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Maha Mantra — Listen Online (Hare Krishna)

Maha Mantra (Hare Krishna) — listen online

Meditation and chanting mantras is the path to spiritual elevation, liberation from negative programs and self-healing. The practice of meditating is already several thousand years old. The traditions of chanting mantras are devoted to us by spiritual teachers and mentors.

What is the Maha Mantra, and what is the meaning of it?

Maha Mantra - Listen Online (Hare Krishna)

The meaning of the maha mantra

The maha mantra is considered a great mantra, carrying liberation. The practice of mantra creates in and around a person unique vibrations in its structure, clearing the mind from vain thoughts and the soul from illusions.

The sacred formula fills the soul with peace, harmony and joyful experiences.

Mantra words are easy to remember:

«Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare. ”

A grain of truth is kept in simplicity. The maha mantra contains all the other mantras, as a 1000-ruble note contains all the other banknotes and its constituent coins. The meaning of the words is as follows:

  • Hare — the divine energy of pleasure;
  • Rama, Krishna is the supreme deity of Hinduism.

Play Maha Mantra Online:

Turning to deity in singing, we receive spiritual pleasure. This is the meaning and meaning of this mantra.

We invoke the divine energies that come into our lives, changing it radically.

The constant recitation of the sacred formula activates the transcendental consciousness, opens the spiritual eyes and brings us closer to the absolute. A person begins to realize the divine essence of the universe, cognizes his soul and clears the mind from informational garbage.

The maha mantra helps those who desire:

  • free from anxiety and sadness;
  • to know the true meaning of existence;
  • to know true happiness;
  • achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Already after the first practice of singing the sacred text, a person can feel relief (it will take a heavy weight from the soul). Time after time, the state of lightness and mental comfort will increase.

The practice of the Maha mantra changes the internal structure of a person, thereby saving him from everything unnecessary in his life: diseases, stress, depression and negative circumstances.

Wise spiritual teachers advise: change yourself inside, and the outside world will also change. Changing our inner state and attitude to the world, we change the surrounding space and circumstances. If before circumstances had power over us, now man himself will dominate them.

Such is the spiritual power of the maha mantra.

Maha Mantra - Listen Online (Hare Krishna)

Practice mantra

How to pronounce the mantra, and at what time? For practice, you should buy a rosary (108 beads) or make them yourself. While singing, you need to touch the rosaries with your fingers, counting the number of utterances of the formula.

You pronounce the full text of the mantra, and at this time hold one bead with your middle and big fingers. Then go to the second bead — and so 108 times in a row.

The time of reading the maha mantra is not regulated. You can practice in the morning and evening, at dawn or dusk — at any time of the day. The main thing is to be able to focus on spiritual action and disconnect from worldly vanity.

Initially, you will need privacy, then you can chant the mantra in your mind in any setting. For example, you can practice your daily duties and sing the maha mantra.

  1. Retire from everyone.
  2. Focus the mind on the mantra.
  3. Speak each sound clearly.
  4. Achieve vibrations while pronouncing sacred words.

It is very good to practice the mantra in nature — by the sea or lake, a forest glade, a city park or a public garden. You can sing the words on any motive that you come up with.

What is important is not the motive, but your intention to practice the mantra.

Action maha mantra

What happens during the execution of the sacred text? Higher spiritual energies gather around a person, which frees him from suffering.

In the radiance of spiritual energies, any evil, any negative vibrations are consumed. You attract spiritual light like a magnet attracts metal.

The practitioner Maha mantra succeeds in overcoming everything — illness, grief and even his own laziness.

An important aspect of the practice of mantra is liberation from sinful karma. Singing the sacred formula burns karmic sins and their consequences in the form of diseases and misfortunes.

You are released from your karma, rushing into a better future. However, it is impossible to change life, while preserving hurt and hate in the soul

Therefore, the practice of the Maha Mantra involves spiritual cleansing from anger and hatred of the world, as well as forgiveness of offenses.

Also, the practice of spiritual texts implies a change in a person’s life, liberation from old harmful habits: alcohol, drugs and promiscuity in sexual relations. You should also review the social circle: exclude individuals who do not adhere to moral principles.

Any gambling, empty pastime, alcohol and drug abuse bring spiritual practices to nothing. These are incompatible concepts. If you want to improve your life, start with cleansing the soul of addiction.

It is impossible to go two ways — the road of light and the road of darkness.

The maha mantra is a great appeal to the absolute, god. It is a transcendental state of mind and soul. Only the soul can realize and feel the divine energies.

This spiritual practice brings more powerful action in the joint chanting of the mantra — kirtan. At this moment, the spiritual energies of several people unite and multiply in proportion to their number.

In practice, kirtan can quickly achieve enlightenment and spiritual elevation.

If circumstances have led you to despair and hopelessness, it’s time to start practicing the Maha mantra. Day after day, your state of mind will change for the better. The soul will be freed from the burden of guilt or trouble.

You will feel relieved and renewed. The practice of the Maha mantra will bring an ordinary miracle into your life — deliverance from pain and suffering, insults and contradictions, diseases and infirmities.

Your consciousness will change, life will take a different direction and sparkle with colors. You will become a different person!

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