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Mantra for weight loss (very powerful)

Mantra for weight loss, very powerful!

How to lose weight fast? This question does not give rest to many women. Diets are all tried, fasting does not help, run in the morning does not work.

What to do? There is a mantra for weight loss — a very powerful force for the necessary changes in the body.

Many women successfully practice these mantras and have made positive changes.

Mantra for weight loss (very powerful)

The most powerful Tibetan mantra «San Si Si»

This sacred formula came to us from ancient Tibet. Sacred words affect the subconscious, which regulates all processes in the body. After a while, you will notice that the extra weight has begun to disappear.

It will not happen in a week or a month — do not wait. Just practice the mantra and don’t worry about the result.

He will certainly be.

Mantra words for weight loss:

«San Sia Chii Nah Pai Toon Doo.»

Play mantra for weight loss online:

How to practice the mantra? Traditionally, it is recited on the water every time you want to drink.

Read an odd number of times. The glass must be held in the hands (glass), and then blow on the water after reading the formula.

How many times will you drink water, so many times and read.

How many days to practice this formula? Until you lose weight. The metabolism of each woman is special, so it is impossible to determine in advance the time for the implementation of the plan.

In practice, women can lose weight (up to 10-12 kilograms) within six months. Believe in the result!

Other mantras for weight loss

There are Indian mantras for weight loss in Sanskrit. They are not less effective.

1. «Om Nama Bhagavate Rukmini Valabhaya Svaha.»

This formula is pronounced 108 times. You can read on a glass of water (preferably crystal) and blow on the water.

Then they drink water. You can millet meditate, imagining how your figure becomes slimmer.

Do not expect a quick effect. Mantra gently changes the structure of the body.

2. “Ma Nos Koo Sai Mon U.”

This is also the Tibetan mantra. With this formula you can achieve not only a reduction in the volume of forms, but also rejuvenation.

A vibrational series of sounds harmoniously affects cellular structures, changing their vibrations. As a result, the cells acquire the correct vibrations, obeying the energy impact.

Your face will gain youthfulness, the skin will break. Outwardly, you will look younger than your age.

A bonus of such a program will be the improvement of the body! The mantra affects cellular structures in general.

Practice daily, and do not stop at the achieved result.

The rules of pronouncing the mantra for weight loss

Mantra for weight loss (very powerful)

How to pronounce words in an unfamiliar language? To do this, it is advisable to carefully listen to the video. If there is no video, the pronunciation rules are as follows:

  • vowel sounds must be stretched;
  • consonant sounds pronounced clearly and briefly;
  • the letters «m» and «n» by tradition must be stretched like mooing;
  • chanting / reciting a mantra follows 108 times (this is a full circle);
  • for practice they use rosaries (108 beads);
  • The best time to practice is sunrise or sunset.

Remember that a person’s appearance is a reflection of his inner state. Confidence, calm and wisdom will bring positive changes in your appearance to your life.

Mantras activate the spiritual centers of man, which contributes to his inner transformation.

A spiritually developed person becomes balanced, patient, wise. The activation of the spiritual center changes the outlook: you have lost the craving for artificial and low-quality food.

Gradually, the diet will change in the direction of simple healthy food.

This does not mean that you will suddenly become a vegetarian. This means that you will choose only healthy food for the diet, intuitively.

How to achieve quick results? Remember that sound is vibration. Our cells also vibrate at their frequency.

To activate cell vibration, you must chant the mantra in such a way that vibration is felt throughout the body. Only in this case it is possible to start the mechanism of the influence of the mantra at the cellular level.

What if there is no opportunity to sing the mantra in the voice? Then you can practice whispering.

Whisper singing affects the etheric (energy) body of a person. The result will appear slower than when singing out loud.

However, the result will certainly be.

What if there is no opportunity to sing the mantra out loud or in a whisper? Then sing the sacred formula in the mind.

This practice will affect the mental body, which will also bring results. But it is better to practice singing out loud and make sounds on a glass of water.

Why is practicing water better than practicing the mantra in the mind or in a whisper? Because water (spring water) tends to increase the effect of words.

You will quickly achieve results.

Power mantras

Why mantra can help in losing weight, due to what? Sacred sounds cause certain vibration flows, which produce a change in the structures of the body, activate metabolic processes and rejuvenate the body.

Mantras are completely safe for the body, because they have a soft and imperceptible effect on a spiritual level.

Mantras can help the mind to overcome a constant feeling of hunger (you will often stop eating), to establish a healthy diet and get rid of gluttony. What makes such changes happen?

Mantras affect a person at an energy and subconscious level, smoothly changing his energy structure and consciousness. Mantra can not cause harm on the physical level, because there is no violence against the body and coercion.

You just feel that you do not want to eat fatty foods or use coffee frequently.

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