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Human chakras: their meaning, cleansing, opening

Human chakras: meaning, purification, opening

In this article we will tell you what the chakras are responsible for, give a detailed description and meaning of each. This topic will be useful to anyone who wants to work with their own energy, open their minds and know themselves better.

How to see the chakras?

What are chakras, why are they needed and do they exist at all? After all, if the arms, legs, head and other parts of the human body are perfectly visible to the naked eye, then the chakras are something ephemeral.

They can not be seen, touched, measured.

But just as invisible to the human eye radio waves of different frequencies. We use mobile communication, the Internet, radio every day, and we are also not able to see their signals.

In the figure we have shown an analogy between the chakras and the Wi-FI connection:

Human chakras: their meaning, cleansing, opening

Only special devices can catch these very signals. Similarly, with the chakras — to see them, make them real and tangible, special skills and techniques are required.

Chakras and their meaning

Chakras play a huge role in human life. If you imagine a person in the form of an energy structure, then the chakras are the center of this structure. They perform the following functions:

  • absorb and provide the body with the necessary types of energy
  • absorb valuable information from the surrounding space
  • extra, unnecessary, negative energy is discharged into the surrounding space

In short, the most important and main function of the chakras is the implementation of the information-energy exchange of a person with his environment. Side functions — filtering and ordering the incoming energy.

Properly working chakras = healthy energy.

Without energy exchange with the outside world, the physical existence of the human body would be impossible. This explains the existence and meaning of the chakras.

From food, we get only 20% of energy, everything else — thanks to the work of the chakras.

What chakra is responsible for what?

It is important to know where each chakra is located and what it is responsible for. The figure shows schematically:

Human chakras: their meaning, cleansing, opening

  1. In the area of ​​temechka is the seventh chakra sahasrar. Responsible for spirituality, brain work, harmony in all spheres of life. The better developed sahasrara, the closer a person is to God, the more spiritual and unique he is.
  2. In the center of the forehead is the sixth ajna chakra. Responsible for wisdom and memory, consciousness, the ability to feel the condition of other people. If this chakra is developed beyond the norm, a person is able to predict the future, he is highly spiritually developed
  3. In the area of ​​the thyroid gland is the fifth chakra vishudha. They call her throat, she is responsible for the ability of a person to express her thoughts through words. Shows how he is able to defend their beliefs, to prove the point of view
  4. On the center of the chest, at the level of the heart, is the fourth anahata chakra. Responsible for the person’s emotionality and openness. It shows how responsive, sensitive, able to love, be gentle. Responsible for the health of the lungs, heart and other organs located in the chest
  5. In the area of ​​the navel is the third chakra manipura (solar plexus chakra). Responsible for the way the human body transforms, absorbs, accumulates and distributes energy. The more developed the 3rd chakra, the better the intuition of a person. Stabilizes energy shell
  6. In the pubic region is the second chakra Svadhishthana (sexual chakra). Responsible for sexual energy: sensuality, sexual activity, desire, attraction, magnetism. Better developed in women than in men. Men get this energy through women.
  7. And the first chakra Muladhara is located in the crotch area. She is responsible for the entry of energy into the body, as well as for the withdrawal of used remnants of this energy. Defines the character, temperament, psycho-logical type of person. Well developed in men. In women, it is practically not developed, therefore the representatives of the weaker sex should receive the energy of this chakra through men.

Depending on the location, each of the chakras «supervises» the work of certain internal organs. Therefore, in the event of a health problem, it is easy to determine which of the chakras is “tinkering” and requires purification.

Human chakras: their meaning, cleansing, opening

How to open the chakras?

It is not enough to know what a person’s chakras are, to understand their meaning. It is important to be able to make the opening of the chakras, which you have «inhibit».

Working with the energy field can give colossal results.

There are several proven ways to open the chakras. It is desirable to perform them in the complex, then the efficiency will be higher.

Realization of aspirations

Everything is very simple: to start the process of chakra opening automatically, you need to learn how to set high goals. This is the first and very powerful impetus to the development of your life potential.

Therefore, we take a piece of paper, a pen and write a list of 100 goals. The first 20-30 is unlikely to be “high”, rather, it will be goals like: “buy a fur coat”, “buy a car”, “pay the mortgage”.

But the last 20, most likely, will already look more global, intangible and interesting.

Implementation of principles

To implement this practice, decide which chakra you will work with. If, for example, it is Swadhisthana, one should follow the principles of this chakra.

She is responsible for honesty, sincerity and openness. You need to cultivate in your character the features of the chakra you want to open.

Self suggestion and meditation

There are many meditative techniques for beginners and professionals. Test everything, determine which one is best for you.

Not immediately, but gradually, you will learn to feel yourself and your body, to direct energy in the right direction.

How to clear chakras?

Esotericists believe this: if a person is sick, he has something very bad in life, it means that some of the chakras are “crammed” and require purification. Let’s talk about the meaning of cleansing the chakras of a person and his ways.

What pollutes your energy channels:

  • negative emotions: rude, abusive speech, quarrels and scandals, rudeness, sarcasm and participation in disputes;
  • negative thoughts: resentment, envy, frustration, anger, and so on;
  • negative actions because of which you do badly to other living beings.

Negative — a powerful destructive agent. The more of it in your life, the more chakras are clogged.

Because of this, the balance of energy gets lost, a shortage is created, and the physical condition of the person suffers.

You can find more information about chakras in this video:

To clear the chakras of accumulated dirt, you must:

  • set a clear goal and go to it
  • eliminate negative from your life: stop yourself being a source of negative, stop communicating with people who spread it
  • do soothing meditations, read mantras
  • to study the special asanas of yoga, which are aimed at cleansing the chakras

It is advisable to consult with a competent esoteric. The theme of the chakras is very thin, if you act incorrectly, you can hurt yourself a lot.

So be careful.

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