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Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

Tibetan health mantra: rejuvenate the body

The Tibetan mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body is a unique sacred text, the Vedic prayer that anyone can use. Even if you are far from the Vedic culture, the regular pronunciation of mantras will help to preserve youth for a long time, to remain healthy, beautiful internally and externally.

Eastern mantra longevity and rejuvenation

Tibetan oriental culture is really unique. The recipes of beauty and youth have been practiced and perfected for centuries, so they are incredibly effective. The meaning of the mantra of longevity and rejuvenation is to work with your subconscious.

Proper work on its energy essence ultimately heals the physical body.

The mantra of longevity and rejuvenation is an appeal to the Higher Forces with a request, a gratitude, a wish. This reveals the innermost, helps to enter the healing trance and work out the unconscious well.

Tibetan mantra of youth and beauty

A mantra that helps preserve youth and beauty for a long time is not the only one. There are several sacred texts.

Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

This is a universal Vedic prayer that mobilizes the forces of the body and they begin to work towards the preservation of your beauty and youth.

And this mantra can be used by a person who wants to lose weight and improve the appearance of his body:

Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

Of course, with the help of mantras alone, it is impossible to lose weight. If you eat at the same time the right food, take time to physical exertion, then the effect will be enormous.

Another mantra of rejuvenation of Mahamrityyunjaya helps to preserve youth and health, but first of all its goal is to protect against death and the fear of death. It destroys negative attitudes in the subconscious, which have a bad effect on the appearance and health of a person:

Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

Tibetan mantra for weight loss and beauty

This mantra works great if you are looking for healthy weight loss. It does not help those who are trying to achieve the wrong ideals of beauty — too thin, for example.

In order for the sacred text to work, follow some guidelines:

  1. Do not overeat and refrain from junk food. The mantra works especially well in fasting people, vegetarians and religious people.
  2. Practice the mantra regularly. It is constant, daily repetition of the text that ensures success and helps to achieve the desired goal.
  3. Sincerely believe that the mantra will work. If you doubt or read the text out of curiosity, for the sake of entertainment, you will not get much benefit.
  4. The ideal option is to start practicing this mantra on your birthday, every day, for several months (at least two).

It sounds like this:

Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

There is a more complicated kind of such mantra. It is advisable to first listen to it in the recording to catch all the features of pronunciation, and then sing independently:

Mantra of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body

While singing mantras, try to relax, exorcise all extraneous thoughts from the consciousness and concentrate as much as possible on the process. It is also desirable not to allow negative thoughts, actions.

Strengthen the action of mantras

Sometimes just reading mantras is not enough. It is also necessary to perform certain actions that reinforce the power of the action of the sacred Vedic texts. For example:

  1. Read the mantra on the water, which you will then drink or use for cooking. Such charged water carries a huge positive energy charge.
  2. But note that you can not use tap water. You will need bottled or distilled water from a pure natural source.
  3. “Conspirated” water can be used for cosmetic procedures: rinse your face while washing or replace it with a tonic
  4. The yoga asanas also work well in the work with mantras. During classes, blood circulation increases, the body is saturated with oxygen and receives life-giving energy. The most famous beauty asanas are Viparita Karai, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Karna Pidasana, Grivasana, Simhasana.

Watch the video about the Tibetan mantras of youth, beauty and longevity:

Meditations that rejuvenate

An additional tool that greatly enhances the healing effect of mantras is anti-aging meditations.

Meditation in this context is a conscious entrance to a special state in which a person relaxes as much as possible, and then lays in his mind the necessary programs.

For example, it may be fiery meditation:

  • Stand up, straighten your shoulders, lift your chin and straighten your spine. Imagine yourself stretching your head towards the sun.
  • Imagine that you are standing next to the mouth of a fire-breathing powerful volcano. Feel the hot air penetrate your lungs, imagine the energy of the fire that burns the cells of your body
  • There should be a feeling that the blood is warming, faster running through the veins, literally pulses. Sometimes there is a rush of blood to the face.
  • Mentally direct the fire inward. Imagine a fire in the very center of your body

It is very simple to check whether the meditation worked — the face turns red (or at least turns pink), there is a feeling that blood has rushed to the head and skin.

If you combine meditative practices with the singing of mantras, lead a healthy lifestyle and work on the development of positive thinking, the result will not be long in coming. In the process of such practices, the soul and body are cleansed, internal changes begin.

The person is filled with energy, his state of health and mood improves.

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