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Klaus Joule: features of meditation on the disclosure of the flow of love

Klaus Joule: Characteristics of meditation uncovering the flow of love

How to make your wish come true? How to change your life for the better? How to improve your personal life, as well as to succeed in your career?

You will get answers to all these questions from Klaus Joel, a man who has written many books explaining in detail how to become happy and succeed. Also noteworthy are the Klaus Jole meditations, especially the discovery of the flow of love.

Klaus Joule: features of meditation on the disclosure of the flow of love

Who is Klaus Joel?

Klaus Joel was born on September 24, 1957 in Germany (today he lives in Canada). He is a world famous author of metaphysical publications.

Klaus had to go through a difficult life path: he managed to visit both the farmer, the construction contractor, the artist and the entrepreneur.

Since childhood, little Klaus often had to feel various negative aspects of life on himself — he often suffered from emptiness and despondency. But having set himself the goal to become happy at all times, Klaus read a great number of philosophical publications, meditations and other literature.

However, he could get answers to his questions only after a certain time. It turned out that the cause of all his life troubles was the lack of love in his heart.

Then Klaus began to study in detail the question of how to discover the energy of love in himself, to achieve happiness and success in life and was finally able to uncover the riddle that had tormented him for so many years. The author decided to share his discoveries with other people, so he wrote books that immediately became bestsellers.

Review of Klaus Joel Books

  • The 1st book of the author entitled “The Messenger. A true story about love is dedicated to a review of the belief that every person can really be truly happy if he finds a place in his heart for love.
  • Another edition of The Shameful Secret. The key to hidden power ”tells us that a person who has grasped the art of higher love can simultaneously live in parallel realities.
  • The book titled “Money is love or what it is worth believing in” will teach you how to live in harmony with the energy of money and all that they can give us.
  • And in the publication “Weekends with a Drunk Leprechaun or How to Find Your Joy?”, The secrets are revealed to readers how to stop experiencing eternal dissatisfaction with themselves, replacing them with satisfaction and inspiration.

Meditation on the flow of love

Her detailed description can be found in Klaus’s The Messenger, which offers various techniques for changing one’s life as well as some very interesting conclusions.

So, Klaus came to the conclusion that everything that happens to us is our own thoughts and feelings, which we send to the outside world. The main part of the problems in our life arises because of excessive demands and the level of claims to the world, which are inadequate relative to the level of human maturity.

Problems accumulate, along with this increases the degree of dissatisfaction with their lives, there is a feeling of envy towards more successful people around them.

The world is a mirror of what we think about it. And it turns out that in reality the root of the problems is hidden not in people or situations, but in our own ideas and thoughts.

An unpleasant incident does not affect a person if he does not cause him negative emotions.

If a person wants changes in his life — you need to start from yourself. Only those who filled their hearts with love can become truly happy.

It is love that helps to cope with any obstacles, eliminates various obstacles on the way and allows you to change the events of the present, future and even the past!

Klaus Joule: features of meditation on the disclosure of the flow of love

Method of filling with love

This technique is simple and easy to understand, its meaning is as follows: opening its heart, a person begins to radiate the energy of Love and with the help of this energy harmonizes all spheres of life important for him: different situations, career, personal relationships and so on. In this case, there is a significant acceleration of time and a faster solution to all problems.

A huge role in this technique is given to thoughts that support the flow and provoke some states. You just need to think about what you dream about — for example, think about the fact that it’s great to have happy relationships and spend a lot of time with your loved one.

Fully enter this state and feel your fullness with the energy of love.

When you learn to linger mentally on those things that cause you a state of joy and positive emotions, you can expand the flow of love flowing through your body. In the case when bad thoughts begin to prevail, consider them a reminder that it is time to shift your focus to something more positive or to thank life for what you have.

In the process of systematic meditation, your attitude changes gradually. You will become calmer, more benevolent and harmonious.

But there is one negative point here — meditations constantly strengthen the work of one chakra, which may not in the best way affect the general condition of the energy system. Working with chakras and energy is a very difficult task, which can be taken only with sufficient skills and professionalism.

Klaus Joel himself warns that the information that is offered in his books is only a start, starting with which you can go further. But he also speaks about one energy center, which is safe for health to develop — this is the sexual chakra (or Svadhishthana).

It is located a couple of centimeters below the navel and when its energy is sufficiently developed, you can send it in the form of a ball and lower it into the region of the heart chakra (Anahata). After that the ball should be returned into place.

This is Qigong practice, which allows you to open your heart.

The Klaus Jole edition talks about 2 important rules that need to be considered:

  1. There is a close connection between us and everything that surrounds us: people and nature. If you learn to constantly feel this connection, you will never feel lonely or empty.
  2. Give and take love. Some people have difficulty accepting love, especially if they feel worthy of this high feeling. This is largely due to the wrong principles laid down in us from childhood: “love must be deserved”, “you must give more than you get” and the like.

Klaus Joule: features of meditation on the disclosure of the flow of love

The right mood for the day is very important.

Klaus Joel recommends every morning to express his sincere thanks for all the wonderful things that are sure to happen to you today. Do not forget about the fact that sending love is only possible, being complacent and joyful.

Therefore, before this technique, you need to activate all those thoughts that cause you to have positive experiences and only then start practicing.

Also during the day, it is worth paying attention to even insignificant situations that can be regarded as a “small presentation of fate.”

If you give daily disclosure of the flow of love for at least ten minutes, very soon you will achieve significant success. Send the energy of love to your loved ones, friends or just all those who need it and it will return to you many times enlarged along with various pleasant gifts, the feeling of love will overwhelm you, and your life will be as full as possible.

People who radiate love are very energetically attractive to others, they have to themselves, they want to communicate with them and they always bask in the center of universal attention and adoration.

At the end of the article, view the meditation on the disclosure of the flow of love from Klaus Jole:

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