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Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Chakra condition test

From the esoteric point of view, all the matter of the world that can be touched, felt or seen, possess energy. There are 7 energy centers in the human body, and each of them has a special function. Their blocking or improper work has a negative impact on people’s lives and interaction with the outside world.

I began to be interested in this issue, and I learned about the existence of a simple test for the state of the chakras. In this article I will tell you how to conduct an independent diagnosis in order to find out which energy center “has failed”.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Chakra functions

Chakras are not a kind of abstract phenomenon, but rather real glands, joints and ganglia. From the point of view of bioenergy, they are compared with torsional vortices that have different rotational frequencies. Energy centers are located along the spine, and have the following functions:

  1. Muladhara, or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine in the crotch area. She is responsible for survival, because reflexes and instincts are concentrated in it. Thanks to Muladhara, people interact with the energy of the Earth. Her work affects physical health, human well-being, endurance, and attitudes toward the material world.
  2. Svadhisthana is located in the genital gland, 3 cm below the navel. It defines the desire for pleasure, and is responsible for sexuality, the function of procreation, emotionality. The correct work of the chakra is manifested in creative abilities, sociability and positive mood. In the presence of a block, hypersexuality and unquenchable lust arise.
  3. Manipura is located in the solar plexus, and is responsible for vital energy, willpower, purposefulness and determination. With proper work, a person exhibits leadership qualities, interpersonal skills and independence. If Manipura is poorly developed, then the person will not be able to control his passions and desires, which will prevent him from developing and self-actualizing.
  4. Anahata — the central chakra, located at the heart level. She is responsible for love, inner harmony, spirituality and compassion. People with well-developed Anahata are calm, sensible, balanced and wise. The presence of a block is indicated by depression, doubt in one’s own decisions, guilt and shame over past actions.
  5. Vishuddha is located in the throat area, and it is believed that it is a thyroid gland. Its main function is self-expression, which occurs due to the speech apparatus. She helps to express her individuality, to defend a personal point of view, to declare herself to the world. The correct work of Vishuddhi gives a person oratorical abilities, the gift of persuasion and the ability to carry information to the masses.
  6. Ajna or, as it is also called, the «third eye» is located in the forehead between the eyebrows. She is responsible for logical thinking, intellectual abilities, intuition, memory and judgment. In this center is concentrated human consciousness. People with hyperactive Ajna have the gift of clairvoyance.
  7. Sahasrara is the center of the unity of the higher «I» with the cosmos. The chakra is located at the top of the head, and is responsible for contemplation, spirituality, harmony and enlightenment. It is never completely blocked, it can only violate the degree of its openness. A well-developed Sahasrara is manifested in the desire to know oneself and the Universe, to believe in the existence of higher powers, and the ability to live in harmony with the outside world. The lack of work of the chakra is indicated by inattention, denial of spirituality and lack of understanding of its purpose. If Sahasrara is not functioning properly, then the other chakras will not be able to develop properly.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Chakra condition test

Self-diagnosis of energy centers is a simple procedure that does not take much time. You only need to answer a series of questions and apply to yourself some statements regarding personal worldview and character traits.

The test for the state of the chakras can be called self-analysis, which requires maximum candor with yourself. It is important to hold it in a calm mood, there should not be distractions nearby, so it is better to retire in a separate room.

If the test results reveal blocked or incorrectly working chakras, do not panic. You can improve their functionality through special practices and meditations. Self-analysis is carried out alternately, starting from the lower chakra.

For convenience, it is recommended to write down your answers and thoughts on a sheet of paper.

The state of Muladhara

Since the root chakra is responsible for the attitude to the material aspects, to determine the degree of its development, you need to ask yourself how important things and money are for you. The opinion that life is built on material values, and without them it is impossible to exist indicates a high activity of the chakra.

Such people strive for financial independence and luxurious life, and try to achieve everything on their own.

People with moderate functionality Muladhara begin to indulge in long arguments. They usually boil down to the fact that material resources carry a certain degree of importance, but for the most part are a tool for achieving higher goals, such as spiritual growth and self-development.

The weak work of Muladhara is manifested in the desire to have a large amount of expensive property, without having the opportunity to pay for it independently. In this case, people get a lot of credits, I have big debts to my family and friends, they don’t know how to manage money rationally. If there is a block in the lower energy center, the person will answer that material benefits are not important to him.

Such persons have no willpower and desire for anything, they are satisfied with what they have.

In the case of a broken work of the root chakra, absentmindedness, inability to plan affairs, lack of daily routine can be traced in the character of a person. The severity, pedantry, strict adherence to the usual schedule and not wanting to deviate from the planned cases indicates the center’s hyperactivity.

The improper functioning of Muladhara at the physical level is expressed in low mobility and nonplasticity of the hip joints, weak stretching of the ligaments on the legs in the thighs.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Diagnosis of Svadzhistana

To check the pleasure center, you need to ask yourself if you like to indulge yourself in entertainment, shopping, treats and other things, and how often do you do it? Owners of the hyperactive chakra do not deny themselves anything, and most of the time is spent for pleasure.

They behave liberally, love to indulge in love joys and often have casual sexual relationships.
If a person constantly controls himself, establishes prohibitions and rarely satisfies his own desires and needs, then his Svadhistana works poorly, or a block is installed on it. As a rule, for such individuals, the intimate component of the relationship is practically not important, and they prefer to avoid it.

If a person does not have excessive desire and desire for pleasure, and he is quite satisfied with their moderate amount, then his chakra functions correctly. For such people, balance is important, they know what they want from life, and are completely satisfied with their position.

Owners of the underdeveloped Svathisthana are not able to fully control the movements of the hips, which is especially noticeable during walking. The hip joints may «throw out», as a result of which the walk seems unsightly and unsure.

Excessively protruding buttocks often point to the lack of sexual energy, which protrudes the lower abdomen.

With a blocked chakra, there is a lack of orgasm in women, rapid ejaculation in men, the impossibility of conceiving a child, stiffness and excessive shyness. In addition, with the consumption of alcoholic beverages, relaxation comes rather quickly, and even after a small amount of people drunk in the morning, they will feel a strong hangover and general malaise.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Manipura Analysis

The improper functioning of the chakra is manifested as follows:

  • a violation of the thermoregulation of the body, a constant feeling of cold and a desire to warm up;
  • low body temperature, which barely increases with colds;
  • tendency to deposition of fatty tissue in the abdomen;
  • the desire to stand out from the crowd at any cost, and to prove their superiority.

About hyperactivity Manipura speaks well developed abdominal muscles and its excessive tension. Diseases of the stomach may also occur. It should be noted that in men, violations of the work of this energy center often occur after they marry.

And usually there is a depression of functions, because of which the previously strong-willed and purposeful guy turns into a submissive subordinate.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Check the status of Anahata

The test for the state of Anahata was invented by the philosopher and doctor Buteyko KP, but initially it was intended to test the viability of people. He is holding his breath for a while.

To do this, you can not get full of light air, and first take a regular breath, then exhale a little and hold your breath. Those who will last more than a minute, have a normally functioning chakra, in the opposite case, we can talk about the presence of violations in its work.

At the physical level, the weakness of the energy center in women is manifested in sagging breasts. Just do not forget about age. This feature is relevant for young girls who have not given birth.

Also, lack of energy is indicated by slouching and deep breathing, in which, in addition to the chest, the abdomen and ribs are activated.

If a person is mostly in a depressive or apathetic state, then his Anahata is blocked or works extremely poorly. Excessive emotionality and an inexhaustible positive charge indicate hyperactivity.

In the latter case, correction of the chakra work is also required, since frequent emotional outbursts can have a negative effect on psychological health.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Determining the development of Vishuddhi

To test the chakra yourself, you need to record your own voice on the recorder, and then analyze it. But it should be noted that the sound recording should be made in a relaxed atmosphere, while communicating with people, for example, friends, colleagues or relatives.

The owners of a strong and loud voice Vishuddha works above the norm. Barely audible, illegible, timid speech indicates a blockage or weak function of the center.

A normal voice is a medium volume, smooth intonation and clear pronunciation of words.

With a properly working chakra, a person can fully express his feelings and emotions, he has a large vocabulary, he easily captures the attention of others, and conveys his opinion to them, convincing everyone that he is right. But the demonstrative behavior, the transition to cry, the entry into disputes speak of hyperactivity of Vishuddhi.

In the case of weakening of the chakra, the lexicon becomes clogged with parasitic words and mats. People become overly talkative, short-tempered, and cease to keep other people’s secrets. There may also be excessive secrecy, tightness, inability to refuse requests, and clearly articulate their own thoughts.

Hyperactivity of Vishuddhi can manifest itself in diseases of the cervical region and muscle overpotential.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Analysis of the work of Ajna

The sixth chakra is responsible for learning, memory, intelligence and attentiveness, so the following test is carried out to check:

  • ask someone to write 5 two-digit numbers on a piece of paper, or use a random number generator;
  • 5 seconds to try to remember the numbers, and then from memory to write them on a separate sheet of paper;
  • more than 3 matches indicate a normal functioning of Ajna, and if one guessed 1-2 figures, the block is likely to exist.

In the event of a weak work of the energy center, instability of the worldview, gullibility and carelessness arise. It also reduces the propensity to analyze the situation, which is often used by scammers.

People with blocked Ajna are easily influenced, believe dubious methods of treatment, become adherents of sects.

Chakra dysfunction can be manifested by frequent brow furrow, in which the forehead is wrinkled, eye muscles are over-stressed and vision problems occur.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

Diagnosing Sahasrara

The higher chakra, also known as the crown, is directly related to the respiratory function. In the absence of violations, the person breathes through the nose, and both nostrils have good permeability. With a weak development of Sahasrara during breathing, the mouth is activated.

But during the diagnosis should take into account the state of health, because the cause of this behavior may be a runny nose.

The inability to set goals and achieve them, to realize their own desires and the lack of desire for development also indicate an insufficient strength of the chakra. Full blocking of Sahasrara is impossible.

The extreme degree of her weakness can be expressed in the absence of a desire to live, suicidal tendencies, attempts to escape from reality, through the consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances. In the end, a person may lose touch with his inner “I”, which is fraught with mental disorders.

Independent verification of the state of the energy chakras

If during the self-check of the state of the chakras problems were found, then it is necessary to immediately take up their restoration. This should be done gradually, carefully “pumping” each chakra.

The effectiveness of work on the normalization of the functioning of energy centers will be manifested in the form of improving health, changing worldviews, achieving success and an inner sense of harmony.

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