued with powerful energy that concentrates on the vibration of sound.

The mantra of joy has a unique power and possesses a sacred code, carefully encrypted from outsiders.

Mantra of unlimited joy - how to quickly change life

A total of twenty-one Tara is known, but the most famous are the White, Green, Black and Red Tara. The main text is the famous mantra of joy.

It is advised to apply it in the morning, immediately after waking up. Through regular practice of the divine song, you can achieve the elimination of all obstacles in your path, dispel the darkness and protect yourself from evil forces.

Interesting, but the mantra will work even in situations where a person remembers only a small part of the phrase. So Buddhists have a very popular legend about a man who walked along a bridge, surrounded by demonic entities, and repeated the words he remembered from the mntra.

And Tara protected him from evil spirits.

Quite recently, a mystical situation occurred in the Korean city of Xi’an. When the divine song was performed, the sound streams synchronized with the divine flow of energy and at one of the servants of the temple the rosary began to shine with bright colors of green.

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