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Hyacinth Stone — an overview of its magical and healing power

Stone hyacinth: a beautiful fairy tale with a sad end

Stone hyacinth shrouds mysticism, riddles and magic. There are many beautiful legends regarding the origin of the mineral, and thanks to its magical properties, hyacinth firmly occupies one of the first positions in the list of the most energetically strong minerals.

Hyacinth Stone - an overview of its magical and healing power

Interesting about the stone

The word with the ancient Greek roots «hyacinth» is at the same time the name of the stone and the beautiful spring flower. One is struck by the fact that the plant and the mineral are absolutely not similar to each other in appearance, but apparently in ancient times people believed differently, therefore they gave the stone a similar name.

There is a very beautiful legend about a Spartan boy named Hyacinth. His beauty was just fabulous: she was blinded more than the brightest sun. Hyacinth was the son of the king, Apollo, the god of art, and Zephyr, the god of the south wind, patronized him.

But once a terrible thing happened — there were competitions in which the ancient Greek strongmen competed in the ability to throw a disk and Apollo accidentally wounded his pet with a disk to death. In frustration, God decided to perpetuate the image of a young man forever and turned his blood into amazingly beautiful flowers, which later turned into a beautiful mineral.

Also mention of the hyacinth can be found in the Revelation of John the Theologian: he was in the list of twelve precious minerals from the Bible, which were used to decorate the walls of Heavenly Jerusalem.

Fields, colors and species

Hyacinth belongs to the group of precious minerals. According to its chemical composition, it is zirconium silicate, and to be more precise — one of the varieties of zircon. As for the color variations of the gem, under natural conditions there are yellow, brown, golden, saturated red stones, very reminiscent of the dried blood in appearance.

In some cases, hyacinth is very similar to orange or yellow sapphire, as well as garnet in its color and luster. And if you perform a long heat treatment of the red gem, it will look like a transparent diamond.

It is also very very rare to find stones with blue color, but the probability of finding such a mineral is almost negligible. However, even in ancient times, people came up with a special idea to paint hyacinths in various shades of blue.

Now, thanks to the roasting procedure, the brown stones become sky blue or cornflower blue.

Many jewelers today resort to such tricks in order to sell cheaper options instead of real gems. Therefore, making a purchase of jewelry with a hyacinth, be sure to spend a lot of time carefully checking its authenticity.

Hyacinth can also be found under the name of Liguria, jargon, topaz or yakint.

The stone is characterized by a very high degree of hardness. Due to this, high-quality stepped or brilliant cut is possible.

Hyacinths differ in their refractive index and density — these indicators depend on the place where the mineral was found. Of the main gem deposits, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia and Thailand can be called.

As for the Russian Federation, here hyacinth is mainly found in zircon-ilmenion ores, which are located near Taroy, the most ancient city in the region.

Hyacinth Stone - an overview of its magical and healing power

Magical properties

  1. Since antiquity, people revered hyacinth as a great talisman for merchants, which will help a person become more successful, as well as notice a lie in time and give him wealth.
  2. It is good to wear jewelry with this stone to those who are engaged in creativity, because the gem helps to activate all the talents and abilities of a person.
  3. It is worth refusing to use the stone for single girls — it worsens relations in a pair.
  4. During the Middle Ages, the crystal was associated with wisdom, happiness and stability. Numerous ancient legends say that hyacinth has protected its owners from various epidemics (plague, ulcers and other contagious ailments).
  5. The energy of the stone is so powerful that it affects even the weather conditions! So he is able to prevent thunderstorms and lightning. Since ancient times, travelers have always tried to carry a piece of stone with them because they believed that they would not be denied overnight accommodation.
  6. Hyacinth enhances a person’s desire to learn, as well as enhances intellectual abilities. Thanks to this stone is a symbol of scientists. He will save his owner from melancholy.
  7. Amulets with a stone are advised to wear energy-depleted people during illness, as well as during difficult life periods. But if in life, and so everything is not bad — give up the use of mineral.
  8. In the group of neutral hyacinths entering pale pink and crimson stones. Even lovers can wear them fearlessly. Such gems will add to the relationship of romance and tenderness, as well as life wisdom and frugality.

In no case do not treat the jewelry with hyacinth as your other jewelry. Otherwise, you will encounter drastic mood swings.

For example, if a person suffers from melancholy, he will become more aggressive or sick. To solve your troubles with the help of a mineral, treat it as a doctor and helper.

Healing power

  • According to popular belief, the mineral increases visual acuity, for this reason it is often advised to use to protect yourself from blindness.
  • Hyacinth normalizes sleep, relieves nightmares.
  • Give the person the desired youth for a long time.
  • This beautiful stone has a positive effect on the digestive system and accelerates the healing process of damage.
  • In the Middle Ages, crushed stones were used to heal from many pathologies at once.
  • Hyacinth treats the cardiovascular system.
  • Also, the stone successfully copes with stress, depression and emotional overstrain.

Hyacinth Stone - an overview of its magical and healing power

Hyacinth and Astrology

Most hyacinth is suitable for Capricorns. These people he will give vitality, wisdom, relieve despair.

The described properties of a stone are just very important for Capricorns, because they are prone to similar conditions.

Of the remaining zodiac constellations, Sagittarius and Lions can also safely use the magic power of the stone. He will make them more successful in life (especially in the field of sports and politics), will give excellent health.

Aquarians can also ask for help from a hyacinth. He gives them well-being in his work, helps to find himself.

Astrologers are convinced that the magic of the stone has a positive effect on all the signs of the zodiac. The only moment is a stone of mature people, it is necessary to abandon it in adolescence and young age.

Especially under this ban, stones of a rich bloody hue fall — they can bring tragic love to a person. But if you have already found your soul mate, especially if you are legally married, you can safely use jewelry with hyacinths.

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