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Human chakras — their disclosure and cleaning themselves

Human chakras and their disclosure, and cleaning yourself

Opening and clearing the human chakras is very important for the development of a person’s spiritual potential. Diagnostics, opening and cleaning of energy centers help to make your health strong, life more happy and harmonious.

Purification of human chakras and auras

The purpose of cleansing the chakras is to:

  • normalize the movement of energy flows
  • allow energy to circulate normally along the body
  • eliminate energy stagnation and remove all unnecessary

In order to perform the cleansing of the chakras, you need to concentrate on the inner sensations completely and imagine how the energy flows move inside your body.

Human chakras - their disclosure and cleaning on their own

How to clean the chakras yourself? This procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. Imagine the energy circulating through your body as a stream of warmth and light that moves from top to bottom.
  2. Concentrate on your inner feelings and begin to mentally advance the flow of energy from the bottom up.
  3. You should feel warm in the place where energy moves
  4. If you feel that the stream has stumbled upon some kind of obstacle, then an energy blockage exists in this place. His need to mentally pierce the rays of light and imagine that it is absorbed

Continue the process until you reach the highest chakra located in the center of the forehead.

Cleansing the chakras — removing negative energy

Before you begin to self-cleansing the chakras, it is worth conducting psychological practices that will help get rid of the accumulated emotional stress. Negative emotions provoke the creation of energy blocks.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to clear the mind of all the bad, negative, get rid of negative energy. If this is not done, clearing the chakras will not bring the desired result.

Cleansing the chakras is a person’s willpower to overcome the inner energy blocks. The method is described above in the previous section.

Chakra Diagnosis

Before proceeding to the disclosure of the chakras, it is necessary to diagnose them in order to identify problem areas. A newcomer to bioenergy is unlikely to be able to carry out such a procedure, so it’s best to contact a specialist.

After diagnostics, he will be able to tell how to clear the chakras and get rid of energy blocks.

Human chakras - their disclosure and cleaning on their own

In theory, the diagnostic procedure is as follows:

  1. The specialist puts in front of him a schematic image of the biofield of the human body with marked locations of the chakras
  2. Then he sets up and begins to mentally correlate the visual image of each energy center with a specific point of the body, presenting it as a delicate flower petal
  3. Then the question is asked: “Is this petal healthy?”. The answer should arise in the subconscious — yes or no. After that the control question is asked: “Is this petal sick?”
  4. Depending on what the answer was received: if the “petal” is healthy, the specialist continues to explore the biofield. If it is sick, it is looking for which internal organ corresponds to a point on the body and what is unhealthy chakra responsible for

And after that, the decision is made how to clean the chakras most quickly and efficiently in order to eliminate energy jams and ensure free movement of energy through the body.

The mantra of cleansing all the chakras

Mantra is an ancient and very effective remedy that helps spiritually heal. There are specific mantras aimed specifically at cleansing the chakras and removing energy blocks.

See in the video how to pronounce such mantras:

A little bit about how to do it:

  • The mantra should be read in the favorite pose of the Eastern yogis — in the lotus pose (also called “Oriental”). Cross your legs, sit down, put your hands on your knees. Connect thumb and index finger and point upwards.
  • Tune in to meditate. You should feel comfortable and be as relaxed as possible. Concentrate only on the sensation of energy moving through your body.
  • Mentally imagine the first chakra in the form of a large round spot. Try to imagine that you see it as if from the inside, and not from the outside.
  • Feel the pulse beating, and around — complete silence, which is not disturbed by any sound.
  • Begin to read the mantra

Repeat the manipulations for each chakra in turn.

Chakra opening

If you find that some chakra is not working at full strength, you need to open it. Working with energy centers yields tremendous results — new opportunities appear in life, and you become full of strength and energy.

The most common ways you can practice yourself are as follows:

  1. We set high goals. This method is called «realization of aspirations». You need to take a piece of paper, a pen and write down 100 goals. The first that will come to mind. It is believed that the first 20-30 goals are not high. Particularly noteworthy are those that you write at the end — the last 20
  2. Practice chakra principles. Choose a chakra for work — and begin to realize in life those qualities for which it is responsible. For example, openness, honesty, sincerity
  3. Meditation and autotraining. Self-hypnosis has great power and helps to open the chakras. No less effective in this spiritual practice, meditation. It is worth finding an experienced mentor who will correctly select the methods that are suitable for you.
  4. And most importantly — watch what emotions prevail in your life. Resentment, pride, hatred, anger, the desire to argue and criticize — all this has a negative impact on energy centers. Joy, humility, kindness and positive help the chakras to open.

And notice what kind of people are around you. Envious, detractors, enemies, whiners, critics?

Rid your life of them — you should communicate with positive, joyful, kind, purposeful and successful people. Choose for your environment those for whom you will strive, and those who are an example for you.

This also has a positive effect on the opening and cleaning of the chakras.

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