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Karma: what is it, what is it for, types of karma

What is karma and how to get rid of it

Karma — what is it? Mysterious entity that ruthlessly decides our destinies?

Or cosmic power, reward each according to merit? Let’s find out more about this interesting phenomenon.

Karma: what is it, what is it for, types of karma

What is the law of karma?

Whether you asked yourself the question why some people are born healthy and happy, they are lucky through life, they are surrounded by loving and benevolent people. But others have physical disabilities, their lives are full of difficulties and failures, they suffer from loneliness and suffer defeat.

Could this be the result of actions that were committed by a person in the distant past or even in his previous incarnations?

The word karma is translated from Sanskrit as «action.» This concept also includes words, thoughts, feelings and experiences of a person.

It can be said that any act or thought, even the most insignificant, leads to certain consequences in the future. These effects may occur tomorrow or after several lives, but they will necessarily occur.

Best of all, the Russian proverb expresses the law of karma: “You reap what you sow.” This is the universal universal law of cause and effect.

Everything in the world is subject to him, regardless of whether a particular person recognizes him. After all, ignorance of the law does not save from responsibility.

Karma is not an entity, it is a certain force or energy that regulates the consequences of all the actors of this Universe. This is not a punitive force that executes the sentence.

Karma simply keeps track of the causal relationship. In those cases, if some problem is not resolved in a timely manner, information about it is stored and transmitted to the future.

Each action can have three types of consequences:

  1. Apparent, rough consequence of the act. It manifests itself on the physical level during the current life.
  2. The consequence that left an emotional mark in the soul of man. His strength will depend on how strong the experiences were.
  3. Distant consequences that will be fatal in the next births.

Whether an act will be fatal depends on how important it is to man and those around him. The more serious the act, the greater the likelihood that it will become fatal and significant in future lives.

The law of karma does not apply only to a specific person. There is also the karma of the genus, people, city, country, all-planetary.

They are all closely related and intertwined.

Karma mechanism

At this moment we are reaping the fruits of the perfect or what we said in the past. And at this moment we create the soil for our future karma.

It is not necessary that the consequences of our current actions manifest themselves very quickly. Perhaps this will happen in many years.

That is why most people fail to trace the causal relationship between actions. At that moment we will think that some event happened by chance.

But karma does not have the game of chance, surprises and luck. The whole world exists thanks to the law of justice.

If something happened, then there was a reason for it.

The law of karma applies to any of our actions: both negative and positive. All unseemly deeds will come back to us with problems, illnesses and spiritual experiences.

And all the bright and good, perfect by us, will bring good luck, health, love, and will predetermine our future destiny.

If we thought about how the karma mechanism works, we would be more prudent in our actions.

Karma: what is it, what is it for, types of karma

Types of Karma

Karma is manifested and unmanifested. Manifested karma is all that manifested in our fate at the moment.

This is our physical condition, financial situation, place of residence, people around us. This kind of karma is very difficult to change, it has to be tolerated often all my life, without being able to do anything.

But not all the seeds of karma have been able to grow in human life at the moment. Many unsolved problems and unworked lessons await implementation.

In the meantime, they are in our subtle karmic body. This is unmanifested karma.

Fortunately, a person has the ability to change unmanifested karma. But for this it is necessary to reach a very high level of consciousness, when we can realize and analyze our actions, correct mistakes.

No healer or spiritual teacher can save you from negative karma. This can only be done by the soul that created karma.

Why does a person need karma?

Every person comes to this world in order to learn and develop. He has a certain scenario of life — fate, and also, many lessons that he must learn in this life.

All people have different levels of soul development, but each has one common goal — spiritual evolution.

And the law of karma helps the soul to cultivate and rise to a new level of spiritual development. Thanks to karma, we can experience various life situations, experience all sorts of feelings and emotions, until we finally realize that we are a divine and immortal part of the Universe.

Is it possible to clear karma?

The soul in the process of endless reincarnations accumulates a huge amount of dirt in its karmic shell. These are serious crimes, various misconduct, unkept promises, and debts that have not been returned. Words and deeds for which we should be ashamed.

All of this falls heavily on the shoulders of people in their subsequent incarnations in the form of various diseases and physical disabilities, experiences and mental disorders, material difficulties and barriers.

A person cannot avoid responsibility for his actions until he realizes that he was wrong. And the best way to realize the guilt is to feel the situation on your own «skin.» That is why people experience pain, suffering, suffer defeats and failures, face meanness and treachery, try to break through a wall of difficulties and obstacles.

This continues until the soul is finally aware of its mistakes.

Karma: what is it, what is it for, types of karma

In order to correct his karma, a person first of all needs to take the path of spiritual development. He needs to get rid of the vices and negative qualities, learn to love and understand others and act for the common good, and not just for the sake of his own interests.

Only in this case it becomes possible to purify karma. Having revealed the best qualities of his soul and eliminating all weaknesses and vices, a person becomes invulnerable to any evil.

To completely clear the karma you need to work actively on yourself for several lives. This is also facilitated by certain esoteric practices that help lift the veil of secrecy over previous incarnations.

Unfortunately, currently such knowledge is not available to most people.

It is also often difficult to distinguish actual practices from quackery. For example, today many “spiritual guides» offer to quickly cleanse karma by reading the magic mantra or performing the ritual of burning bad karma.

Huge money is paid for such rites, but unfortunately there is no result.

It is impossible to commit many sins and misdeeds, cause irreparable harm to other people and hope that all this will be forgiven after the ritual and the reading of the prayer.

For this, first of all, internal change and development of a person, a high level of consciousness, love and compassion for all inhabitants of the planet are necessary.

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