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Kuthumi Meditation — Clearing Entity Binding

The essence of Kuthumi meditation — the technique of removing the binding of entities

Kuthumi meditation for clearing the binding of entities is used when you feel that a non-passing black stripe has come to you in your life. Let us see what the method is and how to apply it.

Entity Types

The energetic entities that bind to your aura are a dense blob of negative energy that affects your subconscious mind in the most negative way.

Kuthumi Meditation - Clearing Entity Binding

In the esoteric, there are several types of entities:

  • «False spirit». This essence is manifested in cases where a person makes a living with the help of high-risk enterprises. Most often, this is a game for money, bets, visits to gambling houses, racetracks. You can even touch this indirectly — for example, have a drug addict or a gamer in the immediate environment.
  • «Lucifer». It appears most clearly in the full moon or new moon. A person under the influence of this entity becomes aggressive, turns into a debater. The harmony of its existence is broken, there is a tendency to violence, disputes. He exudes a negative, and every day the situation is getting worse.
  • “Archimania” is the embodiment of greed, lust for power and profit, along with complete disregard and contempt of spiritual values.
  • «UFO» — occurs after contact with extraterrestrial creatures. The first sign is a dream in which humans are abducted by aliens. There may be unusual marks on the body

In the place where the essence is attached to the body, various diseases can arise without obvious reasons. For example, ulcers or non-healing wounds are formed.

This happens in especially neglected cases.

It is very important to take action when the first signs appear, otherwise the influence of the entities on the energy envelope will progress, and sooner or later it will be too late for a person to help.

The essence of Kuthumi meditation

Feel like a lot of problems fell on you? Fatigue does not pass, you have to deprive yourself of rest again and again?

Are there any negative circumstances that prevent success in life?

Kuthumi Meditation - Clearing Entity Binding

From the point of view of esotericism, the cause of the black band can be the negative impact of specific programs or entities. They can appear for two reasons:

  1. You yourself, because of the negative attitudes that exist in the subconscious, have brought all the problems on yourself
  2. Someone from the side, your secret ill-wisher intentionally caused damage or the evil eye, wishing you all the worst

As a result, your aura, namely its important energy centers — the chakras — is defeated. You become very vulnerable and literally attract, like a magnet, a negative into your life.

In the process of meditation, you enter a special theta state to the sounds of pleasant music with certain vibrations. You relax, erase the line between consciousness and the unconscious.

There is the elimination of negative blockages, you heal your aura, as a result, the black stripe in life is replaced by a white positive one.

Kuthumi Meditation Technique

Before you start a meditation session, you need to find a suitable audio recording. The melody for Kuthumi must meet certain requirements: it sounds with certain vibrations that positively affect the subconscious and allow you to reach theta state.

Kuthumi Meditation - Clearing Entity Binding

Important: this meditation has contraindications. It can not be used by people with mental disorders, panic attacks.

Also you can not listen to music for Kuthumi while driving.

What do we have to do:

  • Turn on the music for meditation. Mandatory in stereo headphones, because the melody is recorded in a special way, the frequency of vibrations can not be heard from ordinary speakers
  • Take a comfortable position, make sure that you can stay in it for a long time. The ideal position is the lotus position, but if it is not comfortable enough for you, just sit down or lie down. Prerequisite — the back should be completely straight
  • Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and focus on your feelings.
  • Try to immerse yourself in the sounds of music, follow the voice of the announcer. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, abstract from unnecessary emotions.
  • Feel that you are inside the music. Repeat the words of meditation out loud behind the speaker. Do not forget to sensitively follow your feelings and emotions.

After a session of meditation, you can do your usual activities. Repeat the practice daily.

It is better to do this before bedtime.

It is best to meditate to the sounds of a specially designed video:

Other ways to clean up entities

In addition to meditation, there are other techniques that allow you to clear the aura of the influence of entities.

What can you do:

  1. Express a clear intention to break free from contact with “dark” entities and dissolve the energetic binding. This can be done with affirmations or visualization. The wording: «I reject all activity of darkness», «I cancel and cancel all contracts and agreements with darkness»
  2. Develop awareness: every minute of your life, remember that only you are the master of your destiny and the responsibility for all the negative lies with you. Set a mental barrier around you, through which evil does not penetrate
  3. Gradually get rid of negative thoughts, feelings, actions and actions. Work with positive thinking techniques
  4. Increase your energy vibrations. To do this, use meditation, prayers, creative activities, singing, dancing, yoga, mantras and other spiritual techniques.
  5. Appeal to the Higher Forces and your guardian angel to save you from the influence of dark entities

By freeing your mind from everything negative, stopping to do evil deeds and adjusting your thinking to a positive wave, you will establish a powerful energy barrier. Thanks to him, you will be inaccessible to outside interference from the outside, protect yourself from damage, the evil eye and the influence of entities.

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