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Karmic knots: what it is and how to untie them

Karmic knots: what it is, how to diagnose and eliminate them

In our life, we can very often observe situations in which people are striving with all their forces to make some changes, but this does not work for them. Such situations include unhappy love, family conflicts, dysfunctional relationships at work, and many other options.

If we consider this from the point of view of Karma, then we are talking about such a concept as karmic knots.

Karmic knots: what it is and how to untie them

What are karmic knots

The karmic knot is a situation in which souls connected with one another in their past incarnations have unresolved conflicts or obligations to each other. That is why they are again and again forced to fall into a close relationship until they successfully resolve the tasks assigned to them.

In the present incarnation, the situation from the past often becomes a mirror. So, a raped person becomes a victim, an offended person becomes an offender, an ardent lover becomes indifferent, and so on by analogy.

The essence of the problem lies in the fact that one person did not give enough to another or, on the contrary, did some evil to him. So, according to the law of Karma, they will be forced to experience new and new meetings in different incarnations, until they give each other everything they need, draw the right conclusions, fail to let go of the grievances of the past and fulfill all their obligations.

Karmic knots: what it is and how to untie them

It should be noted that the formation of a karmic knot does not occur in all cases. He is tied up when the injured party has strong emotions towards his opponent.

If a person perceives the incident as an accident or a punishment from above for his own misdeeds, the node, as a rule, does not appear.

How to establish the presence of a karmic knot

It is both difficult and easy. The ease lies in the fact that by default there is a feeling of dissatisfaction of a person with the status quo.

At the same time, a person is helpless, he cannot make changes, although sometimes he makes enormous efforts for this. Beats like a fish on the ice, but fate stubbornly gives him a chance to break out of the vicious circle.

Decoupling the karmic knot also delivers certain difficulties. First, you need to understand exactly why you are facing the described problem.

And this can be done only by people who have the gift from above, are healers or are practicing reincarnation therapy.

You can also independently try to make contact with your subconscious, extracting the necessary information from it. For this, meditation is shown, yoga has a good effect.

And the disclosure of the higher energy centers will help to significantly strengthen the intuition and always receive true information from within yourself.

If the appeal to the inner “I” turned out to be successful, be sure to find out from him what actions you will need to take to correct the situation.

Karmic knots how to untie

There are three known ways to eliminate the karmic nodes:

  1. Realize the problem and sincerely repent of it
  2. Change your attitude towards the situation and life in general
  3. Complete spiritual cleansing.

Consider these methods in more detail.

We invite you to view the following video, which will deepen your knowledge of karmic knots and how to unleash them.

Awareness and remorse

When you can extract the original situation from the depths of your subconscious, you will understand what you have done wrong, to whom you have harmed — only then can you get rid of the knot.

But repentance should be sincere, come from the depths of the soul, you really should feel your mistakes and understand that you would be in the same position again — you would have acted in a completely different way.

Karmic knots: what it is and how to untie them

Changing attitudes to life

This method is also very effective. At first, you will again need to realize the presence of the karmic knot and find out why it appeared and how you can get rid of it.

The next step will be to change your attitude towards life, which will lower the amount of your negative karma.

To do this, you need to accept the situation with all its nuances, and then try to turn away from it. Do not exaggerate the level of the problem, tune in to the positive, plus ask forgiveness of all the people we have offended.

You can do it in real life — then the result will be much more effective.

Spiritual cleansing

Here you will need a request for help from healers. It is important to find people who really possess abilities, and not charlatans (the latter are now found at every corner, which somewhat complicates the situation).

A person with karmic knots needs to correct his or her wrong life views. This is done by a change of consciousness, by raising one’s awareness.

When you understand what you did wrong, adhered to the wrong tactics of behavior, but have a strong desire to change everything — life itself begins to send you people who will act as your teachers. And it’s not necessarily going to be Tibetan monks or gurus — your friend, colleague, school teacher, trainer, business partner, and so on can act as a teacher.

He will share his experience with you, help you look at old things from a new angle, which will contribute to a change in consciousness, and therefore, life in general.

It should be noted that spiritual purification is the most difficult point, it should be started when the previous two stages are completed and when you feel an inner readiness for long-term work on yourself.

Knowing how to untie karmic knots and work without laziness on solving a problem, you will be able to get rid of many blocks in your subconscious, from relationships that destroy you, fill your life with peace, harmony, light and tranquility.

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