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Kundalini Yoga Mantras: How to conduct

Kundalini Yoga Mantras: Views and Features

Kundalini yoga mantras are a kind of texts that are chanted during meditations. Such mantras have their similarities and differences with traditional Vedic, as well as features of pronunciation that must be considered.

Let’s talk more.

Adi mantra

This mantra is good for beginners who are just starting to practice kundalini yoga. It is very important to clearly and correctly pronounce each sound, carefully tracking the movements of the tongue and lips.

A mantra can “not give in” immediately, but with constant repetition, you will remember it and can easily play it at any time.

Text of the mantra: «ONG NAMO GURU GIRLS NAMO». Pronounced smoothly and chant thrice.

It is important to sit straight in the process of meditation, straighten the spine, and fold the palms between each other and stick to the chest so that the thumbs touch the chest.

Kundalini Yoga Mantras: How to conduct

What is the meaning and features of this mantra:

  1. The name «NAM» is universal. Its meaning is to be willing to humble before a higher power or to follow the teachings of your teacher, the guru
  2. The pronunciation of the mantra regularly helps to open protective energy channels and allow energy to flow freely through the body. It is a kind of spiritual talisman that protects a person from the negative coming from outside.
  3. “NAMO” is the abbreviation of the well-known Indian “Namaste”, which means “I respectfully greet”. That is why the mantra is pronounced with hands folded as if for greeting (in Indian traditions)
  4. And the combination of ONG NAMO symbolizes a call for its unconscious and creative. This is a call for help, protection, the personification of the need for assistance Higher seed
  5. «DEVI» — syllable means the divine beginning and has a huge sacred meaning
  6. The terminating «NAMO» syllable indicates a person’s willingness to be reconciled and his respectful attitude towards the Higher Forces.

Reading this mantra, you turn to the Higher Forces and indicate that you are ready to submit to them, to accept the will of the Divine mind, ask to direct your energy to the knowledge of the world and yourself, strive to be filled with creative energy and life-giving.

Mul Mantra Kundalini Yoga

And this mantra is considered the root, very important and basic in the Vedic teaching. It helps to direct a person along the true path, to find his calling, destiny, to find the path to God.

The text of the mantra is as follows:

Kundalini Yoga Mantras: How to conduct

Features and meaning of the Mule Mantra:

  • A literal translation of this sacred text: “God and the Creator of all things are one. His name is Truth. He is able to do everything, does not know fear, anger, death, birth. He realized himself through the prism of the Great Guru. ”
  • This mantra reveals in man the ability to understand the truth and accept it in any manifestation.

If you fail to pronounce the text correctly the first time, you can listen to the kundalini yoga mantra first in the recording or watch the video. And then memorize words and syllables by heart to achieve accurate reproduction during meditation.

Mantra Sat Nam

This is the final mantra of Kundalini Yoga, which, like the previous ones, is pronounced strictly three times.

It sounds like this: «SAT US»

But it is important to bear in mind that in the first syllable the vowel must be pronounced protractedly, literally singing: “C-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-T NAM”

This is a universal combination of sounds and syllables, which is used not only in Kundalini yoga, but also in other varieties of spiritual practices.

Kundalini Yoga Mantras: How to conduct

Features and meaning of the mantra Sat Nam:

  • It is the sound embodiment of Truth, whose meaning lies in the reality of all that is in the Universe.
  • It literally translates as “I am the Truth” and means full acceptance of oneself, the world around us, refusal of self-digging and recognition of the fact that a person is perfect.

The Purpose and Purpose of the Indian Kundalini Yoga Mantras

If you do not practice kundalini yoga, practice listening and singing mantras makes no sense. If such a spiritual practice takes place in your life, the mantras will help to come closer to awareness and develop your spiritual principle.

What are mantras for:

  • In a way, it is a tribute to the traditions of kundalini yoga. You show that you honor and respect the rules of the religion that initiated this spiritual practice.
  • Helps to relax the mind, streamline thoughts, get rid of confusion in your head, switch from problems to contemplation
  • They learn to concentrate as much as possible on their inner feelings, to abstract from emotions, which is the first step towards the development of personality, awareness, spirituality
  • They soothe, help to correct the psycho-emotional state and bring it back to normal
  • And, since health problems are most often a reflection of internal experiences, complexes, negative attitudes, regular chanting of mantras helps to improve well-being, literally teach the body to withstand any ailment.

Watch the video about Kundalini mantra yoga:

Tip: if you do not live alone, and do not want to sing the mantra in full voice, so as not to disturb the household, you can do it in a low voice. But note that the louder and more melodious sound, the more vibrations it creates.

Therefore, a loudly sung mantra is more effective than a whisper.

Before you start practicing mantras, talk to your mentor, kundalini yoga trainer. He will help you figure out where to start, how to correctly and in what sequence to pronounce the mantra, tell about all the nuances.

And if the trainer is mostly a fitness instructor, it is better to change it, because yoga is, first of all, a spiritual practice, and not an ordinary training for muscle development. You need to be able to turn on the mind, and not get hung up on body movements.

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