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Mantra Goddess Lakshmi — listen online

Mantra Lakshmi — listen online

Mantra Lakshmi is a request from this Indian goddess for wealth, as well as prosperity and fertility. Since ancient times, in the Indian culture mantras have been used to achieve various goals, and today they are popular all over the world.

Many people actively use the power of mantras, and you will learn how to properly address the mantra to the goddess Lakshmi from this article.

Mantra Goddess Lakshmi - listen online

Sacred texts of Lakshmi mantras

Mantra mahamantra

People who want to get the location of the goddess, in most situations, use the maha-tra Mahamantra. Her text is as follows:

Om Khrim Sri Lakshmi Byo Namaha

For success, a daily chanting of the mantra is needed one hundred and eight times. This divine song will help you to succeed in absolutely any area of ​​life, make you rich, both in spiritual and material terms, teach you to enjoy life and give you true love.

Goddess Lakshmi treats girls and women well, because they are a support for the representatives of the stronger sex, so she gives them beauty and attracts a strong and sincere feeling into their lives.

Especially strong Mahamantra becomes in the time period, starting from the thirteenth of April and ending on the fourteenth of May. The ideal option is to repeat the sacred text six times a hundred and eight repetitions.

To achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, when you say the words of a mantra, think as much as possible about its great strength, as well as your request.

Want to connect with this deity? Then regularly chant the mantras dedicated to her, or meditate on her sacred face.

Then you will achieve amazing action — your life will change very soon in a positive direction.

It is highly recommended to put a small goddess figurine in her home. Also, wanting to get her attention, the Indians seek to decorate their homes, taking into account her preferences.

Lakshmi loves big flowers and through them generously bestows his divine energy on others. Therefore, it is worth putting in your room daffodils, lotuses, roses or dahlias.

If at the same time they remain fresh for a long time and keep an attractive appearance, it means that Lakshmi is very friendly towards you.

Mantra Goddess Lakshmi - listen online

Also an effective way to strengthen communication with a deity is to use jewelry made from its favorite materials. Lakshmi loves gold.

And from minerals gives preference to almandine, lazurite, chrysoberyl, nephrite (yellow and red). Wearing jewelry from the stones described, you thereby demonstrate to the goddess your desire to receive her mercy.

Mantra of wealth

The second effective mantra of Lakshmi is the mantra of wealth. The number of repetitions is less than the previous version and is only thirty-seven times.

But you will be required to prepare in the form of a mantra for tuning — Pranthans.

First, repeat the words of the following sacred text nine times:


Then speak out loud your deliberate and well-formulated intention and only then begin to read the mantra itself:


Play this mantra online:

The systematic practice of such a strong text will assist you in achieving the desired effect due to the power of divine Lakshmi. Particularly pronounced will be the result if the reading of the mantra is in the fall in the period from October 16 to November 15.

The application of Lakshmi mantras gives people not only wealth and success, but makes them happy, fills them with a sense of joy and peace and casts out of their hearts any sorrows that lie hidden in them.

What will help the mantra of the goddess Lakshmi

The goddess is also known as the Universal Mother, acting as intercessor for all who sincerely pray to her before the god Vishnu. He cannot refuse his beloved wife and fulfills all her requests.

Therefore, the appeal to Lakshmi is quite popular; in the process of prayer, people receive a blessing from her, as well as the fulfillment of their innermost desires.

  • The goddess gives success to the representatives of the stronger sex in business, luck, prosperity and well-being.
  • And for girls, it enhances their visual appeal, gives them outer beauty, improves their health, makes them more charming for men, and opens up knowledge about lovemaking.

Of course, if you want to mantra Lakshmi brought the desired effect, be sure to follow all the rules of its application.

Lakshmi personifies feminine energy and fertility

Goddess Lakshmi (Lakschmî) in the most ancient period of Hinduism personified with the Russian goddess Dole. In the Middle Ages, certain changes occurred in the Indian pantheon of gods, and each of the higher deities received a wife (or shakti — that is, force).

Lakshmi became the eldest wife of the god Vishnu, she was very often approached with various requests.

The goddess allowed to achieve success in the field of trade, and also contributed to material prosperity. There are many effective rituals and sacred songs that establish a connection with Lakshmi.

Mantra Goddess Lakshmi - listen online

Hindus believed that in the hands of the goddess brings joy, good luck, grace, helps to attract wealth and comfort the suffering. The name «Lakshmi» itself is translated from Sanskrit as «happiness.»

The sacred face of Lakshmi combines the divine and the earthly, personifies cosmic harmony in our Universe. The goddess acts as the savior, she comes to the rescue in a difficult moment, showing her divine generosity and rewarding everyone who addresses her.

In India, so far every year, solemn celebrations are held in honor of the goddess Lakshmi. They symbolize the birth of a new life (spring), as well as material wealth (autumn).

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