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How to tie a red thread from Jerusalem

How to tie a red thread from Jerusalem

Relatives brought a gift of red thread from Jerusalem. To celebrate, she tied her wrist, but it did not work.

A friend who returned from Israel told me what the reason was, after which the red thread brought from a trip to Israel became a real talisman for me. I will tell her story, what useful properties she has in herself, how to tie a red thread from Jerusalem and what to do when she fell into disrepair.

Jerusalem’s red thread, consecrated next to the coffin of Rachel, is considered one of the most powerful amulets and lucky charms. Red thread can be found on the hand of celebrities and avid travelers.

But there are special rules for tying this strongest spiritual accessory — otherwise it will turn into an ordinary red thread that settles on your hand.

How to tie a red thread from Jerusalem

What is the power of jerusalem thread

The red thread is a talisman that is indifferent to the borders between states, the differences between religions and confessions. She gives help and protection to everyone who donned and believed in her power.

  • Protection against the evil eye and damage.

An inconspicuous red thread will protect you and your loved ones from evil sights, help you cope with someone else’s envy, anger, and give protection from dark forces and the effects of magic.

  • Protection against negative energy.

Provides protection from the effects on energy, the impact of adverse biofield and energy devastation.

  • Help in the realization of the most secret desire.

The wish made at the time of tying the red thread will come true, but gradually. Do not miss the opportunity, presented by fate, and everything will happen.

Why red thread from wool

How to tie a red thread from Jerusalem

Different nations in their own way explain the use of exactly the thread of red color.

Kabbalists are sure that the red thread was wrapped around the coffin of Rachel — the Israeli mother of mothers, the mother of the world, who dedicated her life to saving people. According to legend, Rachel weaved a thread designed to protect and save her own children throughout their lives.

Due to the continuous exhausting work of the woman’s fingers were pounded into the blood, and the thread received a red color.

Red is considered the strongest in the palette. He personifies life energy, warmth and continuous development.

Belonging to aggressive Mars balances negative and positive effects, giving protection from negative energy and the evil eye.

Slavic mythology associated the use of red thread with the pagan goddess Lada, the patroness of beauty and happiness. She brought help with illnesses and gave family well-being. Our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, tied a red thread on the left wrist as a talisman from bad energy, evil eyes.

Tying knots, they recited spells and inserted magical herbs into them.

Red thread: the secret of power

The power of the red thread comes from a special ritual of consecration, and only the woolen red threads charged during the sacrament near the tomb of Rachel.

Few clerics in Israel have permission to conduct such a ritual. Complicates the situation and the location of the coffin in an unstable area of ​​Jerusalem, where tourists are practically unreal, and clergymen appear there only accompanied by guards.

How to tie a red thread

How to tie a red thread from Jerusalem

Remember a few simple rules that will allow the red thread to not become an ordinary trinket.

  • The accessory should be purchased independently, not even a gift from friends and relatives (there will be no sense).
  • The thread should be cut with a ceramic knife, not with iron scissors.
  • It can be tied to the left and right hands, but it is believed that a stronger effect is expected on the left wrist. Tied to the right hand, it will give protection from the disease, help with luck and love affairs.
  • You should tie a thread to a close, loving person (it’s better for a mother to find no one for this role). Tying the thread yourself, you make an ordinary ornament out of it that does not carry any magical or spiritual power.
  • It is necessary to tie a thread on 7 strong knots. It is necessary for the one who is tying and the one to whom he is being knotted to read the prayers for each knot.
  • Postpone the process if bad thoughts are in your head, mood is nickname, and in general something annoys you. When tying you should have only positive thoughts.
  • After completing the ritual, give yourself a promise not to feel irritation and not wish evil to people. This will make your life easier and will draw positive energy into it.

What to do if the thread has become unusable

Lifetime has every thing, even so magically strong. A thread can stretch and tear, knots tied at the very beginning of socks can be untied.

No need to panic and look for all bad omens — everything can be much simpler:

  • The long period of wearing affected the condition of the thread, the fibers became not so strong and worn out.
  • The load on the amulet was too great. He completed his task by protecting you. Moor did his job, as they say …

Thread loose or loose

Do not rush to remove and untie the thread with his own hands. The fact that the thread began to weaken or untie, means that the charm is working, carrying out his plan.

Follow the talisman, do not lose by chance. If the thread completely untie or fly off your hand yourself, you should not tie it again — destroy it.

Read on for how to do this.

What to do if the thread broke

Just throw such an amulet impossible. Since the red thread has fulfilled its vital purpose, there is no more positive energy in it, and a part of the owner’s energy is still present, it needs to be eliminated physically and energetically. You can bury such a thing somewhere far away from people, but a thread that is deep in the ground can negatively affect yourself.

It is best to choose burning — always on an open fire, so that all negative things are blown away by the wind.

Summing up

The red thread, consecrated by a secret ritual in Jerusalem, has amazing properties, manifesting only if all the rules for setting a woolen amulet are observed. Follow them, and the red thread will give you protection and fulfillment of cherished desires.

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