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Karmic relationship between a man and a woman

Why does a karmic connection between people arise?

In our life, everything is ordered according to special laws, one of which is the law of karma, that is, rewards for actions, thoughts and deeds committed by man. If you go deeper into this topic, then you will inevitably come across such a thing as a karmic connection between a man and a woman.

What are the causes of its occurrence and how to eliminate — read about it in our material.

Karmic relationship between a man and a woman

What is a karmic connection

Karmic connection — this is a kind of energy-informational connection between the souls of two people, embodied in reality by the Laws of Karma due to specific reasons and with a specific purpose.

Links can be of two types:

  • bright (positive) — those are observed in examples of kindred souls, to harmoniously act with each other;
  • dark (negative, gray) — when people are connected due to their negative actions committed in past incarnations.

There is also such a thing as karmic knot — it also represents a kind of very powerful dark connection that ordinary people cannot break on their own until they receive permission from the Higher Forces.

You can give a vivid example of a karmic connection between people when they want to get a divorce, but they cannot do this for a long time (there are always some obstacles in the way that prevent people from leaving each other). And even if they do their best to end their relationship, they are forced to continue communication, and also to solve joint problems (with children, property, etc.).

It will continue for as much time as it will take for people to solve their karmic debts, until negative karma is fully worked out and more than will be given permission to eliminate the karmic connection.

Varieties of Karmic Ties

There are such types of communication:

  1. The bond that goes deep into past lifetimes, in which the souls of people repeatedly intersected and filled each other with negative or positive energy. It should be noted that the majority of people who have a close relationship with us are our past karmic connections, both good (making us stronger and better) and negative, carrying destructive energy.
  2. The connection that was planned before the physical manifestation of souls. This means that the two souls have agreed with each other to meet on Earth in a certain period of time in order to carry out some kind of joint activity. They are prepared in advance for their incarnation, consider the tasks that they will have to jointly solve in the material world. And Karma sets in which place, at what time and under what conditions their joint activity will take place.
  3. A communication option is also possible., non-relatives. Spouses, friends and comrades, colleagues, business partners fall in this category — in general, all the people in whom we are in close contact with each other throughout life. Such links can also be both constructive and destructive.

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Signs of a karmic connection

Yet the most popular type is love attraction between the sexes. How easy is it to distinguish them from harmonious relationships?

It should take a closer look at the presence of such signs.

  1. The relationship shows incredibly strong emotions. (jealousy, passion, fear, guilt). Due to such intense emotional experiences, people become dependent on each other. At the same time, one of the partners or both are inclined to exaggerate and inadequately respond to certain moments in life.

Karmic relationship between a man and a woman

Main reason for this — unresolved personal conflicts. That is why people are attracted to each other to eliminate such abnormal behavior.

And when the lesson is completed, and people can completely exhaust their negative karma, the conflict will gradually disappear, the partners will either quietly disperse, or remain in relationships, but they will become much more harmonious.

  1. Another clear sign will be the relationship that has arisen very rapidly. In this case, the partners, as a rule, differ greatly in their character, life positions, worldview, and also have a different social position. They are often deeply in the soul do not treat each other in the best way, but they seem to have succumbed to the strongest hypnosis and are not able to leave the relationship on their own.

Usually the sexual aspect prevails in such connections — people are so strong and subject to passion that they cannot tear themselves apart, they want to be filled again and again with sexual energy. Also possible is an emotional connection. In very rare cases, there are couples in which the beloved are closely connected across all levels.

This is the most powerful connection, which is incredibly difficult to break. Partners will be able to part only when they know everything they need in each other, after which the counter of karma will be reset.

  1. Fatality and tragic end — Another indication of the presence of a karmic relationship. A striking example of this will make a love triangle. The basis of such a relationship is the most powerful emotional or sexual bindings. Being in such a relationship, a man and a woman feel that they are not able to part, but at the same time they cannot harmoniously be near, because they constantly face various obstacles and obstacles. In most cases, the end of such a relationship is quite tragic.
  2. Another indication of the karmic connection between lovers — This is a marriage union in which one partner is a drug addict, alcoholic, mentally ill person or has limited capabilities. And the second partner takes such a relationship as a given and believes that he has no right to leave his beloved. Such a relationship is brightly imbued with a strong sense of guilt (usually the representatives of the weaker sex suffer from it), which is drawn from previous incarnations.
  3. If a man or woman dies ahead of time (up to thirty-five years) — this also indicates a karmic relationship. In this case, the second partner consciously chooses a punishment for himself for certain actions from the past.
  4. There is a harmonious connection option., in which both sides belong to soul mates. In such a pair there is an excellent mutual understanding, respect, acceptance of all the positive and negative qualities of their soul mate without the desire to change their beloved. The relationship between soul mates is very harmonious and filled with love and peace.
  5. The presence of a significant difference in age (more than fifteen years) — Another one of the pointers of powerful karmic attraction. Such people cannot harmoniously let go, even if they have a strong desire for it. This is a variant of very complex relationships in which a man and a woman can both help their partner take the true path and, on the contrary, push him in the wrong direction, which increases the amount of karmic debts in this incarnation.

What is the prospect?

Now it’s time to talk about the future forecast.

How long will the karmic relationship last? This is largely due to their variety. — whether they will be healing or destructive (we spoke about this at the beginning of the article).

In the case of a healing connection, when partners fill each other with positive energy, share necessary experiences and contribute to creation (create a happy family, work together to raise children, have a common job, and so on) cases can be observed where it lasts throughout life. Such relationships make people stronger and more harmonious, contribute to their formation in all plans.

If conflicts arise in such a relationship, then they pass very quickly, rarely ending in a serious clarification of the relationship. In such pairs there are practically no cases of divorces.

This is due to the fact that the two souls are closely linked for many incarnations. They belong to the category of soul mates.

If there is a negative destructive relationship — such relationships will last exactly as long as it takes for both partners to be able to fully return to each other the energy that they owed from the past incarnation and filled it with it completely.

Karmic relationship between a man and a woman

A typical example of such a relationship is unrequited love, when one person begins to lose his head for the love of another, and the second one either does not feel anything, or feels sympathy, which is much weaker. The most sensible advice in this case is to let go, continuing to fill it with positive energy at a distance.

Of course, it is very difficult, but this is the only method that will allow you to harmoniously break the bonds without breaking even more firewood.

As a rule, in non-reciprocal relations partners simply change roles from past lives. For example, if in the previous incarnation the husband was crazy about his wife, and she treated him indifferently, then in the present life the situation will repeat, but in the opposite context: the man will, for example, walk and change, and the woman will love him and fight indifference towards yourself.

It should be noted that two souls do not necessarily enter into legitimate relations again — it is quite possible that the exchange of energies will occur at a distance.

It becomes clear that for the most part, any karmic connection will not be harmonious, requiring the resolution of certain issues that have arisen in past incarnations. Allowing them yourself may not be possible, but there is an option to contact a specialist (numerologist, psychic, astrologer) who, on the basis of the partners’ personal information, will help find the root cause of the problem and successfully cope with it.

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