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Karmic marriage: causes and methods of determining

What is the cause of karmic marriages

Karmic relationships are far from being such a rare occurrence as it may seem at first glance. The very concept of «Karma» is rooted in Eastern culture, but it is not at all alien to Slavic culture.

All of us are well aware of proverbs like, “Like a bullshit, and will respond.” They very well convey the basic meaning of karma.

And now it’s time to deal with what is a karmic marriage.

Karmic marriage: causes and methods of determining

What is karmic marriage

Karmic marriage It is the union of two souls embodied in the corporeal shell, which have repeatedly intersected in previous incarnations, but at the moment have unresolved mutual obligations. Before that, they could assume the roles of spouses, relatives, parents, lovers, could be enemies.

In the current incarnation, karma again tied them together for giving away their karmic debts and practicing negative karma (redemption of guilt, correcting mistakes). After all, the combination of the hearts of two lovers is a huge purgatory in which human disposition with a world view is subject to global challenges.

Examples of karmic relationships

If this information is too complicated for you, we will try to calculate the situations in which a karmic marriage occurs.

Suppose that in your previous incarnation you met a guy who loved you dearly, with whom you planned to start a family. But you chose a better candidate for him.

Then you can say with 100% certainty that in this life you will regularly encounter such situations until you are able to realize and learn the lesson that life has prepared for you and will not work out the right behavior strategy. This is very similar to a computer game in which you are given attempt number two in the second round.

But, intending to get married, people by and large do not tend to think about the negative and do not engage in viewing karma. Although many can tell the motives, according to which the planned marriage.

Consider them on a number of examples.

Indescribable passion

It is one of the traditional reasons for entering into karmic alliances.

For example, in the past incarnation, Victor Gennadievich was a promising scientist, but he was inflamed with a hot love for Nadezhda, who became his bride, and for her left all his scientific works, without fulfilling the realization of his vocation. In this life, on the contrary, he plunged into his career and work, and does not pay any attention to the representatives of the opposite sex.

After all, his soul is well aware of the mistakes of the past, so on a subconscious level, he is afraid of entering into marriage (he developed a kind of phobia of marriage).

But to eliminate the laws of karma is not possible, for this reason, and now the protagonist again finds himself in similar situations. Despite the presence of fear and desire to escape from love, Victor again succumbs to burning passion: like a boy falls in love, the soul is not tea in his beloved.

Fear recedes into the background, the destruction of defense mechanisms occurs, and it begins to seem that life is entering its shores.

However, after a certain time, our hero will again be forced to face the same problem as in the previous incarnation. He will again choose between love and vocation.

The ideal solution for this situation is to learn how to combine a career with a personal life.

It’s time for a marriage union

If you are going to get married (or marry) not because you sincerely love another person, but because “the time has come”, and all the representatives of your environment have already managed to create a happy family — be careful.

Perhaps, as a biological individual, you are ready for marriage, ready to create your own family, to have children. But according to the laws of karma, in the current incarnation you will have a desire to create a marriage at the same age as you did in the previous incarnation.

In other words, the mistake made in the past life was deposited in karma and expects to be corrected, giving the person another chance.

Marriages of convenience

Usually, everyone starts to marry en masse when they graduate. At this time there is a break of old ties, a change in the usual rhythm of life, girls and boys are encouraged that together they can begin the happiest stage in their lives.

And they begin to look for the most suitable partner — so that he is rich, has an apartment, a car, and further prospects.

Karmic marriage: causes and methods of determining

But such marriages will bring happiness only if they are based on sincere feelings and people are close in spirit. And if the decision was made only because of self-interest, then the likelihood that the marriage will be happy, is equivalent to zero.

According to the laws of karma, such a marriage is nothing more than the desire to hide from the problem, shifting it onto other people’s shoulders (their spouse, spouse).

Desire is completely understandable, but in reality impracticable. After all, no one can solve our problems except ourselves.

And from whatever we want to hide (from poverty, loneliness, pressure from parents), it will still overtake us. We will need to find the strength to solve the problem on our own, because only in this case the situation will disappear from our lives.

So, if you, for example, are interested solely in your husband’s money, a situation will arise when he loses his capital and you realize that you made the wrong choice. See only his position in society? There will be days when he loses his job.

And this is not a game of the Higher Forces with us at all, but a karmic lesson. Everyone has to go their own way and know a lot.

Many young girls seek to get married as soon as possible in order to get rid of the pressure from their parents or their excessive control. But they find themselves in the same bondage, only now from their spouse.

This happens because the dependence on someone is inside us and is produced into the surrounding reality. What images are present in our heads, then we get the result.

Even a gentle and calm man will become a true home tyrant if you constantly wait for this on a subconscious level.

How to avoid a karmic union

  • Need to change! Make yourself a person. Learn not to depend on the opinions of other people. This will surely entail a positive change in your life.
  • Non-self-sufficient people believe that happiness will bring them another person who will need them. They tend to complain about problems that they often hang on themselves.
  • And more experienced souls have this level of development, which allows them to assist others. “Ancient souls” are not inclined to complain, on the contrary, others constantly turn to them in order to “cry into the vest”.

How to calculate and determine it

A huge number of people are interested in this question, but in reality this action is under the power of only an astrologer or an expert practicing reincarnational psychotherapy.

But there are also certain signs:

  • significant difference in age from 5 to 10 years. If she exaggerates 15 years, then here it is possible to say 100% about a karmic union;
  • in addition, you can calculate your karmic number, which acts as a pointer to a certain period, with the completion of which serious changes will begin to “knock” into life.

To do this, you should add all the numbers of your birthday:

  • We take a sample — 25. 05.1994.
  • Then the karmic number will be = 2 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 35.

But note that if the number ten appears on the date of birth, you add it completely, rather than divide it by one and zero.

The fact that there is a karmic marriage can also be established by an astrologer, having figured out the effects of each planet and having calculated the angle between them. The degree of this angle is decisive.

Indicate a karmic union angles of 20, 40, 80 and 100 degrees.

Another way is to turn to Tarot cards, but this procedure should also be carried out by an experienced professional, and not a charlatan. In the process of performing the card layout, certain combinations may fall out which will indicate karmic connections between the partners.

Do you want to get rid of the karmic connection? Then we strongly recommend viewing the following video.

Conclusions that point to a karmic marriage

  • Marriage union is a surprisefor the beloved. It is unexpected because, according to all generally accepted rules, principles and practices, they cannot be together. For example, a guy and a girl differ in their social status, financial condition, environment, age difference, skin color, and so on.
  • There is an element of fatality, predestination. For example, partners constantly quarrel and swear, but are not able to part, release each other. Or from the outside it seems that the relationship is completely incompatible, but in reality the lovers are happy.
  • One of the partners suffers from addiction (alcohol or drugs). In this case, the second partner will certainly suffer. Most likely, there was a change of roles in the present incarnation and one has to experience first-hand what the other has suffered in a previous life.
  • Childlessness. Hence, the future is closed for procreation. In each marriage union, not only two people join, but also two kinds. And the karmic relations in this case are given with the goal of allowing partners to rethink their specific traits that the race does not wish to end up with in future generations. If rethinking does not occur (which occurs most often), then such a marriage union will break up.
  • One of the partners is seriously ill. The situation is intended to awaken in the second person the highest aspects of love (care and compassion), which could not arise if all was well.
  • The marriage union is very fast, and then there is a sharp rupture of any ties (kindred, friendly) and the newlyweds change their place of residence (city, country).
  • Hasty marriage (a few weeks after they met). In this case, the relationship seems to be spelled out for a specific scenario: the couple is aware of their new position only after a certain time. Before that, they are hypnotized and do not understand what they are doing.
  • In especially rare situations it happens, that people are forced to live together for many years, nor do they represent their parting. They do not feel fleeting love, but truly love their partner and accept him for what he is with all his positive and negative sides.

If we consider such a marriage from a karmic point of view, then the partners could cope with all the trials sent from above, all the karmic lessons were worked out, and all the mistakes were corrected. Now they have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, plunging into every moment allotted to them.

Their fates are so closely intertwined, they are connected with the help of chains and shackles, and not just energy threads.

Karmic marriage: causes and methods of determining

Does this prospect seem tempting to you? Then do not be lazy to work on yourself. And do not forget that karma is not a dogma and not a punishment.

It is simply the result of your actions in your past or present incarnation. Therefore, it is necessary to correct mistakes, create harmony around you, give love free of charge.

And then happiness is sure to meet you on the path of life!

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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