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How to turn a bracelet into an amulet: three recipes of happiness

How to turn a bracelet into an amulet: three recipes of happiness

Any of your favorite bracelet can be not only a beautiful decoration, but also an extremely useful thing — an amulet. The rituals mentioned in our article will help you to awaken in a normal decoration a positive protective energy.

Ritual to awaken the energy of the amulet

In order for even the most ordinary bracelet to become an effective and powerful amulet, it is necessary to carry out a simple ritual. Your decoration is imbued with the energy of the four elements, thereby starting to transmit to you a part of the higher and immense energy. It is best to use such bracelets that do not deteriorate with moisture.

Choose for this the appropriate day of the week, when the moon is in its strong position, o there is in the constellation Taurus or Cancer. You can find out about it in the lunar calendar.

Earth energy: for a start, a bracelet gives energy to the earth. It is advisable to do it in nature. A piece of paper in which it will be possible to wrap your bracelet, paint in blue or gold color.

You can also use ready-made colored paper. Wrap the bracelet in it. Next, you need to make a small hole and bury your jewelry in it.

Step over the embankment three times, asking the land for permission for its strength. Do not forget where he was buried, and after three days return for him.

Earth is very resistant to negative energy effects. Therefore, it will give your future amulet the qualities of a charm.

Water energy: The second element that will give your bracelet special powers is water. Pour into a glass of clean water, preferably natural. This may be rainwater or water from underground sources. Also ask permission for your actions three times and drop your bracelet there.

It must be left in a secluded place and not disturbed for three days. Then you can get it, thank the water and pour it into the flower.

Water has cleansing properties. This stage is extremely important because it will remove any possible damage and other effects of negative forces. If your bracelet will deteriorate from a long stay in water, put it close, but as close as possible.

Fire energy: the amulet further bestows the power of fire. For this part of the ritual, you will need any ordinary candle, but not a church one. Light it and carry your decoration over it three times.

Be sure to ask for permission to create an amulet. Having done all this, very gently put out the candle: blow it three times, so that it goes out only on your third exhalation.

The fire will give your amulet the ability to actively and very effectively protect you. This element carries with it a somewhat aggressive beginning, which will, if absolutely necessary, be directed at enemies.

Air energy: it now remains to literally breathe life into your bracelet. Therefore, take it in your hands and blow out all the air with all your might. Repeat this process two more times. Now you have endowed your amulet with the ability to help you relive problems and troubles more easily.

If a curse or damage is sent to you, having such an amulet, you will reduce the consequences of them. Also against the damage you can use the advice of clairvoyant Regina Fedorenko.

Amulet charged by the energetics of the Sun

For such a ritual any bracelet will suit perfectly. The main quality and benefit of such an amulet lies in the fact that it endows its owner with luck. Moreover, the strength of other amulets and stones will increase, if you choose them by horoscope. You will need gold jewelry with a ruby, diamond or amber stones.

It can be earrings, chains and bracelets — not so important. The more you collect them, the better. Spread them around and place your future amulet in the center. Choose a place that the sun is very well lit.

Of course, this also requires a sunny day, the best of all is Sunday. Put also three candles with a triangle with a crown in the opposite direction from you. So before sunset your amulet will be charged with positive energy. For example, this rite is very good for an amulet so popular today as a red thread.

He will not only protect you, but also give you happiness.

Amulet charged with the energy of the Moon

For the ritual you will need a mirror and a saucer with water. In this case, it is desirable to pre-charge the water with silver during the day, putting there something silver. Wear something gray and wear silver jewelry if you have them. For this ceremony, it is important that the street was already dark and the stars were visible.

Put two candles on the sides in front of the mirror and light them. Next, in front of you, place the ready water and place the next amulet next to it. Whisper on water: «The water is strong, the water is fast, protect me from harm!», repeating the plot three times.

Spray the amulet with such water three times, quickly extinguish the candles and leave everything as it is until morning.

You can not only charge the necessary bracelet with the necessary energy, but also make a charged amulet with your own hands. Self-made talismans are extremely powerful in attracting happiness, well-being and success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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