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Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

When my grandfather went to the hospital for an operation (he should have had a cataract removed), I was very worried and often went to the temple after work — light a candle near the icon of St. Nicholas, the grandfather’s patron.

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

Then I decided to order Sorokoust and buy a small icon to put it in the hospital ward. A copy of the Kozelschansk Icon was advised in the church.

It turned out that they pray for the healing of eye diseases. And not only!

What it looks like and what it means

The icon was created in the 16th century in Italy, although it won the glory of the miraculous in Ukraine and Russia. According to the type of icon painting, this is the Guardian (I will explain in detail below what this means).

The icon is not painted on canvas, but on a small plate.

At the end of the 19th century, the image was covered with silver riza.

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

Its meaning is simple: the Virgin points to her Son, showing people the way in which they should go — that is, Him whom every Christian soul should strive for.

Also on this icon, you can see a lie (communion spoon) and a bowl. This detail tells about the sacrament of Communion, which the Son of God taught his disciples (and therefore all people).

On the other hand, this church plate hints that communion is the partaking of the flesh and blood of Christ, who sacrificed Himself for all of humanity.

The witcher is an icon

Rather, the type of icons. This word translates as «Travel Guide».

It is believed that the first such icon of the Mother of God was written by Luke, an apostle of seventy.

Such an icon is often compared to Eleusa — “The Merciful” (this is also an icon of the Mother of God with the Infant, but in this way Jesus is already pressed his cheek to the Mother, showing his infinite love for her, and through her to the whole human race).

Which are considered the most revered? How do such images differ in icon painting? All this will show this label:

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

By the way, Kozelshchanskaya icon is different from most of the Protectaries: here the Infant does not hold a scroll or a book, besides, it blesses people not with a hand, but with a cross.

The story of the emergence of this icon is truly worthy of writing a novel.

In the 18th century, an Italian arrived in Russia, invited to become the maid of honor of Empress Elizabeth. Among the things brought by the girl from the motherland was a small icon of the Mother of God.

However, the maid of honor did not stay long at court, as she fell in love with the Zaporozhye clerk Siromakh, who arrived at the court with hetman Polubotkom. The couple got married, and later left for Poltava, in their own estate, received from the Empress as a wedding gift.

The estate became the family nest of the Syromah family, and the icon was a relic that was passed from father to son.

In the second half of the 19th century, Pavel Kozelsky became the owner of the estate. He decided to rename the main village of the estate in his honor — so it became known as Kozelshchyna.

However, the century did not have time to end, as the estate again changed its owner. Now the family of the God-fearing Count Kapnist settled in it.

It was for this family that the Mother of God revealed her first miracle associated with her icon.

  • It happened like this: Masha, the count’s daughter, stopped walking — she had a curvature of the spine and legs. The girl suffered severe pain. The inconsolable father did not spare money for treatment, but the doctors could not help the girl. Once a knee-kneeling girl prayed in front of this icon, and suddenly fainted — and when she woke up, there was no pain and she was able to stand on her feet without hindrance.

The family nevertheless went to the next doctor in Moscow. But he only confirmed the fact: the girl suddenly recovered completely.

As it should be, the news of the miracle quickly spread around the city, and people dreaming to see the miraculous icon began to converge to the hotel, where the count stayed with the family. Some of them were healed too.

Kapnisty returned home to Poltava. But the rumors reached there, so the stream of believers heading to their prayer house did not stop. Still: Kozelshchanskaya icon helped the sick at home too!

In particular, she returned the sight to a single girl.

  • The count has understood: it is impossible to keep a relic in the house. In 1883 he built a chapel in the garden, where everyone could go. Only a year passed, and the chapel grew into a temple. A year later there appeared a female community.

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

It is not difficult to guess that in Soviet times this holy place was closed. And there are witnesses who have seen the icon crying with blood.

During the Second World War, when German troops came to Poltava, the monastery was temporarily opened. But in the 49th year, the Soviet government closed it again — and again the icon was crying.

Fearing that the authorities would order to burn the icon they did not like, the former monks hid it at home for a long time.

Where can she worship in our day

In Pokrovsky nunnery (Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Krasnogorsk).

The 3rd Week of the Great Lent is considered the day of celebration and worship of this icon. This is a rolling holiday.

And if you can not go on a pilgrimage to the original icon?

  • You can buy a copy in the church shop. There are many of them, and not only painted, but also lined with amber or created from precious metals. There are even amulets — small wearable icons, they are often bought by children.

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

  • Also, priests do not forbid to embroider such a face of the Virgin with their own hands, threads or beads (yes, it is not difficult to get such a set, if not in a regular store, then on the Internet — for sure). But remember: after the work is completed, the icon must be carried to the temple of God and consecrated. Only after that she will be able to pray.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the list of this icon (a copy, but not one to one, but with minor changes on the idea of ​​each particular artist). Some of them are also considered miraculous.

Most of all, the icon-list from Murom became famous (look for it in the Church of the Annunciation). It is made of fabric, hung with ornaments.

And these are not just knick-knacks — all these jewels were left here by the people whom the icon helped.

Other miracle-working lists are in: Moscow (Kazan Church, near the Serpukhov Gate), the Nicholas Wonderworker Monastery (Ukraine, Gorodok).

The list from Gomel (located in St. Nicholas men’s monastery) is also considered miraculous and revered. You can learn about this image from this video:

What is this wonderworking face of the Virgin asking for?

This icon is considered healing. She helps:

  • in diseases (primarily diseases of the eyes, back, legs and arms);
  • for any other diseases;
  • with spiritual ailments (including weak faith, confusion, depression);
  • if a person realizes that he or someone from the family lacks patience, wisdom;
  • scandals in a couple or family, when the relationship is on the verge of breaking;
  • girls ask for a decent young man to enter their lives, and if there is one already, then about marriage and a happy life after the wedding and painting;
  • well, and just about gaining strength in the fight against overcoming problems.

You can pray in different words. But there is also a separate prayer addressed to Kozelschinsk Mother of God:

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

In addition, a troparion was created (a chant praising this icon). Here are his words:

Kozelschansk icon of the Mother of God: description and meaning, photo, what helps

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