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Karmic debt: where it comes from and how to work it out

Where does karmic debt come from and how to work it out

The concept of «karmic duty» is often found in astrology, esoteric and other sciences about the soul, energy and human essence. It is necessary to realize that the concepts of karmic duty and sin are not one and the same, they are different and carry a different meaning.

Karmic debt: where it comes from and how to work it out

Consider what karmic debt is, how it is formed, what happens and how it closes. And also we will analyze how to determine that you have such a duty in any sphere of life.

Important features

The concept of karmic debt includes the following principles:

  • these are “debts” of a person before the Universe and God, deeds that he did not do, events that did not live to the end, which ultimately leads to negative consequences
  • these are spiritual laws violated by man, ignoring principles and norms of morality, which as a result creates imbalances in the energy envelope, harms the Soul and moral state

There are many reasons due to which all sorts of karmic debts arise. This is a violation of the commandments, and ignoring the existing spiritual laws.

But most notably, the concept of karmic debt can be seen in examples. So, it is formed in such cases:

  1. You made some commitments, promised something and did not fulfill. The person who gave, and then did not keep his word, becomes a debtor, and his fate is under the burden of karmic load
  2. You did not define, did not notice, missed their purpose. Wrongly set goals and objectives of a lifetime, chose the wrong profession, do unloved things. As a result, do not bring benefits to yourself or others, and increase your karmic debt exponentially.
  3. You have appropriated something from another person or have taken it away. The number of such acts includes murder (they took life from a living being), theft (took money), energy vampirism (took another’s energy), took another’s time, appropriated another’s property. All that you have taken away, the universe will take you tenfold
  4. You do not know how to listen to your own spiritual needs. Ignore the desires of the soul, do not develop, do not strive for personal and spiritual growth. As a result, a karmic debt is formed, which is dangerous for your health, physical and mental
  5. You are an irresponsible person: careless about work, responsibility for the family, improperly raising children

These are the main reasons for the formation of karmic debts in people, their soul and physical essence suffer.

Karmic debt: where it comes from and how to work it out

How to recognize the presence of karmic debt

Before embarking on practicing karmic debt, you need to determine whether you have it. This is easy to do. If the answer to the following questions is yes, it is very likely that the problem is:

  • You work a lot, you try, you put tremendous effort, but in 99% of cases you do not achieve the result?
  • Are you trying to make money, but do not rise above the minimum bar?
  • Are you dreaming of a happy family and children, but all dates end in vain?
  • Do you feel that there is not enough energy to realize the goals?
  • Do not feel the pleasure of life? Emotions like joy, good mood are rare guests?
  • Nothing happens and everything falls out of the hands?
  • Feel ready for great things, set a goal. But when you start its implementation, the whole fuse disappears somewhere, and your enthusiasm dries out?
  • Is there a black streak in life? Frustrated plans, constantly occurring material losses?

The more times you have said “Yes!”, The more likely that karmic unearned debts are present in your life. But this is not a reason to become disheartened — the problem is solved!

Karmic debt: where it comes from and how to work it out

It is important to understand that karmic debt does not arise in your life in order to make it worse. The universe never aims to make someone unhappy, to get in trouble, or to destroy the fate of a particular person.

Through karmic debt, it rather helps to define goals, to bring things to the right thoughts and make it clear that the time has come to work.

Practicing karmic debts

The redemption of karmic debt must be done according to a certain and very simple algorithm:

  1. Identify the causes. We need to find out what triggered the formation of karmic debt. Understand which law of the universe was violated
  2. Determination of the conditions of debt. You need to understand what actions will lead to working out the karmic debt that has arisen in your destiny.
  3. Fulfillment of conditions. It is necessary to do all the actions, to fulfill the debt from the beginning to the end.
  4. Perform an esoteric ritual of liberation. It is impossible to do this manipulation on your own — the help of the Spiritual Healer is needed

Proper identification of the causes of debt and the conditions necessary for its processing is not always possible independently. But this applies to neglected cases.

Most often, karmic debts are repaid automatically, provided that a person lives a decent life, behaves correctly and is guided by laws and moral principles in actions.

Video on how to get around and redirect karmic debts:

So go on life with dignity, do good deeds, eliminate negative emotions and limit the influence of negative people, then the karmic debts will be worked out automatically, without your participation.

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