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Mantra Ganesh for attracting money and well-being — listen online

Mantra Ganesh for attracting money and well-being — listen online

God Ganesh is deeply revered in India. Ganesha (Ganapati) personifies wisdom, prosperity and well-being.

Hindus piously honor his holidays, bestow gifts and offerings. Why is baby elephant Ganesh so loved in India?

Because he has a peculiarity — to eliminate obstacles to achieving the goal. When we listen and sing the Ganesha mantra to attract money, the green traffic light comes on — the path is open.

Mantra Ganesh for attracting money and well-being - listen online

Mantra Vakratunda Makhakaya

This magic formula aims to eliminate all kinds of obstacles from the path to the goal. Sacred words are sung before any important business.

One must ask the divine for help in gaining success. Usually this mantra is considered the beginning of all beginnings — any conceived deed.

“Vakratunda Makhakaya
Surya Koti Samaprabha
Nirvighanam Kurumedeva
Sarva Kariishu Sarvada. ”

The translation of the formula goes something like this: “Shining Lord with a big body and trunk! Make it so that there are no obstacles and obstacles in my work. ”If the melody seems very difficult to you, you can sing the mantra on your own motive.

The main thing is to create the right vibrations in the body.

Listen to the Ganesh Mantra to attract money and well-being:

For business success and well-being

Very bright and pure music, attracting favorable energy in the life of man. Practitioners advise singing this formula whenever it is necessary to bring wealth and financial flow to life. You must sing at least 108 times in a row.

To attract a large cash flow mantra sing 48 days in a row.

«Om Gan Ganapatae Namo Namah
Sri Siddhi Vinayak Namo Namah
Ashtavinaic Namo Namah
Ganapati Vappa Moria. ”

Chanting the mantra for 48 days opens up a powerful energy flow that grants enlightenment and wisdom. These qualities should be used only for good purposes.

Listen to the mantra for luck in business on our website:

To attract cash flow, customers and well-being

Mantra Ganesh for attracting money and well-being - listen online

This magic formula is considered universal. However, most often the mantra is sung to increase the cash flow in life.

If you work with a clientele, generous and attentive customers will come to you. If you are looking for a job, you will have the opportunity to find the best place.

Mantra works in the most incredible magical way.

«Ganesh Sharanam Sharanam Ganesh
Gan Gan Ganapati Sharanam Ganesh
Jai Ganesh Jayaa Jayaa Gananata. ”

You can record the performance on the player and listen to it during the journey to work or before going to bed. If you sing the sacred words, the number of repetitions of the formula should not be less than 108 times.

Play mantra to raise money:

Powerful Money Mantra

This magical formula attracts powerful streams of finances into your life if you have spiritual purity and are deprived of self-interest. The power of the combination of sacred syllables forms a vortex flow in the subtle world, directing monetary energies to the source — the one who asks.

«Om Shrim Khrimm Klim Glom
Gam Ganapatae Vara Varada
Sarva Janam Me Washmana Sva-Ha

Om Shrim Khrimm Klim Glum
Gam Ganapatae Vara Varada
Sarva Janam Me Washmana Sva-Ha

Om Shrim Khrimm Klim Glum
Gam Ganapatae Vara Varada
Sarva Janam Me Washmana Sva-Ha

Om Edantay Vid Mahi Vakrut
Andaya Dhimahi Tan No
Danti Prachodayat. ”

How to work with this mantra? Do the following:

  1. Listen several times to the performance in the recording.
  2. Learn the words by heart.
  3. Sing the sacred words at dawn or at noon.
  4. Use while singing beads (108 beads).
  5. Sing the formula every day for three weeks — to achieve well-being.

Listen to the powerful mantra online:

How Ganesh Mantras Work

In the Hindu tradition, there are many chants and prayers to the deity Ganesha. Some of them glorify him, in others there is an appeal with requests for the gift of wisdom and the removal of obstacles.

No deity can remove obstacles and clear the path to luck, like Ganesh. The elephant is asked by everyone — clergymen, students, workers, and merchants.

Mantra, turned to the deity, literally works wonders.

How do Ganesh mantras work? In addition to eliminating external obstacles, sacred sounds open up energy centers (chakras) within a person.

The request for money, just, activates the energy flow, responsible for attracting financial well-being. However, do not think that after the singing of sacred formulas, money will begin to pour in from heaven!

You will discover new or additional ways to earn money, get lucky with customers, or reduce costs. No one knows better than Ganesha exactly how you need help.

When should you sing sacred formulas? Usually an appeal to Ganesha is made on the eve of an important enterprise — financial negotiations, the signing of documentation or a decision about a major transaction.

It is not recommended to ask the elephant’s money: he is in charge of well-being in general. Therefore, in addressing the deity it is necessary to ask for help and help in solving their problems.

One should also ask for the gift of wisdom in order to be able to preserve the wealth and well-being gained.

Little trick

In India, the god Ganesha is especially revered, given him flowers and sweets. Ganesha loves being stroked by his trunk.

Therefore, acquire a small statuette of the deity and stroke the trunk with your fingers before performing the mantra.

If you do not have a figurine, you can print the image of the deity on a color printer and hang it on the wall. Stroking the trunk can be in the picture.

However, the most effective option is to purchase a statuette.

Put it on a table or a special place, place a small container with sugar or other sweets next to it. Do not forget to care for Ganesh: remove dust in time, wash and wipe the figure.

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