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Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

We practice the hundred-syllable mantra «Vajrasattva»

The Buddhist mantra of Vajrasattva is one of the most effective and popular in Tibet and India. It is called magic and miraculous.

The perfectly matched sound of sacred sounds, grouped into one hundred syllables, has a powerful effect on the subtle bodies of the person and produces dramatic changes on the physical plane.

Consider the topic: the practice of mantra — the hundred-syllable mantra of Vajrasattva. How many times you need to pronounce the text, at what time of day, how many days in a row — all the answers will be in the article.

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

Vajrasattva in Buddhism and Hinduism

Vajrasattva is the embodiment of purity and purity. This image in Buddhism symbolizes sincerity, sinlessness and freshness.

Vajrasattva is depicted on a lotus throne with a moon disk.

In his right hand he holds a vajra — a symbol of steadfastness and compassion. With his left hand, Vajrasattva holds silver bells — a symbol of spirituality and wisdom.

The word «vajrasattva» is translated as «diamond indestructible being.» There are other interpretations of this word — “the soul of the lightning,” “a force like the sound of thunder and lightning.”

Under this name are combined five incarnations of the buddhas who have achieved enlightenment, purity, harmony and fortitude.

Action mantra

The slogan mantra has been known since ancient times, it was used by Buddhist monks to rid the soul of sins, correct karma and move to a new level of perception. The power of the mantra is so great that it can correct the karma of past incarnations of man.

The text is written in a sacred language and has no literal translation. Through the utterance of sacred sounds, a person turns to the divine essence with a request for the purification of the soul and the gift of enlightenment.

As a result of practicing mantra, the following results can be achieved:

  • get rid of chronic diseases;
  • relieve emotional distress;
  • get rid of immoral thoughts;
  • get rid of internal blocks — anger, envy, jealousy;
  • calm the soul and achieve enlightenment;
  • understand your earthly destiny;
  • clear out the induced negative magic;
  • clear and correct the karmic load.

The action of the mantra has only those people who sincerely wish to get rid of their own negative, seeks to comprehend wisdom and gain enlightenment. Without a sincere pure heart it is impossible to gain spirituality.

Here is what is written in Tantra about the practice of the 100-syllable mantra:

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

How to practice the mantra

The sacred text can be listened to in the recording, sing or read. To better enter a meditative state, take a cleansing shower or bath and burn incense — aroma sticks with the smell of sandalwood or lotus.

The smells excite the human astral body and tune in to the perception of transcendental vibrations.

At the beginning of the practice, you can simply listen to the words in the recording, then try to repeat aloud. During meditation, you need to present the image of Vajrasattva or contemplate the image in the picture.

In Buddhism, Vajrasattva is a symbol of purification and deliverance.

When you learn the text of the mantra, repeat it with the record. In the future, you can practice the mantra yourself, using beads with beads — 108 pieces (one hundred and ninth beads in beads are used for separation).

According to Buddhist beliefs, the one who uttered the mantra a million times, can achieve enlightenment during life.

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

Literary translation of the text:

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

Explanation of the translation:

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

How many days practiced mantra — 100 syllable mantra Vajrasattva? It should be read daily 108 times (or 21 times).

The more days you devote to practice, the better for you. The time of day for practice does not matter: the main thing is that no one bothers you. Some yogis recommend meditating completely naked.

If there is such an opportunity, take advantage of it.

Mantra hundred slogan Vajrasattva: practice at home, tips

Mantra Vajrasattva is practiced with visualization — it is necessary to imagine the image of a golden Buddha. If the visualization fails, you can look at the statuette or the Buddha image.

To receive the cleansing of sins, you need to sincerely repent in your heart — otherwise you will not be able to attain cleansing. However, your soul must make a conscious decision — not to commit more sins, follow the path of wisdom and purity.

If you are not ready for such a decision, ask a higher power to give you an understanding.

Mantra Vajrasattva — the mantra of purification of karma of great power. What does the practitioner feel at the physical level after mediation? The result of the practice is:

  • feeling of lightness in the body;
  • less need for sleep;
  • sound health; clarity of memory and thinking;
  • development of intuition.

In the Tantra of pure repentance, it is said that practicing daily meditation becomes the son of the buddhas during life and bodhisattva after death.

Play the Vajrasattva mantra in the recording:

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