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Mantra 7753191 is a special mantra for attracting cash flow to life.

Attract cash flow: mantra 7753191

Mantra is an ancient strong spell aimed at solving a specific problem or fulfilling a desire. The digital Tibetan mantra 7753191 is a special combination of numbers aimed at solving monetary problems.

How to practice the mantra, and how many times you need to pronounce a digital combination?

Mantra 7753191 is a special mantra for attracting cash flow to life.

The effect of numerical mantra on human consciousness

In the combination of mantra numbers, a special code is encrypted that opens the chakras. In the thin body of a person there are 7 chakras, some of which are responsible for monetary and material well-being.

Blocking of the chakras can occur for various reasons — lack of vital energy, directional negative impact or wrong thinking of a person.

For whatever reason, the block on the chakras does not appear, the mantra 7753191 is a special energy that has the power to remove it. As a result, the flow of energies will be corrected, and the lack of material resources will disappear in a person’s life.

When a practitioner voices the digital series a certain number of times, the life force and, accordingly, its financial capabilities are activated.

Among the multitude of effective money mantras, the numerical formula is considered the strongest. Why is this possible?

Because the vibration of numbers in a certain order and strictly verified number of times attracts monetary energy many times faster than verbal formulas.

Mantra 7753191 is a special mantra for attracting cash flow to life.

Practice numeric mantra

How to read a numeric mantra? It is necessary to pronounce the numbers one after another at a certain pace, without stopping, exactly 77 times.

In order not to get confused with the score, make a special rosary of 77 beads. You can thread any glass or wood beads on the string.

How many days do I need to read the formula? The money mantra 7753191 is read 77 days in a row.

Start a calendar to read the digital formula and mark every day.

What day of the month should the practice begin? The best time will be the new moon or the first day of the calendar month.

Write down the numbers on a piece of cardboard with a green felt-tip pen and fill it with wax — you will have a magic table for attracting money.

Mantra 7753191 is a special mantra for attracting cash flow to life.

To fill the table with wax, you need to melt it in a water bath and pour it into the dish. Dip the table in hot wax and quickly reach with cooking tongs.

To activate the effect of the magic table, fumigate it with sandalwood aroma sticks and read the formula 77 times. When you practice the mantra, keep the table next to you. The wax absorbs sound vibrations and translates them into the surrounding space.

Thus, you will get a cash talisman. A year later, bury the table in the ground with gratitude and make a new talisman.

Features of the practice of numerical mantra

To enhance the effect of the digital abstract formula, you need to turn to the help of the elements — water, air and earth. Sow a few plant seeds in a flower pot and ask for earth, air and water to help you.

The element of fire will be expressed in the life force of the plant — growth.

Water the plant, care for it. As soon as the first shoots appear, thank the elements for their help. As the plant grows, your well-being will increase.

This flower (or bush) will be your money talisman.

Mantra 7753191 is a special mantra for attracting cash flow to life.

The influence of numbers on the mind and destiny of man

Numerology has ancient roots. About the influence of vibration figures knew in the distant past.

The pundits studied the effect of numerical fluctuations on the events and fate of a person and came to a definite conclusion. Consider the mystical significance of the numbers of the money mantra in detail.

This is the number of leaders in any area of ​​life and under any circumstances. Vibration unit corresponds to successful and enterprising people.

The sound expression of the unit (one) activates the above qualities, allows you to compete in competition and overcome obstacles. The unit man never gives up and continues to fight for his ideals.

The magical meaning of the unit is the increase of wealth: remember the ritual «unchangeable ruble.»

The number three helps in moving up the career ladder, ensures success in teamwork. People appear like-minded people who seek to achieve success through joint efforts.

Three — the number of growth and abundance. In the magic formula, the number 3 is in the middle — this provides a steady increase in income.

The trio also symbolizes the connection of times — the past, the future and the present. It is an expression of the perfection of creation, the divine essence of creation.

The number five is considered monetary, and also expresses the essence of a person. This is the number of rays of the magical pentagram, which symbolizes the power of human will and spirit over nature. The pentagram is a defense against the attack of dark spirits.

In Hinduism, the number five expresses 5 elements of the universe. The number 5 is in the middle of the magic money formula and expresses the will of a man to victory over the dark forces.

This number governs space and time, the numerical money mantra 77 53191 begins with it. This is the number of higher spirituality, the secrets of the universe. It expresses holiness and the highest will of the deity.

The arrangement of the two sevens at the very beginning of the formula confirms the divine will and blessing for the attainment of well-being.

This is a triple triad, multiplied by the number three, perfect perfection. In the context of the money mantra, it symbolizes the perfect well-being of a person.

Units stand before him and after him — the will to well-being finds its material embodiment in perfection.

Look in the notes for how to practice the numerical money mantra.

Mantra of money — video:

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