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Mandala of love: how to create, examples

Mandala of love: the rules of creation and activation

Most people are accustomed to living according to the principle of least resistance, receiving from life only what it gives them. But it’s quite possible to change your reality for the better, to program yourself for happiness, love, success and health. This will largely help the mandala — the sacred symbols that approximate the desired.

In this article we will talk about the mandala of love.

Mandala of love: how to create, examples

What is mandala

Mandala (in this word it is necessary to pronounce the stress on the first letter «a») is a magic tool actively used by adherents of Buddhism and Hinduism. If you translate this word from Sanskrit, it will mean «circle», although often there are also versions of translation such as: wheel, circulation, ritual and prayer.

Mandala is a complex geometric pattern, symbolizing the combination of the macrocosm and the microcosm. In Buddhism, as well as Hinduism, the mandala is depicted as a sphere — the dwelling place of gods and buddhas.

You can meet another name for the mandala “space map” or a model of our universe, which allows you to better understand the surrounding reality.

The most popular mandala pattern is the outer circle into which a smaller square fits. And in the last one another circle is often entered.

Often, the inner circle is divided into parts, it can also be depicted as a lotus (a divine flower, which is given increased attention in Eastern culture).

This inner circle is a drawing of the realm of the divine beings. The outer circle symbolizes the Universe, and the square located in the middle orients in 4 directions of light.

In the process of creating a mandala, each of her drawings is filled with the energy of the person performing this manipulation. Images of the mandala are found in most Buddhist and Hindu temples.

You can hear believers in the east call the mandala «frozen prayer.» This is due to the fact that it acts as an expression of the human soul when he creates this image.

Mandala of love: how to create, examples

What is decorated mandala

It does not play a significant role, for what purpose you are creating a mandala. It is important that you do it in due form. In any case, the sacred image will be multi-colored, so you will need to stock up on the necessary office:

  • pencils;
  • pens (ball, gel, oil);
  • markers;
  • paints;
  • liners (felt-tip pens having the thinnest tip from 0.1 mm);
  • Rapidograph (pens that have a special tube for ink).

Mandala of love and happiness

Mandala of love and relationships has a special meaning and energy. It is used in those cases when they wish to attract this bright, sublime feeling into their lives.

But also with its help it becomes possible to strengthen the already existing relationship.

The mandala of love is depicted as a sacred circle with certain symbols inside. Each of the symbolic drawings has a specific charge of energy.

When you decorate a drawing, a special energetic splash occurs, thanks to which it becomes possible to fulfill the desire of the person who creates it.

Mandala of love: how to create, examples

Symbolic signs and colors of the mandala of love

Mandalas are very diverse. Due to the diversity of their options, it becomes possible to select a pattern for the realization of different desires in different spheres of life.

If love is necessary to attract a woman, you should use round patterns. And for representatives of the stronger sex, it is better to give your preference to zigzag lines, triangles, rhombuses, creases.

  • Squares — responsible for calm, poise, fundamental;
  • Flowers — symbolize a pure soul, tenderness, mutual attraction of partners to each other.

At the same time, the color variations of the drawings also differ, we will talk about them in more detail later.

As a rule, the choice of color should be made on the basis of their individual preferences. But there are certain characteristics of each color, namely:

  • if you want to attract tender love into your life — give preference to pastel, unobtrusive colors: pale pink, pale lilac, dim blue.
  • passionate love will be provided by the use of bright and saturated colors: red, crimson, purple and cherry, as well as orange and yellow. These are all colors of power, possessing male energy Yang (responsible for aggression, excessive activity, seduction, sexuality, which excites the mind). This is a type of active energy that helps to realize your inner potential. She also fills with cheerfulness, warmth, calls for active action.
  • in order to harmonize the existing relationships in which there is a discord, they emphasize confident colors, but not too flashy (blue, green, brown).
  • in order to significantly reduce the degree of anger and aggression in a relationship — give your preference to cold and calm color variations that successfully cope with negative (gray, yellow, turquoise).

Mandala of love: how to create, examples

How a mandala works to attract love

When you have established for yourself which of the varieties of love you want to attract into your life (or change your relationship with your beloved), you can start off as a ritual.

Evening will be the most suitable time for this — it is during this time of the day that it is recommended to plan or strengthen love relationships.

Morning symbolizes a new venture and allows you to attract a new feeling in your life. For half a day is characterized by stability, as well as the elimination of negativity in love relationships.

Work with the mandala is performed as follows:

  • you need to take the most comfortable position for you;
  • at the same time there should be sufficient lighting in the room in order to make it convenient for you to work with a mandala pattern
  • to maximize the atmosphere of this action, you must use aromatic oil;
  • burning a candle allows you to achieve positive energy vibration, which is just necessary when attracting love;
  • you just need to put next to a picture of the mandala and peer into it;
  • at the same time, visualize the image of your loved one (if you have one), otherwise just imagine what kind of man you would like to bring into your life;
  • begin to decorate the pattern, starting from the central part and gradually moving to the edge;
  • when some time passes, you will feel that your state of health has improved, you will feel that you are filled with positive, fresh energy.

The process of decorating the mandala for inner feelings is very similar to meditation. Due to the methodical movements ordering of the train of thought and complete relaxation of the body occurs.

The person is cleared of negative energy, instead of it love charms begin to operate actively.

Mandala of love: how to create, examples

Mandala of loneliness: for marriage and love

The use of this type of mandala is a kind of “push” that a person needs in order to get enough courage to realize his conceived plans.

Mandala for marriage helps to accumulate a sufficient amount of the desired type of energy and begin to radiate it into the surrounding space, this is especially important for the fair sex. With the help of a mandala from loneliness, a woman or girl will always feel confident in her feminine strength and attractiveness, and also in the very near future will find the desired happiness in love.

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