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Mantra of love and tenderness — listen online

Mantra of love and tenderness to attract love into your life

The mantra of love and tenderness is written in the sacred Sanskrit language. This meditation prayer is designed to attract the energies of love and tenderness into a person’s life.

The mantra can be sung both to lonely people and to the quarreling beloved. The vibrations of the sacred words of the mantra change the flow of energies within and around man.

Mantra of love and tenderness - listen online

Mantra «Tumi Bhaj re Mans»

Matra consists of several words in a certain order. Each letter, each sound is in its place and carries a meaning.

If you change something in this order, the mantra will not act magically. The words are:

«Tumi Bhaja Re Mana Tumi Japa Re Mana
Om Sri Ram Jaya Ram Japa re Mana. ”

This text is a bhajan, a tribute to the deity Ramachandra. Translation sounds like this:

“O my mind, always chant divine majesty, always repeat the name of God! Lord Ram!

Victory to Lord Rama! Repeat it, O mind. ”

This text contains the bij-mantra «Ram», the power of which is so great that it can burn out negative energies inside and around a person. This bij-mantra is a defense.

A practitioner of this mantra gets rid of negative energies that surrounding people brought into his life, or he himself has accumulated negative karma.

To listen to the Tumi Bhaj re Mana mantra:

Bhajan in Hinduism is lyrical chants, praising the beauty and greatness of the deity in one of its incarnations. This is the opening of the heart towards the divine energies, the desire to express their devotion and love. While singing bhajana, you need to focus all your thoughts on the deity, throwing away thoughts about everyday problems.

Otherwise you will waste time — the mantra will not reach its goal.

Lord Rama is one of the incarnations of the deity Vishnu. Purpose Rama — to keep love and loyalty between lovers, spouses. Rama is designed to protect the dignity of marriage, to help strengthen the family.

Singing this mantra helps to preserve harmony and love between spouses.

Mantra «Tumare Darshan Ki Bel»

This mantra of love and tenderness attracts the energy of happy love. So that your relationship always maintains the freshness and flavor of the first minutes of happiness in a meeting, practice this magic formula.

Happier than you, no one will be in this world!

«Toumare Darshan Ki Bel
E maumsam raschane ka
Lie Ullas Ki Sans
Samai suit me gin ka. «

“The time has come when I saw you and dance with you.
Breath of joy! This is the time of our happiness. ”

These are the joyful energies of heaven, filling the soul of man with the happiness of divine love and beauty. May this mantra become a constant companion of your happy life.

Listen to the mantra of love and tenderness performed by the Virgin Premal:

Mantra of joy, opening the channel of love and tenderness

The practice of this mantra opens the heart chakra anahata, which is responsible for the perception of love from the outside world. The sacred text of the mantra adjusts the energy of a person to a different perception of reality, connects it to the flow of divine love and tenderness.

Listen to the mantra daily, sing it yourself.

“Jaya Radha Madhava
Jaya Kundzha Bihari
Jaya Gopi Jana Valabha
Jaya Giri Vara Dhari. ”

Play online mantra of love and tenderness:

Get a pink stone rosary or make a pink quartz rosary yourself. In the rosary there should be 108 beads (the 109th bead should separate the first bead from the last, therefore it is made larger in size).

The full text of the mantra is sung on one bead. Then the middle and thumb need to hold the second bead and sing the full text. And so — until the very end.

While singing, you must create vibrations with your voice so that each sound of the mantra will respond in your body. It is better to close the eyes.

Mantra of love and tenderness - listen online

Mantra of love and light

This magic formula removes all obstacles to the happiness of love in your life. Practice it when looking for the second half, when quarreling with your beloved and to strengthen the relationship with your spouse.

“Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami

Venum Kvananaravinda Dalayaksham
Barkhavatams Asitam Buda Sundarangam
Kandarpa Kotkhi Kamanya Viesh Sobham

Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami

Angani Yasya Sakalandria Vrittimandi
Solitaire Panti Kalayanti Kiram Yaganti
Ananda Kin Maya Saduijvala Vigrahasya

Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami
Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami. ”

Listen to the mantra in the recording, learn the words and practice. If it is difficult to learn the text, just listen to the recording, eyes closed.

At this time it is necessary to present the desired pictures of love that you want to receive in your life, or pictures of reconciliation with your beloved.

The heavenly energies, attracted by the sacred text, will change the atmosphere around you: destroy evil, purify the soul and heart from anxiety, calm the mind, harmonize life.

Play mantra online:

Mantra of love and harmony

This is a very strong sacred text. Practicing this mantra to bring love into life, you can achieve love and harmony between loved ones.

If your soul is consumed by an insult after a quarrel — practice the mantra of love and harmony. Sacred words will clear the soul of irritation and resentment, fill the heart with tenderness and understanding.

«Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva.»

These words are addressed to the Vasudeva deity, so they should be sung with respect and worship. Take the rosary, touch your fingers and sing the mantra 108 times in a row.

How to listen and practice the mantra of love and tenderness? This requires special training. Your body must be clean, the room is ventilated.

During practice, no one should distract you — turn off the phone.

To achieve the desired mood, you can light incense sticks with a pleasant aroma: sandalwood, rose, verbena or chocolate. For concentration, you can light a red candle.

The atmosphere in the room should be serene and calm. Practice better at dawn or at night so that there is silence around. Turn on the audio recording, dive into the sound waves and listen.

You can listen to the mantra in the headphones, if the situation does not have to calm.

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