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Kali meditation — inner renewal and rebirth

Kali meditation — features of preparation and conduct

Confidence in your abilities and freedom of expression is what meditation practice of the Vedic goddess Kali gives. You must admit that many women lack precisely these qualities in order to feel themselves to be a harmoniously developed personality.

Kali meditation is a tantric practice that has come to us from the depth of ages. With this practice, you can discover new qualities in yourself and perceive the world in new colors.

Consider in detail all aspects of Kali meditation.

Kali meditation - inner renewal and rebirth

Goddess Kali

Who is the goddess Kali? In the Hindu tradition, it is one of the revered goddesses worshiped by millions of believers. Kali — the goddess of horror, death and darkness.

However, this is only one aspect of the deity. Another aspect is the protection from evil, the destruction of all unnecessary and the release from the captivity of their own prejudices.

It is with this aspect of the goddess that we will work to achieve a certain result.

To become a successful woman in the modern world, it is necessary to develop the qualities of Kali in oneself — confidence, purposefulness, courage, and patronage. A woman is a keeper of the hearth, a protector of children, therefore the quality data she needs.

Bravely face the troubles and not succumb to the weakness of character — this is what Kali teaches meditation.

Finding the strength to be always on top, to attract and fascinate a husband again and again — this is what Kali teaches meditation. Get rid of the complexes, psychological blocks and uncertainty in its charm — the goddess Kali teaches this.

The practice of meditation will allow you to fully relax in a relationship with a partner, to feel your feminine power and not be afraid to be misunderstood and abandoned. The dance of the goddess Kali is a dance of feminine power and charm.

Previously, meditation was carried out in a pair; today, too, you can practice meditation with a partner.

Meditation preparation

For the practice to be successful, it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements for meditative techniques:

  • stay all alone;
  • turn off the phone and turn off the TV;
  • free the mind from pressing problems and stop the run of thoughts;
  • relax the body from muscular tension;
  • fully immerse yourself in the process of meditating.

To properly adjust the mind for meditation, you need to dim the bright light and burn incense with the smell of sandalwood. Since Kali is a fiery deity, you can light a red candle while practicing. In the summer you can put red flowers in a vase.

These preparations help to tune in to the flow of the goddess and contribute to the success of meditation.

Watch some time at the flame of a red candle, inhale the scent of sandalwood and try to enter another dimension — the world of the goddess Kali. You can listen to the recordings of the Kali mantra to be filled with the vibrations of the deity.

Kali meditation - inner renewal and rebirth


This meditation refers to dynamic, that is, active. It is carried out in the morning to recharge your batteries for the whole day.

At night, the practice is best not to conduct, so as not to bring down sleep. Clothing for meditation should be free so as not to interfere with movements.

The practice of meditation consists of three parts:

  1. activation of the power of Kali;
  2. the transmission of the power of Kali;
  3. releasing the power of the goddess.

At the first stage of meditation, one should actively breathe through the mouth, focusing on the sacrum area. This will help awaken the power of the goddess in your body.

At this time, you need to completely surrender to inner experiences — remember the bitter experience of defeats, get angry at your cowardice and feeling awkward. Remember all the negative things that prevent you from being a free, self-sufficient person.

Surrender to the power of natural instincts, awaken in yourself an animal beginning.

You can shout and cry loudly — let go of emotions. You have to overcome any fear, surrendering to the flow of energy of the goddess Kali.

You can do the practice under the warlike music of worship of the goddess.

You must feel like a winner, a glorious warrior on the road to success. How much time should be given to this part of the practice? It depends on your inner state and sensation.

When you feel an emotional release, go to the next stage of the practice.

Kali meditation - inner renewal and rebirth

The second stage of meditation is shaking. During body shaking, energy from the tailbone, which has accumulated during active breathing, rises up and fills the entire body.

You must feel the full freedom of the psychological and physical, surrender to instincts and discard any complexes. This is the dance of the winner over your fears and uncertainties.

What you managed to release in the first stage of practice leaves the body completely.

The third stage is release. You have to jump up, rejoicing in the victory over yourself and your fears. Jump high, surrender to this action completely.

To avoid complaints from the neighbors below, lay a soft mat. Jumps symbolize a way out of the past life, complete liberation from the past negative experience.

Your soul must soar with your body up, celebrating liberation. If you want to scream — scream.

When you finish jumping, stand still for a while and take a breath. You can gently wiggle from side to side or perform any other leisurely movements.

After breathing, go to the shower and rinse.

How many days do you need to practice? Yogis recommend practicing Kali meditation for 21 days in a row.

During this time, the body is completely updated at the cellular level, which means that new information about your mental and physical condition will be recorded in the cells.

After 3 weeks, you will become a completely different person — confident, courageous, charming and charming. Now you are not oppressed by the weight of former disappointments and mistakes, you are surely looking to the future, not afraid of change.

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