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Love meditation

Meditation of love — the use of breathing practice

Love occupies an important place in a person’s life. We are born into this world by love and by it we exist.

When there is no love in a person’s life, he feels melancholy and sadness — everything around is not nice. How to attract love in your life?

Meditation of love will help us in this. Meditation is the ancient art of changing life through thought, which brings positive changes to the life of every person, regardless of his religion.

Consider an example of effective meditative practice on this topic.

Love meditation

Why meditate?

What is love attraction meditation? The whole world consists of energies of different densities. We see some energies in some form (nature, man), others are invisible to us (electricity).

In meditation, a person adjusts himself mentally to a wave of necessary energy and begins to attract it into his life. That is why after meditative practices visible changes occur in a person’s life.

However, not every meditation ends with a positive change, but a correct one. What you need to know to conduct meditation?

Instructions for meditation:

  • find a time when no one will disturb you;
  • well ventilate the room and light incense — sandalwood, cinnamon or needles;
  • sit in a comfortable position so that your back and limbs do not numb;
  • completely free the mind from daytime impressions;
  • relax all muscle tension in the body;
  • tune in to meditation.

The instruction looks simple, but it is not always possible to free the mind from internal dialogue. Thoughts are constantly striving to break in and turn around with a kaleidoscope of events — you remembered the troubles at work, the thought of failures in life came to you, an image of an unpleasant person appeared from somewhere, etc.

The meditator needs to learn how to free the space of the mind from unnecessary images — this is the most important rule of successful meditation!

What should be the state of a person during meditation? First, it is necessary to relax all the muscles of the body, especially the facial. Just pay attention to your face — what do you feel?

It is unacceptable to tightly press lips, wrinkle forehead, strain eyes. Imagine that you plunged into the water and completely relaxed.

Love meditation

Then direct attention to the neck and shoulders — they must be completely free from any tension. Next, pay attention to the back and legs.

When you are completely relaxed, engage in the purification of thoughts from the sorting of daily impressions — they will interfere with the concentration on the desired image.

In order to calm the mind from thoughts, you can look at the candle flame, smoke from the aroma sticks for some time, watch the clockwise run or listen to your breath — choose the appropriate method. When your thoughts calm down, start meditating on the attraction of love.

Love meditation

Where is the energy of love? It exists everywhere, and in you too. What does this energy look like?

You can create any image for her — a flower, a wave, pink smoke, a butterfly. If you are closer to the perception of aromas, find the appropriate fragrance for the energy of love.

Now imagine that there is a stained glass jug in front of you — it is dirty, looks old and unpleasant. This jug is your spiritual body.

The spiritual body is stained from negative thoughts, disappointments, failures and disbelief in its own attractiveness. It needs to be washed.

Imagine that a wave of the purest water appeared on top and begins to wash the dirty jug. She removes dirt from him in layers — that is where the layer of resentment towards the previous unsuccessful relationship disappeared, a layer of her own unattractiveness disappeared behind him and so on.

Observe how the jug is cleared, and fix it in the consciousness — what exactly is being cleared from it right now. When a completely clean and brilliant jug appears in front of your inner eye, it means that you have managed to clear the soul of the negative.

Now you can proceed to the next part of the meditation — filling the jug with the energy of love. What can be put in a clean jug? The image that represents the energy of love for you.

Imagine that a butterfly has flown into it, or is it filled with pink smoke. Realize that the jar of your soul is now filled with the energy of love.

Listen to your inner feelings, fix them in consciousness and remember. Try to cause these feelings in yourself as often as possible during the day — it is desirable that they become companions of your whole life!

Love meditation

Respiratory practice

Consider another type of meditation — respiratory. In this meditation takes part not only the imagination and visual image, but also the breath.

This is a very useful practice, as it can be used to change any area of ​​life — not just love.

How to do meditation with the help of breathing? Take a comfortable posture, relax your muscles and concentrate your thoughts on the breathing process.

Watch as air enters through the nose, goes down into the lungs and goes back. Spend a few minutes in this observation — you should completely forget about your daily worries and different experiences.

There is only you and your breath — nothing else.

When you reach the desired state, imagine that with the air you breathe in a golden flow of energy. It may be a different color — as you like. This stream of light enters into you and spreads through the body with warmth — you breathe in the light of love.

Then feel, as you exhale, you give the world this stream of light. This is sending love into space.

This stream is filled with tenderness, warmth and happiness. You breathe happiness, fill it and give it to the world. Stay in this state a certain amount of time, feel in yourself the source of love.

Remember this state and call it in yourself at any time.

Realize that the source of love is in you and attracts reciprocal love from the outside world. After a while you will see how the outside world has changed in relation to you. And there is nothing mystical about it — you just discovered in yourself a source of bliss, happiness and love!

He was always inside you, just not felt.

Tell yourself: I inhale and exhale love, I and love are one.

If you practice love meditation daily, your life will change completely. You can breathe love not only in solitude, but also in any place. Just be aware of this process.

If you need to bring into life a particular man, create his approximate image and send the energy of love to him every day. Soon it will appear in your life.

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