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Karma by date of birth: fate and future — how to find out?

How to find out your karma by date of birth

Many people are confronted with the feeling that everything in our world is not accidental, but a cause-effect chain. All events in life are the result of our past thoughts and actions, for which we are responsible.

Karma by date of birth, fate and future — the topic of this article.

Karma by date of birth: fate and future - how to find out?

What is karma

Karma is the fate created by us in past incarnations. Karmic scales can swing from positive actions and deeds towards negative actions.

Depending on what cases were more in our past incarnations, we get our fate today. In our current reincarnation, we have the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and not to make new ones, that is, to improve our karma.

There is a way to know your karma by date of birth, fate and future.

Calculation of karma by date of birth

Thanks to the karmic number, you will learn what negative or positive moments from the past influence you now, how to restore the balance in our present destiny and predetermine our further development in the future.

To calculate your karmic number you need the exact date of your birth.

For example, you were born on February 8, 1981. Add up all the numbers:

It turns out that the karmic number of birth is 29. Now pay attention to the second digit — it will become your defining number, which will shed light on some facts of your past life.

Description of Karmic Numbers

The first number also has an impact on your life path. It will tell about the possibility of the appearance in your life of a person with the help of which you will find your purpose.

If it is even (zero, two and four) it means that a karmic assistant will be sent to you by fate to solve life difficulties.

And if one or three numbers fall out, you will be engaged in an independent solution of all difficulties. Most likely, your karma is not burdened by heavy actions, which should be seriously worked out to correct.

For more information on this topic, see the video clip.

Characteristic of the second karmic number

  • Unit. In your past lives, you showed egoism and made people who love you suffer. Therefore, now love and friendship will not be easy, close people can deceive you. You need to be sincere, not lie to others. Unselfish good deeds will help you to improve your life. An important lesson for you is not to suspect other people of unreliability. If you have a loved one and true friends — you are doing everything right in your life, do not change your behavior.
  • Two. Her appearance will tell you that in the past you have shown negligence and extreme recklessness, you could not appreciate what you had. You could engage in dangerous sports or military activities, it was important for you to be constantly on the verge of survival. The unreasonableness shown in the past will now result in you feeling unwell. Remember, when you neglect the instinct of self-preservation — luck will give up on you. Therefore, take care of your health, do not have bad habits and always think about self-preservation.
  • Troika. You showed avarice in past incarnations. Now it is important to focus on spiritual values, so as not to encounter old problems. To maintain a balance between good and evil actions, you need to sacrifice material well-being in favor of spirituality.
  • Four. Your karma is good enough. By date of birth, we learn that in the past incarnation you suffered from loneliness and unhappy love. Now family values ​​occupy a very significant place for you, never neglect them in favor of your career.
  • Five. You do not want to engage in esoteric, if you dream of success in life. Never achieve your goals at the expense of magical actions — earlier you had similar experience and it didn’t lead to anything good. Always remember that everything done by you comes back.
  • Six. You had a harmonious life. Your karma is not bad enough, and if you do good to the world around you, you can achieve great success.
  • Seven. You faced difficulties and obstacles in the past reincarnation, but now it’s time to try yourself in a more harmonious role. Don’t be content with small things, but set global goals in front of you and try to achieve them.
  • Eight. You committed a betrayal in a past life, threw a loved one in trouble. This situation may return to your life, so be careful. Engage in charity, do not refuse to help those who need it and the balance between good and evil will be restored.
  • Nine. Perhaps your past life was too fleeting, so your karma gave you wisdom to make up for the unfulfilled in your past life. It is likely that you have developed the gift of foresight, rely on your intuition.
  • Zero. You worked hard in your past life, so success in work is guaranteed to you. Listen to the voice of your heart and never give it back. A dream is sure to come true if you make an effort.

Karma by date of birth: fate and future - how to find out?

Having learned the features of your past lives, learn the necessary lessons from them and try to act correctly in order not to attract new negative consequences. In the following articles we will take a closer look at the theme of the influence of karma on the fate of a person, because it is very interesting and multifaceted.

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