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Kundalini meditation — what it is, correct execution

Kundalini meditation: what is Kundalini energy and how to release it

To date, there are a variety of meditative techniques, but none of them can not give the main role, because the meaning of all meditations is the achievement of harmony and peace. The Kundalini meditation is quite common, which we will discuss in more detail in this material.

Kundalini meditation - what it is, correct execution

Who is Osho (Kundalini Meditation)

Chandra Mohan Djin, who later became known as Osho, is a rather controversial figure, which contemporaries appreciate quite ambiguously. Many compatriots of Osho treated him very suspiciously, since he expressed a critical attitude towards the personality of the famous Mahatma Gandhi, he was also constantly attributed to participation in various destructive organizations and sects.

Osho became famous for rethinking the ancient traditions of yoga, thereby gaining the fame of a reformer and a very extraordinary man. For his life, he founded 7 ashrams around the globe, and when Chandra Mohan died, he was ranked as a spiritual teacher.

There is a version that the great teacher took the name Osho from his followers, it causes association with the English word «ocean» and symbolizes infinity. Such a name is just perfect for the basic idea put forward by Osho, which is to immerse in a world in which there are no attachments.

And in order to be able to plunge into this necessary reality, Osho advised using meditative practices that promote the release of the human spirit and enlightenment.

Osho attributed meditation not to the category of familiar practices, but indicated that it is more a special state of human consciousness.

The teacher left behind him many of his works (books, meditative practices), one of the basic meditations, authored by Chandra Mohan Jein, is Kundalini meditation.

Kundalini energy — what it is

Kundalini protrudes hidden spiritual energy. It is represented in the human body in the form of a rope formed by energy filaments intertwining with each other.

When this energy is activated, it passes through the spinal column and makes a person free.

In its dormant state, the Kundalini energy helps the body accumulate strength. It is Kundalini that acts as a power source for a thin energy envelope; it is also often called “love”.

This is due to the fact that Kundalini is absolutely indifferent to your actions or their absence — it will still love you for what you are. In addition, the Kundalini energy knows about all your actions and feelings, your joys and sorrows.

In the process of releasing energy, it fills our body with force, rises up the spine through five chakras, reaching the limbic region of the brain and then finds its way out through the area of ​​clue. Upon leaving the body, the Kundalini energy joins all of the world’s energy.

In order to understand how this happens in practice, it is necessary to imagine the strength of the intentions of all people living on earth and to add here more spontaneous and cosmic energy. It is to this source that the energy released from the human’s headlines is connected.

Then everything that has already happened or is only going to happen will become available to our central nervous system.

Of course, it will take years of long practice to learn how to enter such a state. Beginners should enlist the support of their teacher.

Kundalini meditation - what it is, correct execution

The source of Kundalini energy in humans

A person receives the energy of Kundalini even before his birth. When the embryo is in the maternal womb and has reached three months of age, energy begins to flow through the brain of the embryo, being refracted into 4 channels of the nervous system. When the energy has passed the area of ​​the fontanelle, it turns out to be first in the medulla, and then in the spinal cord.

After that, the flow of energy flows through the spine and remains at its base, rolling in 3.5 turns.

When cutting the umbilical cord in the central energy channel breaks. If we talk about the physical body, it is located in the middle of the solar plexus and vagus nerve.

In the process of the development of the superego, the fontanel bone begins to harden and the child gradually loses its connection with this energy flow.

How to meditate

  1. In order for any meditative practice to bring a positive result, it must be carried out systematically.
  2. Also, an important aspect is the lack of haste and calm, comfortable atmosphere. Turn off your mobile phone beforehand and make sure that no one distracts you from meditation.
  3. It is best to meditate on an empty stomach (when a person has just eaten, the blood begins to actively circulate through the digestive organs, which reduces the concentration of attention).
  4. The most appropriate time will be earlier morning (after waking up) or late evening (before going to bed).

Instructions for Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditative practice is represented by 4 stages. The total duration of the practice is an hour, and each of the parts is 15 minutes.

The number 15 is not accidental — after studying the treatises of Western experts in psychology and psychotherapy, Osho came to the conclusion that a person is able to concentrate his attention on fifteen-minute activity, after which the concentration of attention decreases. Therefore, it is the number 15 that has become the unit of measurement in this practice.

Also, the teacher recorded a special music for classes, which at the initial stages facilitates concentration of attention.

Let us consider in more detail all the stages of Kundalini meditation.

First stage

  • It is necessary to include special music and stand up exactly.
  • Begin to shake — it is important that absolutely all parts of the body take part in the shaking, everything must feel the movement and flow of energy. You can perform shaking, both with open and with closed eyes.

Shaking at the first stage eliminates the various internal blocks and reduces the degree of self-control.

Second phase

  • Begin to dance — in this case the dance can be any: with smooth or sharp movements, slow or fast — it does not matter. The main thing at this stage is to allow the body to relax and feel good.

Third stage

  • You must stop, cover your eyes and stand still. It is permissible to do this in a sitting or standing position, the most important thing is to have a straight back, otherwise the Kundalini energy will not be able to circulate. At first, you most likely will not feel its passage through the spinal column — do not hurry to get upset, everything will come in the process of practice.
  • Then you need to tighten the abdominal muscles and feel the elasticity of your body. Since you will not move thoughts in your mind, thoughts will start to appear — no need to worry, everything is normal. You should just watch them, but try not to react to them emotionally. As if it were not your personal thoughts, but the thoughts of another person.

Fourth stage

  • You need to lie on the floor, close your eyes and not move. At the same time watch your thoughts.

During the past hour you have been able to perform a deep diving practice. Now your body is in a clean mood, freed from tension, you are calm and watch everything a little detached, from the position of an outsider.

At the very end, after the fourth stage, when you were lying motionless on the floor, we advise you to stand up without opening your eyes and stand still for ten or fifteen minutes. During this time, watch the silence and feel your power.

If at first you did not feel the passage of Kundalini energy through your spine, do not be discouraged. For beginners, it may initially take from three to four weeks of daily practice before you can release energy.

It is important not to control the result, but to focus more on the process itself.

Kundalini meditation - what it is, correct execution

Three reasons to resort to Kundalini meditation

  • You can get rid of bad thoughts. Even if you fail to release the Kundalini energy, you will still get rid of anger, resentment and begin to accept yourself as you are.
  • Meditation helps develop good habits. The human brain is formed by eighty billions of nerve cells that are connected to each other. If today you saw a person in the same clothes as you and were upset, then if a similar situation happens again tomorrow, you will again experience sadness. This is the creation of stable connections between groups of neurons. Neurons trigger neurotransmitters through these channels. Neurotransmitters are «news runners.» And when you see a person in his clothes again, the brain commands the neurotransmitters to “start to get upset,” which is what happens in reality. Thus, habits in your psyche are strengthened.

When you resort to Kundalini meditation, you get the opportunity to “catch” the moment in which you really realize everything that is happening. In this case, you can act freely, use this freedom to perform other actions this time.

So will the formation of new neural connections and habits.

  • Harmoniously end your day. Through meditation you will get rid of tension and fatigue. And instead of holding emotions, you will get rid of them in a completely ecological way with the help of this practice.

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