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Kunzite stone — guardian and healer, application in magic

Kunzite stone — healing qualities, characteristic of the stone

Gentle lilac color, glass transparency — kunzite was discovered relatively recently by American prospectors. The name of the mineral received by the name of George Kunz, who presented it to the public. What distinguishes kunzite stone from other minerals, what are its features?

Consider the issue in the article.

Kunzite stone - guardian and healer, application in magic

Characteristic stone

Kunzite can not boast of a long history, as it is a young gem. He does not have an ancient legend, about him there is no mention in historical folios and mythological works.

Only in 1902 about the kunzite found out in the world, thanks to the efforts of the American naturalist. From this time begins the history of the mineral.

Kunzite stone is of several shades:

Jewelers have chosen the pebble, it is added in the manufacture of glass for greater luster and in lithium, kunzite has been added to the collection of lovers of minerals. A triumphal march of kunzite is not to be called around the world, but jewelers predict a more stable position on the market for precious products in the near future.

Application in magic

The gem has magical properties and features. Yogis use it in meditation, as kunzite helps to tune in a contemplative way and clear the mind from everyday problems.

A pebble is able to balance a person’s feelings, save him from a stressful state and turn thoughts to eternal values.

If you are looking for emotional calm, wear kunzite jewelry.

Mages claim that the vibrations of a mineral help to tune in to contact with a subtle plan — therefore, kunzite is often used in ritual magic. Creative people note that a pebble gives them inspiration, a flight of thoughts and insight.

Especially help figurines from kunzite, set in the workshop.

Psychic believe that the gem awakens the best qualities of a person. Crafts from kunzite are advised to give to children and adolescents so that they grow up to be good people.

For adults, a pebble bestows cheerfulness, spontaneity and causeless fun. Kunzite is recommended to be worn by those who had to grow up early and not enjoy the children’s impressions.

Mages noticed the property of a gem to protect a person from the influence of evil forces, therefore they make amulets for children and adults from kunzite. The stone will also protect from lies and betrayal, meanness and deceit.

However, the mineral reveals its properties only to people with pure thoughts and intentions — kunzite does not like evil and vindictive people.

It is believed that the mineral contributes to the conception of the child, as it has a beneficial effect on female and male potency. Also kunzite can be used in love magic to enhance attractiveness and charm — pink tones. Helps mineral and partings — soothes the wounded heart.

Pebbles are suitable for both young mothers and single women — choose pink-colored minerals or completely colorless.

Lilac-colored stones activate the crown chakra located on the crown of the head. This chakra is responsible for communication with cosmic forces, spiritual support of religion and breadth of worldview.

The violet radiation of a mineral helps in comprehending transcendental truths, in the awareness of one’s life purpose and true values.

Kunzite stone - guardian and healer, application in magic

Healing qualities

As noted above, kunzite gives cheerfulness, and thus eliminates feelings of depression and despondency. Therefore, it is widely used in the treatment of mental states. In addition, the stone helps with:

  • heart ailments;
  • weakened immunity;
  • blood diseases.

In order for a pebble to help establish the work of the heart muscle, you must wear a pendant or pendant. The closer the mineral is to the heart, the better.

To kunzit helped restore the immune system after a disease or surgery, you can drink water infused on it. To improve sleep, you need to put a pebble under the pillow, to normalize mental balance, you can consider jewelry or crafts from kunzite.

Light-colored kunzite soothes screaming babies well.

Mineral enhances the effect of drugs, so it is recommended to use it in a complex of targeted therapy. To enhance the healing effects of the gem on the body, you need to fix it in silver.

Lilac stones protect from alcohol poisoning and protect in dangerous situations.

Kunzite stone - guardian and healer, application in magic

Kunzite stone in astrology

The mineral is distinguished by its responsiveness to all signs of the zodiac, does not conflict with anyone. However, astrologers distinguish several representatives of the zodiacal circle, to whom a pebble is especially useful:

Scorpios give the gem peace and tranquility, calves deprive stubbornness and anxiety, helps lions to be softer and more romantic. The loyalty of kunzite to the representatives of all signs of the zodiac is unique: such a mineral is no longer to be found.

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