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Mantra healing all diseases

Mantra healing all diseases

Any mantra is aimed primarily at improving the energy field of a person. Prayer chants draw out evil from the biofield and give natural energy to light and positive. But there are mantras and options for their singing, which contribute to the cure of physical ailments, they care about human health.

The most interesting thing is that mantras can not be divided into types of diseases, each of them is capable of treating all ailments, the main thing is to observe certain conditions of reading.

The principle of healing the body mantras

Mantra healing all diseases

As you know, reading mantras causes certain vibrations and sound resonances that affect a person. This influence is connected not only with the external and internal biofield as a whole, but also with the energy of each particular organ or system.

To put it simply, prayer singing can sometimes complement a pharmaceutical preparation, having a beneficial effect on the physical body.

You do not need to have a high spiritual essence for effective reading, you just need to concentrate on your problems, and the higher forces are able to determine what kind of help is required for this or that prayer. Like any other appeal to a deity, mantras imply sincere faith and devotion, without this effect will not.

Link mantras with lunar cycles

The moon is a powerful astrological object, but it can participate in prayers only if the texts imply a change in the natural vibrations of the human body. Try to determine for yourself what exactly you want to get in the end, only after that you can pick up the moon cycles and start singing.

  • The waning moon promotes healing from existing diseases. Everything is very symbolic — the lunar disk goes away, and with it the ailments recede. In the period of the decline of the moon, everything on earth undergoes purification, but one can only feel it for yourself through prayer.
  • The arriving moon will not help to cure, however health will strengthen and increase immunity. The arriving moon means the strengthening of the spirit and body of a person, as the power of the heavenly body arrives, and so does human strength.
  • In the full moon it is better to avoid any mantra, the energy of this period is grandiose, and humanity is not yet able to cope with it. If you have already decided to resort to singing at this time, it is best to take care of the healing of the already existing ills.
  • The New Moon is the most peculiar energy period. It is possible to pray both about strengthening the body and about treatment.

Important: in the New Moon, you can safely combine the mantra reading with the prayers of other religious movements, during this period harmony is everywhere.

Rules of reading health mantras

Health is a serious thing. It is necessary to approach such prayer songs thoroughly and deliberately, otherwise you can get a zero result, if not negative.

So, the canons of prayer chants:

  • Before uttering the mantra, you must visit the shower. The body must be clean, otherwise the sound vibrations can be distorted and the effect will significantly decrease.
  • Women are not recommended to read mantras during menstruation. During this period, natural vibrations are lost, some singing may have the opposite effect.
  • You need to sing in a sober mind. Some sectarians do not disdain to drink a couple of pills before reading, but this is a brutal violation of the rules, which higher forces mercilessly punish.
  • It is necessary to concentrate on your problem. This allows you to send resonant vibrations to the area of ​​the body that is most in need of them.
  • It is best to read the mantra in the morning, immediately after sunrise. This time is the most active from the energetic point of view, the effectiveness of the chants will be maximum.

If all these conditions are faithfully observed, then the effect will be quick and powerful, the diseases will recede, and peace and harmony will come to the soul.

Mantra healing all diseases

Important warning

There are people who are so deeply immersed in religious teachings of an energy orientation that they prefer to be treated only with mantras. This is a big mistake that has cost the lives of thousands.

In no case can not refuse to visit the traditional doctors, and especially from taking medication.

The mantra adjusts the body’s natural vibrations in a certain way, but it is not able to correct the changes that have already occurred in the internal organs.

This means that the mantra is able to cope with a relatively mild disease, like a head cold, but now it is no longer able to cope with its “continuation”, that is, sinusitis. Especially serious mistake is made by those readers who are trying to cure cancer from the mantra.

Chanting can act as a preventive measure of this terrible disease, but it is not able to eliminate an existing tumor. Yes, the mantra is able to slightly stop the development of a neoplasm, but the “services” of the oncologist are the only things that can stop a terrible disease!

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