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Mahamritiyunjaya mantra — the meaning of words and the number of utterances

How is the mahamitriyunjaya mantra: nuances

The mantra mahamrityunjaya is one of the powerful sacred texts that can protect a person from death and any evil. The death-conquering mantra strengthens health and gives longevity, heals severe ailments and provides an opportunity to find inner peace. The Mahamrityunjaya mantra is the path to spiritual enlightenment and the attainment of wisdom.

How to practice the mantra, how many times to read and at what time? Consider the issues in the article.

Mahamritiyunjaya mantra - the meaning of words and the number of utterances

Legend of the mantra

Indian myths and legends associate the death-conquering mantra with the name Markandeya, to whom fate determined early death — at the age of 16. The young man offered sincere prayers to Shiva with a request to change his bitter fate, as a result of which the death god Yamaraj retreated. Seeing the sincerity, devotion and purity of the heart of Markandeya, Shiva bestowed on him eternal youth.

In the Hindu pantheon, Markandeya is the only god at a young age of 16 years.

The soul of Markandeya, the conqueror of death, is invisibly present in the universe, and the mahamitriyunjaya mantra became the key to the door of spiritual heritage. When practicing mantra, a person, first of all, cognizes himself, the depths of the inner microcosm.

In India, the mantra Mahamrityunjaya is sung to a one-year-old baby on his birthday, and in preparing the old man for eternity. Most Hindus sing the death-conquering death mantra on their birthday as a symbol of the blessings of heaven for a long happy life.

Mahamrityunjaya mantra — text:

Mahamritiyunjaya mantra - the meaning of words and the number of utterances

The literary translation of the mantra is:

Mahamritiyunjaya mantra - the meaning of words and the number of utterances

In order for the mantra to fully reveal its sacred meaning, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the words that are pronounced:

  • Triambambam — denotes three-eyed Shiva. The three-eyed is the collective meaning of the three incarnations of the deity — Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Thus, in the mantra there is an appeal to the omniscient (Brahma) omnipotent (Shiva) and the omnipresent (Vishnu) god.
  • Three Amba symbolizes the triple nature of the mother goddess: Lakshmi, Saraswati and Gauri.
  • Yajamakhe — denotes the praise of God.
  • Sugandhim — denotes the enjoyment of the knowledge of spiritual truth, which scatters divine fragrance. Also, virtue and deeds in the name of virtue exude fragrance.
  • Pushti Vardhanam — the parent and keeper of the world. By the grace of God we can know the true meaning of being and break free from the shackles of ignorance leading to destruction. The mercy and love of God save the soul of a person who sincerely asks for spiritual insight.
  • Urvarukamyva — deadly or very serious illness. The word «urvaruka» literally translates as «cucumber.» The sacred meaning of the analogy lies in the fact that a ripe fruit is easily released from the stem. As the fruit is freed from the fetters, so the human soul will be freed from the intricacies of karma, in which it is entangled.
  • Bandhana — indicates connectedness. Together with the previous phrase, this can be translated as «linked by a deadly disease or a serious illness.»
  • Mrmitormukshiya — denotes release from mortal bonds. In the context of the mantra is translated as salvation from premature death. The sacral meaning of this word is expressed in the belief in the end of infinite rebirths and the attainment of heavenly grace in eternity.
  • Mammatat — a request to bestow the nectar of immortality. In the context of the mantra, this expression has the meaning of a request for the granting of liberation from the torment of a deadly disease and salvation from the cycle of rebirth.

The Mahamrityyunjana mantra envelops the aura of a person with the gentle touch of a universal deity, changes the perception of the world, adjusts to the spiritual mood, helps to harmonize the internal state and removes hostility towards oneself and the world around.

The practitioner of the conquering death mantra gains the possibility of self-realization in this world, the protection of higher powers from any evil, emotional balance and tranquility.

Mahamritiyunjaya mantra - the meaning of words and the number of utterances

What benefits does the practice of mantra bring to man? In addition to release from disease and anxiety, the mantra confers:

  • inner comprehension of one’s own essence;
  • spiritual harmony with yourself and the world around you;
  • protection from various types of hazards, including mortal hazards;
  • protection from the attack of hostile entities of the fine plane and witchcraft;
  • comprehending the laws of the universe and gaining wisdom;
  • rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level.

The mantra is listened to during a serious illness. It can be recited for spring water 108 times and allowed to drink to a sick person.

The sacred text helps the body recover from trauma or surgery. Vibration of sound waves activates the regeneration of tissues and cells.

Mahamritiyunjaya mantra - the meaning of words and the number of utterances

Practice mantra

Constant practice of the death-winning mantra has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body, corrects metabolic processes, stops the aging of the body at the cellular level. Mantra has such a powerful action that it is called magic.

When can I sing a mantra, and how many times to pronounce? First you just need to listen to it performed by video / audio recordings in order to get used to the correct pronunciation of words.

Then you can repeat the learned words with the record, and later practice yourself.

In order for the practice of mantra to benefit the physical body, it is necessary to achieve vibration during the performance. Your voice should sound like inside the body, and not go outside. The vibration of sounds inside the body activates the oscillatory movements of all atoms and molecules, tuning them into the vibrations of the universe.

What is the position to read the mantra? The best body position for meditation and mantra is the half lotus or lotus position. The back should be straight, the chin is slightly raised, there is no tension in the muscles.

In the hands must be rosary (108 beads). After one reading of the text, the fingers move to the next bead — this is how the practitioner counts the number of spoken sacred phrases.

How many times to repeat the text? The recommended number of repetitions is the sacred number 108.

According to yogis, it is this figure that provides contact with the energies of the universe. Subsequently, you will get used to repeating the text 108 times and will be able to practice the mantra anywhere — while walking on the street, while engaging in monotonous work, or simply while relaxing.

Sacred sounds will work for you.

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