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Mantra of Love — a very powerful force for attracting the second half

Very powerful and working mantras to attract love

Mantras are sacred sounds that spiritually enlightened people have heard in meditation. Mantras open the heavenly gates to certain sources of divine energies that people let into their lives.

Divine energies can change life in the right direction, heal the body and soul, fill the heart with a bright feeling of love. The mantra of love is a very powerful force for bringing the second half to life.

These divine sounds begin to work after a certain number of spoken words of the mantra.

Mantra of Love - a very powerful force for attracting the second half

Powerful mantras

a) Tara green mantra

This mantra brings the soul into a state of equilibrium, reveals femininity and attractiveness. Men will start paying attention to you!

When singing a mantra, you should mentally contact the goddess Tara and ask for help in finding a loved one. This mantra is considered the mantra of fulfillment of desires, the Dalai Lama loved it very much.

Play the mantra performed by the Virgin of Premal:

b) Mantra of love and angels

«Aum Jaya Jaya Shri Shivaya Matchmaker.»

These sacred sounds reveal the heart chakra — anahata. Due to the activation of the light of love in the chakra, there are fundamental changes in a person’s life.

c) Mantra of love and feminine energy.

«Toumi Bhaj Reman
Tumi Japa Re Mana
Om Shrim Ram Jaya Ram
Japa Re Mana. ”

This is a very beautiful mantra of love and tenderness, filling the soul with the light of love and harmony with the world around. It draws love into a person’s life. If you have a falling out with a loved one, the singing of sacred sounds will help to reconcile.

If you cry while listening to and singing a mantra, this is a very good sign of purification from negative vibrations in the aura.

d) Mantra of love and light

«Govindam Adipurusham
Tam aham bhajavi

Venum Quarantana Ravinda
Dalaya Taksham
Barkhavatamsam Asitam
Buda Sandarangam
Kandarpa Kotkhi Kamanya
Hanging Sobham

Govindam Adipurusham
Tam aham bhajavi

Angani Yassia Sakalandria Vrittimanti
Solitaire Panti KalayantiKiram Yaganti
Ananda Kin Maya Sabui Yvala Vigrahasya

Govindam Adipurusham
Aham Bhajavi is there. ”

If it is difficult to learn the text of a mantra, you can regularly listen to it, tuning in to the divine energies of the universe. The music is very beautiful, peaceful.

The sound of the sacred sounds inside will rearrange the vibrations of the subtle bodies and bring them into consonance with the vibrations of divine love and light.

e) Very powerful love mantra

“Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Map
Purgh Nirbho Nirver
Akal Murat Ajuni Seibhong
Gur Prasa Jap
Hell Sach Jugat Sach Hebhi Sach
Nank Hoshi Bhi Sach. ”

Sacred words literally explode the space around the singing, set in motion invisible energies. These energies purify space from any negative, burn the darkness around us.

New light energies of love, harmony and peace rush into the pure space. Sing the mantra for at least three weeks.

When quarreling with her beloved, she helps to restore relationships.

e) Love vibrations

«Ra — Ma — Da — Sa — Sai — So — Hang.»

These sacred sounds increase the inner energy of a woman, creating in her the vibrations of love. Magically, you will become a magnet of love for others, if you sing these sounds for three weeks.

You can sing all the time!

  • Ra — the sun;
  • Ma — night light;
  • Yes — the earth;
  • Ca — infinity;
  • Sa Sai — total infinity;
  • Co — personal male or female energy;
  • Hang — endless vibration.

g) Short mantra of joy and love

These words must be pronounced many times. Take the rosary and sing the sounds 108 times. Then repeat 108 times again.

The more times you say, the more powerful the energy field forms around your aura. Try to feel the internal vibrations in the body while singing the sacred sounds.

Listen to these vibrations, be aware of their powerful action. How many days to chant the mantra?

Not less than three weeks from the beginning of the growth of the moon.

h) To attract the interest of the opposite sex

This mantra attracts a person of the opposite sex. You can sing the words, thinking of a certain man / woman, or just imagine that some person is paying attention to you. Sacred sounds form the radiance around the aura, which is impossible not to notice.

Sing constantly until the result is achieved.

What time to read the mantra of love?

Mantras for attracting positive energies into life should be read from the first days of the new lunar month, that is, from the new moon. The energies of the growing moon will help in bringing what you want into your life.

In order for the changes to occur completely and finally, the mantra is read 21 days in a row. It is believed that in 3 weeks there will be a radical change in your life and energy potential.

How many times do you read the mantra of love? If there are no special recommendations, mantras are read 108 times in one session.

In order not to lose count, they use beads — beads on a string. Rosary can be made independently, strung 108 beads on a strong thread.

For love rosary made of rose quartz stones or pomegranate beads.

You can just read the mantra, but it’s better to sing. The voice is your guide to the world of deities. Connecting with the sacred sounds of the mantra, the voice will connect you with the divine energies.

You can sing in a quiet voice, but always meaningfully. You must be aware that you are performing a religious rite.

To enhance the meditative state when singing sacred sounds, light incense with a sweet scent — any floral scent will do. Cleans the mind and smell of sandalwood well. You can light the candles.

This setting will tune you to the right vibrations of the mind and body.

Can I just listen to the mantra in the recording? This is also allowed. However, remember that your voice is a conductor of the soul to the subtle worlds.

Therefore, the personal performance of mantras in a voice will quickly make positive changes in your life than just listening to someone else’s performance.

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