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Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck and prosperity

Ganesh is one of the most revered gods in Hinduism, symbolizing wisdom and well-being. People appeal to him with a request to bestow success, good luck and prosperity.

Usually for these purposes the world famous mantra Ganesha is used.

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

Ganesh — the deity of wisdom and prosperity

the God Ganesh , also known by name Ganapati , Vinayaka and Vigneshwar , in the Hindu tradition personifies wisdom and well-being, is considered the patron saint of wealth, prosperity, good luck and trade.

Scion of the supreme god Shiva and his second wife Parvati, Ganesh, has a rather strange appearance:

  • his torso is taken from a person, the skin is red or yellow, a larger stomach resembling a ball, four arms stand out noticeably;
  • where there is supposed to be a human head, the head of an elephant has one tusk.

According to one of the myths about the origin of such an unusual deity, the head of Ganesha was deprived by Shiva himself in a fit of rage. And then, repenting and wanting to console the unhappy mother of her son, sewed a baby elephant on his head.

Another myth is that the head of an elephant is the result of the wrath of the god Shani, who was forgotten to be invited to a celebration on the occasion of the birth of Ganesh. Shani came to the feast without an invitation and incinerated the head of the divine infant with his gaze.

Then, on the advice of Brahma, Shiva attached to his son the head from the first animal he had found — he was just a baby elephant.

Ganesha is revered not only in faraway India. The adherents of the Feng Shui doctrine attribute to him the ability to remove obstacles from a person’s life and to bestow financial prosperity.

A bronze statuette of the deity is advised to put it in the wealth or career sector and from time to time to “treat” it with sweets (to put some candy, sugar) in order to win the favor of Ganesh and get help from him in moments of need. Also, do not forget to thank him — for this it is enough to stroke the god on the trunk.

Ganesh — the embodiment of the mantra “Om”

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

According to Vedic tradition, Ganesh is the embodiment of the mantra “Om”. The elephant head, crowning the torso of the deity, in its form resembles the symbol “Om”. Its large dimensions symbolize wisdom.

Big ears are called upon to attentively listen and separate good from evil, truth from falsehood. They hear everything, but at the same time they perceive only the good and the true.

For this reason, Ganesh responds only to those requests that come from the very heart of the one who asks.

Mantra Ganesh will remove obstacles to success and well-being.

One of the most powerful and popular mantras addressed to God Ganesha is designed to remove obstacles to material prosperity and success. It sounds like this:

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

This mantra attracts positive energy, activates financial flows, makes them work for the benefit of the performer. It should be pronounced before the start of any important project, when making an important decision that can directly affect the future.

In order for this divine song to work, it is recommended that you first learn by heart, and then chant from memory. To develop the correct pronunciation, you can listen to the reduced Ganesh mantra, referring to the ready audio and video recordings. As an example, let’s take a video where this mantra is performed by Uma Mohan — a popular Indian singer and composer:

To eliminate all kinds of obstacles, there is another short mantra of Ganesh — its text is as follows:

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

The effect of this mantra is as follows:

  • eliminates all obstacles in the way;
  • improves intellectual activity;
  • contributes to the correct perception of people and occurring phenomena;
  • helps to know the secrets of the universe;
  • grants success in literature, art, commerce;
  • develops and revitalizes the mind;
  • strengthens memory.

Regular singing of this mantra accelerates the spiritual and social development of a person. A sample of the correct performance listen here:

How to properly perform and listen to the mantra of Ganesh?

Each mantra is characterized by its manner of playing or listening. The power of the mantra depends on how it is pronounced:

  • The mantra, played out loud, has an effect on the physical (material) body of a person.
  • The action of the mantra, uttered in a whisper, affects the subtle body.
  • Mantra, read mentally, already affects the mental body of a person (mind).

It is recommended to start reading the Ganesh mantra while the moon is growing. It is better to practice the performance of a divine song every day, but nothing terrible will happen if one or two days are missed.

The best time to pronounce the mantra is the sunrise. Nevertheless, some people claim that the evening reading of the sacred text helps them more.

Meditate with the help of a mantra should be in complete privacy, sitting in a spacious room with a window. It is very important to ensure that meditation is comfortable. When any unpleasant symptoms (headache, sudden deterioration of health, fatigue, fear) occur, the Ganesh mantra should be stopped immediately, put off until better times and try to learn the correct pronunciation of the song.

This is easy to do if you regularly listen to the Ganesha mantra online on the Internet.

Both when listening and when pronouncing the mantra of Ganesha, a person must be in a completely relaxed state, trying to sense the vibrations of sounds. You can sit in the lotus position, close your eyes — in general, make the meditation take place in the most comfortable atmosphere.

The number of pronunciations of the mantra of Ganesha in one session should be a multiple of seven: the minimum number of repetitions — 7 times, the maximum — 108. It is not necessary to arrange a long session of meditation — 10-15 minutes is enough.

The beneficial effect of the Ganesh mantra

Mantra Ganesh will attract good luck, prosperity and prosperity

Regular practice of the mantra of the Hindu deity Ganesh radically changes the life of the performer, opens up new horizons for him, makes his success and well-being his constant companions. Even one session of meditation can lead to amazing results:

  • the performer feels a surge of vitality;
  • it becomes easier to wake up in the morning;
  • contacts with people around are easier;
  • life is filled with new colors and impressions;
  • every day passes under the sign of harmony.

Good God Ganesh always protects those who come to him with a sincere heart. It gives success and success, wealth and prosperity, attracts pleasant surprises and positive changes.

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