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Human chakras: their meaning and location, magical properties

Human chakras: their meaning, location, features

To study the chakras of a person their value is in order to better understand their soul, to understand the causes of most problems with health and life. Also, knowledge of the location of energy centers is necessary for many spiritual practices.

Reflection in the human subtle body

What the chakras look like is impossible to recognize with ordinary eyes. Only people with certain abilities will be able to see the color and visual image of your energy centers.

According to psychics, chakras or padmas look like bright multicolored swirls of a round shape with different brightness and “behavior”. Consider the location of the chakras can be in the photo:

Human chakras: their meaning and location, magical properties

The main and most important task of the chakras is to take energy from the surrounding space and deliver it to each center. In the process of «transporting» energy must be converted to the needs and significance of each chakra.

And then this energy fills the person, gives him vitality. If all the padmas are healthy, there are no energy clips, a positive and luminous force will flow through the body.

If there are problems with the chakras, there are various diseases and difficulties begin in life.

According to esoteric teachings, each person has 6 subtle bodies, in addition to the physical. Each of these entities corresponds to a specific chakra:

From the totality of all these subtle bodies, a human aura is formed.

Meaning and location of the chakras

Now you can roughly imagine how the main energy centers are located in the human body. Let’s talk about their meaning in brief.

Human chakras: their meaning and location, magical properties

In the classical teaching of the chakras there is 7. Each region corresponds to specific internal organs, reflects the abilities, talents and potential of the person.

Functions and interpretation of Muladhara:

  • Helps the physical body of a person to survive, to meet the natural needs. Get food for example
  • Display instincts. Modern man has learned to control them, but if the Muladhara chakra does not work correctly, problems begin with self-control.
  • An important function: it gives the person a desire to continue the race, awakens the instincts of reproduction and self-preservation. Thus ensures the life of mankind without extinction
  • Gives energy for physical work: vigor, strength


This chakra is responsible for base pleasures. There is no need to talk about spirituality — this center has a specific goal: to attract a partner, to conceive and give birth to a child.

Svadhisthana combines the flow of male and female energy, it is responsible for the stability of life and the absence of external threats.

This chakra is closer to the spiritual world of man. It is a kind of “bridge” that connects the gross sex centers with the higher, root ones.

Manipura is responsible for the creative abilities and financial well-being of a person, which is achieved through active mental activity.

Manipura teaches to find a balance between the material and the spiritual world.

Love chakra. Responsible for true and unconditional love, which brings a person closer to spirituality.

Not necessarily to the opposite sex — to yourself, others, the world as a whole.

Responsible for conscience and moral principles. This chakra helps to find and maintain a balance between the negative and positive aspects of the human soul.

Teaches a person to be calm, pacified, to look at problem situations from the position of the mind, not emotions.

Chakra interaction with others. Responsible for communication skills.

Inspires creative exploits, fills with positive energy necessary to realize the potential of the individual.

It teaches to search and find extraordinary, creative ideas even in the most banal situations.

Responsible for paranormal abilities: intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and others. This is the “third eye”, which is far from being developed in every person.

This energy center is a kind of receiver: it “catches” divine energy, transforms it to interact with a person and fills his body.

Sahasrara is developed in units. These are usually conscious, enlightened people who regularly practice spiritual practices.

Often developed Sahasrara occurs in individuals deeply religious, detached from the real world.

Watch the video about human chakras and their meaning:

Causes of problems with aura

Due to the malfunctioning of the chakras, various problems may arise. Blocked energy nodes can be expressed in different ways: either a muscle clamp appears in the body, or a person is literally attacked by negative energy with which he is unable to cope.

It is considered that the strongest negative impact on a person is made by the energetic vampirism of those around, damage or the evil eye, even evil spirits attacking his thin body. In fact, the culprit of all the problems most often is the man himself, his internal conflicts, negative attitudes and complexes.

Consequently, the chakras “clog up” precisely negative emotions: fear, dissatisfaction with themselves and life, anger, irritation, anger, hatred, revenge, resentment, scorn, religious fanaticism.

And, on the contrary, “breakdowns” in the chakras cause other emotions: self-doubt and fanatical horror, sexual discomfort, depression, low creative potential, laziness, lack of elementary spirituality.

To cure the chakras, it is first necessary to diagnose to identify problems and their causes. Already then methods of energy recovery and cleaning of energy centers are selected.

But it is better to give into the hands of a competent specialist.

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