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Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

What are chakras and why should they be opened? Human energy centers and their disclosure are very important for human energy health.

Because it directly affects physical health, as well as spiritual development, social life and almost all spheres of human life.

Briefly tell about each chakra and teach basic practices, techniques, allowing them to open.

Why do you need to open the chakras?

A person has 7 major energy centers. Their schematic arrangement is shown in the figure.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

To understand what is required to open the chakras, you need to know the purpose of each energy center. Briefly describe the meaning of each of them, and when disclosure is necessary.

The first chakra, muladhara

Muladhara teaches to survive. She is responsible for all firstborn instincts: continue the race, protect yourself, eat, get dressed. Muladhara needs to develop in order to be able to communicate with the earth, to feel which places give you energy and which ones take you.

A sign of the imbalance of this chakra is a constant sense of danger. Fear of being hungry, homeless, etc.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

People with unbalanced muladhara stock up on food for several months ahead, are obsessed with security, buy up the most expensive alarms, but at the same time save up to absurdity. Careful work with consciousness, prayer and meditation is needed to calm fear and bring the first chakra in order

Second chakra, swadhisthana

Svadhishtkhana teaches pleasure. It is she who is responsible for the attractiveness, the desire to like the opposite sex, the need for emotions.

And if muladhara teaches to survive, then svadhishthana helps to do it with pleasure.

If there is no balance in the second chakra, the person seeks to receive all the new sharp sensations that will destroy him. He is insatiable in emotion.

This is the case when instead of love — lust, instead of gourmet — gluttony, instead of active rest — the constant search for acute sensation and adrenaline addiction.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

In order to be saved and unveil svadhishthana, one must learn to control pleasures, dive into them and fully enjoy in order to gain satisfaction. Inability to enjoy and leads to disastrous dependence on new sensations.

To uncover and balance this energy center, it is necessary to first understand the problem, and then proceed to meditation.

Third chakra, manipura

Minupura gives strength. Bring conviction and principles.

Responsible for the ability to influence others, to make decisions, to be able to refuse or agree in the right situation. Self-control, discipline, ability to accept restrictions and follow rules.

Hardness and achievement — for all this manipura is responsible.

The opening of the chakras in this case is necessary in order to be protected from aggressiveness, to have developed will and self-control.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

If the chakra is unbalanced, you use your strength too much or, conversely, very weakly. In the first case, you are addicted to victories; you constantly need to assert yourself using aggressive methods.

In the second — constantly experiencing feelings of guilt, do not know how to refuse, ingratiate and adapt to others.

Manipura disclosure is necessary to come to balance and be realized in life.

Fourth Chakra, Anahata

Anahata asks for love. Responsible for the feeling of unity with the world, the ability to love, while controlling the mind.

If the chakra is open and balanced, you will always achieve your goals, find material and spiritual balance.

Anahata is unbalanced in sentimental people who can easily break their heart. Disorder with anahata and in the event that a person seeks only to give or only receive in love.

Or when any for him is a need, when a person is looking for love in others, forgetting that it should be its source.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

Remember that even if 100 people tell you that they love you, you will not be satisfied if there is no love inside you.

For the study of anahata, meditations on chakras are also used. But this is not the only way.

You need to start with the ability to love yourself, to receive and give love in the same way.

Fifth chakra, vishuddha

Vishuddha says: build. Teaches creativity, reveals the potential of the individual.

And creativity in this context is not artistic, musical, or other abilities. This refers to the love of work, the ability to bring something new into it, to make a discovery.

Even if you are a machinist.

Well opened and developed vishuddha allows you to tell the world about your “I”, to express yourself. But this is impossible to do if a person does not realize and does not recognize his own uniqueness.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

If the fifth chakra is not opened enough, energy stagnates. This is very detrimental to the potential of the individual. A person becomes anxious, nervous, uncontrolled, he wastes energy.

This is the case when you agree with your mother, who sends you to study as an engineer, when you wanted to become a psychologist. You indulge the desires of others who control you, and not your own (as regards the purpose, profession).

If you reveal vishuddha, inspiration will appear, you will begin to have a sense of illumination, you learn to benefit the outside world and you can express yourself in anything. A lot of thoughts, ideas — it remains only to grasp at one thing.

Sixth chakra, ajna

Ajna shows that magic exists. Responsible for creativity, the ability to see God, the presence of spiritual will.

Developed ajna in a person helps him never to agree with the gray reality.

If the sixth chakra is unbalanced, a person has a desire to dream, go into the world of dreams, in order to reach the top in his own virtual reality. A person ceases to pay attention to the material world in this case.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

The task of opening the sixth chakra is to discipline the spiritual will, to teach to be realized in the material world, and not just to dream about success in your own mind. With a good disclosure of ajna, a person is able to control reality, to desire and achieve what he wants, he is able to direct creative energy in the right direction.

Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara

This is pure spirituality. The embodiment of cosmic energy.

The balance of the seventh chakra and its disclosure allows you to always hear God within yourself. Because of this, a person always has a clean source of correct answers.

He sees his true path.

The imbalance of the seventh chakra is detrimental to the human mind and can even bring to a psychiatric hospital.

Human chakras and their disclosure: 5 working methods

Meditating on the opening of the chakras is useless in this case: in order to balance and open the sahasrara completely, you must first achieve the balance of all other energy centers of a person.

How to open them?

Deep work with energy centers is possible only under the guidance of a competent and experienced esoteric specialist. Because there are practices that, if used improperly, can be quite dangerous.

Video about human energy centers and how to open them:

But there are simple techniques that will help to slightly open the spell without harm to the energy envelope of a person. We list them:

  1. Meditative techniques: for example, meditative music revealing centers and uplifting, along with reading mantras, are able to perfectly reveal the necessary energy centers
  2. Strengthening and realization of aspirations. It is necessary to clearly define the goals: which energy center you need to open, why you need it, and what you want to get in the end. Set high goals. As soon as you do this, the chakras will automatically «turn on» in the process of disclosure.
  3. The implementation of the principles of a particular chakra. For example, if the principle of anahata is love, cultivate this quality in yourself. Start with love for yourself, learn to receive and give love, fill your life with it
  4. Self suggestion. A powerful esoteric technique that helps to “ignite” the power of a particular chakra, strengthening it. For this you need to mentally «take» the flow of energy, presenting it in the form of a large fireball. Then, also mentally, direct this ball to the required energy center, as if pumping it
  5. And the last way is to unlock and clean the power centers. Conducted under the guidance of an experienced mentor or spiritual healer

These are the easiest ways that are available to everyone. You can practice them yourself.

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