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How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

Many cultures and religious trends of the world use the techniques of nodular magic, as a powerful talisman. Due to the influence of Kabbalists, today the red thread can be seen on the left wrist of many, especially the amulet for artists.

If you also decide to use an old talisman, it is important to know how to tie the thread correctly, on which hand to wear, what prayer to read during the ritual.

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

Where did the tradition of the red thread come from?

The popularizers of the ceremony of tying the wrist with a red thread are considered to be the followers of the ancient trend in Judaism called Kabbalah. Adherents of the doctrine, generously flavored with philosophical mysticism, consider it a special science, allowing to find the meaning of life, to find spiritual comfort.

The unusual carnival ritual is associated with the legend of Rachel, who is considered to be the ancestor of the Jewish race. The red thread wrapped around her tomb 7 times and was supposed to be a defense against the evil eye and illnesses and negative energy.

Not only Jews, but also representatives of other nationalities adhered to the nodular tradition associated with tying the red string:

  • Slavs associated the guardian with the power of the sun and the wisdom of animals, a protective barrier against evil spirits;
  • according to the Gypsy beliefs, the Gypsy barons were beaming with a shining talisman, and the thread was part of Saint Sarah’s shawl;
  • the Germans endow the filial talisman on the wrist with the healing ability bestowed on the mother of the Nevehege gods;
  • According to the traditions of the North American Indians, the knot amulet saved from many troubles, protected from diseases.

Interestingly, in China there is a belief about an invisible red thread, with which fate binds two people destined to each other. Neither time nor circumstance can break this connection, and the thread will never break, it can only stretch out.

How to choose the material for the guardian

Not every string can be used as a guarding talisman. Before you tie the thread on your hand, you need to know the rules of its manufacture. The decoration acquires protective properties under the following conditions:

  • the magic attribute is made of natural fiber, only from natural wool can you expect a beneficial effect;
  • the color of the string must be red, for any manifestation of evil it will be a signal of danger;
  • the amulet cannot be bought, paying with money, only the presented thing has protective abilities.

Kabbalists are confident that the bracelet made in Jerusalem has a special power, protecting the wearer not only from the influence of bad people, but also from the attack of supernatural beings. Moreover, the amulet should be worn on the left wrist, because evil is introduced into a person through the left side, and a correctly tied red thread becomes a protective barrier against the invasion of the negative from the outside.

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

How to tie a knot bracelet

To keep the amulet from losing its magical power, you cannot tie it to yourself. Carrying out the ritual should be entrusted to someone from very close people, whose thoughts about the carrier of the talisman are negative.

Usually, the sacrament is entrusted to the mother, for she wants her child only good.

Rules of ritual mission

You can wear a red woolen thread on your wrist to any person, regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation. So that the bracelet on the hand does not catch the eye, it is covered with a watch strap. But you can not decorate the charm with anything, otherwise it will turn into jewelry.

To protect the amulet from the influence of negative energy, you need to properly conduct a ritual.

  1. Buy a skein of wool thread, ideally for the purchase better to go to Jerusalem. If it is impossible to do this, you need to buy a guardian material with pure thoughts and faith in its protective action.
  2. Until the amulet is made, no one can be shown to anyone, much less talk about his intentions. The yarn should be sanctified, otherwise it will not be possible to obtain magical protection from damage and the evil eye.
  3. The wrist is tied with a thread only once, the ends of the bracelet are knotted. There should be only 7 knots, the setting of each is accompanied by a special prayer.
  4. The one who ties the knots and reads the prayer 7 times should wish the person well. The one who is tied with a thread should mentally imagine what he is asking for protection from, what he needs.

Having built a protective bracelet, you need to leave the small ends of the threads, too long yarn can be cut. It is important to remember that in no case it is impossible to throw away the cut threads, they need to be wrapped in something and hidden away.

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

How does the magic protection

  • The loss of the talisman can be attributed to good signs. The lost thread managed to fulfill its function of protecting against the evil eye and negative energy, so the amulet left the owner.
  • The tattered state of the amulet indicates the regularity of the energetic attack against the owner of the thread. The powerful negative impact of the ill-wisher is manifested by the rapid wear of the amulet.
  • If the bracelet suddenly broke, it means that he defended his master from great disaster. It is necessary to quickly decorate the wrist with a new red thread, and thank the old one, dipping it in holy water. Then the string is burned so that the fire destroys the energy of the negative.

Parents often ask if it is possible to protect a child from the evil eye with a magic attribute. The world around is full of not only good, but also envious people, and the baby’s energy has not yet been fully formed, making him helpless before an unkind eye.

The mother should bind the amulet to the child with a belief in the protective forces of the amulet and its harmlessness to the baby.

What prayers to read during the ritual

To begin a magical act follows the reading of the prayer of our Father. The Orthodox text should be read with feeling in front of the flame of a spiritual candle, and the thread itself should be held briefly in the holy water. Magicians and sorcerers have several variants of conspiracies on the red thread.

But the strongest is considered to be a kabbalistic ritual, accompanied by the reading of traditional prayer books — Ben Porat Yosef or Ana Bekoah.

Adherents of the Jewish faith tie a protecting amulet in accordance with the kabalistic tradition. The main task of the action is the obligatory seven knots, because each of them symbolizes one of the 7 days of the week.

The action of the amulet is calculated for such a time, another option is unacceptable.

Prayer Ben Porat Yosef is allowed to be pronounced both in the original language and in the Russian version. The main condition is to recite a prayer for each knot, in total there will be 7 repetitions. The text of the Jewish spell in Russian translation is as follows:

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

For the plot, you can also use another prayer text called Ana Bekoah, consisting of 7 short prayers. This more universal version of the prayer book, which provides general protection, is allowed to be read both in the original words of the Russian transcription and in the interpretation translated into Russian.

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

The sacred text has a small secret: each line is read over each of the 7 knots tied like a prayer. The eighth row completes the ritual, it is pronounced when all seven knots are made on the protective thread, and it is put on the wrist of a person for whom it becomes an invisible barrier from the attack of evil forces.

It is important to note that the Orthodox Church does not recognize the magical rite of wearing the red thread. With a kabalistic attribute on hand, they will not be allowed into the church, but you cannot remove the bracelet, otherwise its power will be lost.

However, with the acquisition of the amulet of popularity, there were options for prayer texts, which are attributed to the Orthodox traditions. For example, the Orthodox prayer is quite suitable for the ceremony of tying knots:

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

Bracelet Magic Enhancement Ritual

Modern magicians, exposed to a constant external negative, are advised to increase the effect of the protective amulet so that it lasts for three months. The duration of the charm on the wrist, conspired according to Jewish tradition, lasts only a month. How to perform a strengthening rite:

  • conduct a ritual in private, so that there is no one in the apartment, choosing a period in the range of 12-15 lunar days;
  • light up three candles prepared in advance (wax), three times over their fire to hold the hand with the red thread trapped in a fist, moving clockwise;
  • conspire over the fire of each candle, then tie three knots so that one is in the center, and the other two are located at each end of the string.

What words need to be pronounced:

How to tie a red thread on your wrist: 7 prayers for each knot

The popularity of the red thread, worn on the wrist, is associated not only with the mechanism of protection against the evil eye. Such a bracelet helps the owner of the talisman to gain prudence, control emotions, so as not to harm himself and his close environment.

Special rituals of the red thread are started to attract money, fulfill secret desires, get rid of ailments. However, without faith in the magical powers of the amulet, he will not help his owner.

Interestingly, the influence of the red thread on the fate depends on which hand to determine it. If the magic amulet on the left wrist protects against negative, then the magic thread on the right hand helps to attract wealth, gaining confidence.

The tradition of wearing a knotted bracelet borrowed from Kabbalah. But what the doctrine itself is is completely unknown even to the Kabbalists themselves, since the information is available only to the select few.

The doctrine gained wide popularity thanks to the famous singer Madonna, following the mystical practices of the esoteric trend, she became a staunch popularizer of wearing a wrist mascot. The red thread the actress considers the cause of his tremendous success on the stage and appeasement in life.

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