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Human energy field: what it is, how polluted

Human energy field: what is, how polluted

The human energy field is a chakra energy system. With the help of the chakras, there is a transformation of cosmic energies into psychic ones, which ensure the psychological activity of a person (expressed by feelings, emotions, images, volitional motivations and actions).

Human energy field: what it is, how polluted

Human aura: its features

In a number of esoteric publications, the thin bodies of a person are described, their shape and structure. What is it?

The aura is formed by several layers (their number will depend on the spiritual development of the person), and they, being united, become one common structure — the energy field.

It is important to correctly understand the true state of things in order to learn how to work with your field, especially with protective purposes. Some people with super powers are able to observe all this with the naked eye — using the so-called “third eye”.

To date, there are devices that make a photo of a person’s aura. On it you can see the total amount of energy, the state of the chakras (balanced or closed), whether or not there are holes in the aura.

The aura of a person is always on the same frequency as the internal energy centers, chakras, as well as the external energy envelope — the biofield. It turns out that the external field of the aura is a projection of consciousness outside, the energy radiation of the field of light.

And by the internal field of the aura — we learn about the state of the chakras and the biofield as a whole.

Energy field and chakras

Chakras are internal energy centers through which a person receives cosmic energy and in which it is stored. In fact, the chakras act as internal energy centers that correspond to the subtle bodies of a person.

The energy of the Cosmos, passing through them, contributes to the replenishment and strengthening of the harmonious energy produced by the higher consciousness. In addition, the chakras stabilize the energy field.

There are 7 chakras in total:

  1. The first chakra (Muladhara) — the area of ​​its location is the base of the spinal column. Responsible for physical health.
  2. Second (Svadhistana) — located in the lower abdomen, correlated with the emotional plan, pleasures, sex, transfer of life.
  3. Third (Manipura) — located in the solar plexus area, the chakra of the etheric plan, is responsible for self-confidence, social status, authority among others.
  4. Fourth (Anahata) — located near the heart, refers to the mental plane. Responsible for love in all its manifestations and senses, emotions.
  5. Fifth (Vishudha) — the location of its location — the throat. This energy center refers to the karmic (volitional) plan. Responsible for communication, self-expression, creativity, suggestion.
  6. Sixth (Ajna) — area between the eyebrows. Acts thereby the notorious «third eye»). Responsible for psychic abilities, intuition, telepathy.
  7. Seventh (Sahasrara) — Located on the top of the head. It is the center of spirituality and enlightenment; divine love is concentrated in this chakra.

Human energy field: what it is, how polluted

How does energy change our lives?

Human reality is directly dependent on the energy emitted by his consciousness. The latter can distinguish into the world around us as disharmonious waves (make people a magnet for problems and difficulties), or harmonious ones (attract positive, peace).

If a person lives in a negatively oriented thinking — he suffers from manifestations of fear, insecurity. All this is bad for his life as a whole.

But it is dangerous and too optimistic perception of reality with an overestimation of its own capabilities. This also leads to failures in the surrounding reality, the cause of which is the excessive release of positive energy.

This is due to the fact that 3 dimension is more adapted to heavy, negative emotions. Positive energy is not highly stable, faced with a denser negative energy of the world, it becomes its opposite.

It is important that the energy envelope of a person radiates positive energy (confidence, calm, which are on the same frequency with the divine consciousness). Then this favorable energy will help purify the heavy energy space of 3 dimensions.

Harmony is a union of light and dark energy, and not their struggle, as many think. After all, in fact, the full existence of one energy is impossible without its opposite.

It is as a result of the mutual addition of negative and positive energies that a harmonious reality is created (the very “golden mean” is achieved).

Energy Vampirism and Donation

You, probably, have noticed that while communicating with some people, you feel lightness, comfort, and with others you cannot just be near for a long time. There are cases of such strong emotional (energy) tension between people that light bulbs begin to burn out …

There are also reverse stories — it was from them that an opinion about love at first sight appeared. This is easily explained if you have information about energy flows and connections that arise during the verbal, that non-verbal communication.

So, when people come into contact, the formation of channels between their biofields, from which energy flows in both directions. With mutual sympathy, the participants in the interaction begin to actively exchange energy.

If there is hatred towards each other, energy flows from both sides. These formed channels persist for a very long period of time — many years, decades, they even move from one life to another.

It turns out that a connection is being created not only between bodies, but also between souls.

Persons whose aura has been polluted by imperfect thinking, despondency and other negative emotions (anger, envy, greed, etc.) cannot get energy from the surrounding reality — their energy channels are clogged, the chakras are in a closed or poorly functioning state.

Human energy field: what it is, how polluted

The negative emotional experiences listed above can penetrate the aura of a healthy person (it looks like a dark energy flow). In such a situation, energy begins to flow away from a person with a healthy aura to the aggressor — energy vampirism begins.

That is why it is so important to protect yourself to the maximum from communication and any interaction with whiners, aggressive, rude people, depressors, who are always on the negative. It is worth saying “goodbye” to them without any regret and stop spending your precious energy on them, breaking your own energy field!

In conclusion

  • The energy field is a chakra system that allows you to fill with cosmic energies and change them for psychic energy.
  • If a person is overcome by negative emotions, his chakras are closed, energy channels are blocked and he cannot receive energy from Space. Begins to vampire others.
  • You can replenish energy by starting to increase your level of awareness, doing meditation and other spiritual practices, as well as ensuring yourself proper nutrition, physical activity, communication with nature.

Finally, a video on the topic:

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