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Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

Chrysocolla stone: description and properties

The mineral chrysocolla is not only beautiful, but also very useful, which is explained by the presence of special properties, not only physical, but also magical and healing. This unique crystal is used both in jewelry and in industrial fields.

Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

Recently, I saw a beautiful decoration with an interesting stone, as it turned out — it was chrysocolla. Before buying it, I decided to find out about it as much as possible, and the information I found pleased.

In this article I will talk about the properties of the chrysocolla stone, where it is mined, and what signs of the zodiac are suitable.

Mineral description

Chrysocolla is a complex copper silicate. It is lightweight and brittle, so it can break down under the influence of even household cleaners. In Greek, the name of the stone means «golden glue».

He also has another name «Elat», which is mentioned in the legend of King Solomon.

Mineral chrysocolla, as a rule, is opaque, but occasionally there are translucent specimens. Its surface has a waxy luster, and sometimes it can look like thick glass. The aesthetics of the stone depends on its hardness and density.

The most intense shine is inherent in specimens with a high degree of density and hardness of the structure. Soft nuggets have almost no gloss, and their texture is matte.

The most common stones are blue and sky-blue, but there are also minerals of black, brown and green-blue hues in nature. The color of chrysocolla depends on the impurities in its composition, for example:

  • copper gives turquoise color;
  • brown tint is formed due to the incorporation of manganese;
  • green tones appear in the presence of a combination of aluminum, copper and iron.

Depending on the color, structure and composition, chrysocolla is divided into the following types:

  • Bisbiit — blue specimens, which contain a low concentration of water.
  • Asperolite is a green-blue stone with a high concentration of water, having a reniform structure of fragile masses.
  • Demidovit — the most expensive type of mineral formed on the surface of malachite. It can be blue, green or blue. Due to external similarity, it is often used to make jewelry instead of turquoise in the manufacture of jewelry.

Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

Fields and historical facts

Chrysocolla is formed in places where copper deposits are oxidized. In these zones, groundwater flows, which contain high levels of silicic acid.

Consequently, this mineral is found in the copper mining zones.

The largest deposits of chrysocolla are in South America in the Andes Mountains, but the stone is also mined in other countries:

According to historical sources, the mineral was first discovered in ancient Israel on the shores of the Red Sea near the city of Elat. In what years people began to use chrysocolla is unknown, but experts say that it was long in our era.

Most of the information was collected precisely about ancient Egypt, because this is where the most widely used mineral. They made plates for decorative mosaics, decorative cosmetics of amazing colors, and various figurines.

Today, chrysocolla is used to make decorative crafts for the interior, jewelry items, expensive finishing materials.

Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

Medicinal properties

Since ancient times, chrysocolla was used by healers to treat people. Today, lithotherapists also use this stone for therapeutic purposes. With it, you can deal with a number of difficult ailments:

  • Alcohol addiction. A person must always have a stone with him to overcome his illness. His energy suppresses the desire to consume alcoholic beverages, and during remission helps to restore health and increase life potential.
  • Nervous system disorders. Because of problems with the central nervous system, people usually develop insomnia, there are constant headaches, manifested apathy, and there are bouts of aggression. Not rarely, everything ends in a deep depression with a suicidal inclination. Constant wearing of jewelry or talisman with chrysocolla will help to quickly establish the work of the nervous system, and to eliminate related illnesses.
  • Infertility. Pathologies of the reproductive system, both in women and men, lithotherapists are effectively treated with chrysocolla stone. It also eliminates various diseases of the genital organs that prevent the natural conception of children.
  • Improving women’s health. The energy of the mineral has a positive effect on women’s health, namely, it helps to normalize the hormones, improve the functioning of the ovaries, and restore the menstrual cycle. For severe pain during menstruation, it is recommended to apply chrysocolla to the lower abdomen.
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract. In chronic tonsillitis, asthma, cough and other ailments, it is recommended to wear a pendant or a boom with chrysocolla. In addition, it will help to correct the work of the thyroid gland, and to overcome lung diseases.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. When the digestive tract is impaired, it is recommended to wear a bracelet or a ring with a mineral; moreover, you should not remove jewelry for a long time until full recovery.
  • Removal of pain. It is enough to apply chrysocolla to the place of pain and after 15 minutes a person will feel much relief. Especially good stone helps with pain in the back.

Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

Magical properties

Due to the presence of magical properties, chrysocolla stone was used in ancient times for various ceremonies, and amulets were also made from it. He was called the stone of the sorcerers and priests, because He helped to know the secrets of the universe and to reveal the ability to heal and clairvoyance.

It was believed that the mineral protects from evil spirits, damage and the evil eye and evil thoughts. He was also called the stone of reconciliation, because he helped his relatives to resolve conflicts and find mutual understanding with each other.

People believe in the magic power of chrysocolla today. It is believed that the stone is capable of endowing with wisdom and prudence, contributes to the development of intuition, teaches how to form thoughts correctly, and “lowers” ​​the dreamers to the ground.

Under the influence of the energy of the mineral, a more sober view of things and the world as a whole.

Chrysocolla helps people to open up, develop interpersonal skills and overcome fear and embarrassment to others. At the same time, the impulsive and unrestrained personalities of the amulet with this mineral will teach patience, and will help to find inner harmony.

Jewelry with chrysocolla is mainly recommended for women, because it is for them that he is most useful. A ring, bracelet or pendant, inlaid with mineral, not only looks beautiful, but also gives its possessor femininity, develops grace, refinement and elegance in it.

The blue gem figurine will be a talisman for the child. It must be placed near the baby’s crib to protect it from insomnia, fears, nightmares and the evil eye.

Also, the energy of the stone will help strengthen the immunity of the child.

Who is suitable?

Chrysocolla stone is suitable for all signs of the zodiac, but most beneficially it affects only some of them. For example, the happiness, well-being and luck of the mineral gives Lions, Cancers, Libra and Aquarius. But Aries will provide high intelligence, prudence, and the ability to respond quickly in extreme situations.

The harmony, peace and wisdom of the chrysocolla will endow Sagittarius and Taurus. In addition, representatives of the last mark will become more prudent and compassionate.

The mineral is under the influence of the Moon, and is endowed with its energy, so the products that were purchased on the 5th lunar day will have the greatest power. It is believed that a person who bought chrysocolla on the 5th day will be able to establish the strongest connection with him and, therefore, will receive much more benefit from the mineral.

Magically and healing properties of chrysocolla stone

  • Chrysocolla stone has not only attractive appearance, but a number of useful properties.
  • Prim mineral help cure infertility, alcohol dependence, respiratory diseases and other ailments.
  • Chrysocolla is the most useful for women, so they should wear jewelry with this stone more often.

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