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How to tie a knot for good luck: create a charm with your own hands

How to tie a knot for good luck: create a charm with your own hands

Nodular magic was used by our ancestors to protect and gain luck. In the modern world, many have forgotten about such a simple but effective talisman that can be easily created with your own hands.

Nodes carry a secret meaning, connect a person with the outside world, serve as amulets and talismans that protect against all kinds of negatives. What is important is not only the knot itself, but also the thoughts with which it is tied. No wonder things made by hand, carry a powerful stream of energy.

Many esotericists recommend weaving patterns and decorating them at home, while mentally sending a signal to the nodules to protect against any evil.

The Feng Shui teachings also often feature nodules, which are the strongest amulets. The technique of tying knots can be any: from simple to complex. The patterns that you weave are of great importance.

You give away a part of your energy, which begins to interact with space, and the outcome of your business depends on what thoughts you have started with weaving.

A lucky knot: a charm from diseases

Practitioners believe that the disease is an energy hole in the human biofield that needs to be addressed. To avoid frequent diseases, it is necessary to strengthen the biofield, and you can also make a charm-nodule that will help to “tie” the disease.

Use natural wool of green or yellow color. Tying the knot is necessary at the site of the “disease”: around the finger, throat, and foot. If the place is not available for tying, the thread is wrapped around the waist and the knot is tied at the navel.

This manipulation must be carried out, mentally or aloud, saying that you want to get rid of the disease.

Lace knot for good luck

Make yourself a personal amulet that will attract good luck in your life. To do this, take a long woolen thread, tie nine knots on it, each providing a mental commentary on the success of the tasks that you have to do. Keep the lace at home until all you need is fulfilled.

If you need to get rid of the negativity, tie the knots, pronouncing all the evils that you want to drive out of your life. Then bury the lace near the house.

Knots for good luck and prosperity

The thread should be from natural wool and of sufficient length so that after tying the knots it can be used as a bracelet on the wrist. Red color is responsible for health and love, black will relieve from problems, and white will attract good luck. You can use all the threads at once, interlacing them together. Tie knots, mentally or aloud, talking about what you want.

You can tie any number of knots, as long as it is not even. The resulting charm is worn without removing.

Guarded good luck, which will help get rid of health problems, you can fix at home, at the front door. Charm, eliminating the problems — to bury or burn, if you need a quick result. Amulet of luck can be provided with bright beads that will attract well-being and prosperity to you.

You can tie a knot for good luck on the orange thread, which will carry positive energy into your life. For this you need privacy. Focus on what you need.

If something disturbs you or you are afraid to admit a blunder in an important matter, then tie a bundle, mentally asking the fractious Fortune to help you. Such a talisman must be carried everywhere with you. You can put it in your wallet, in your pocket or put it on your hand like a bracelet.

Do not tell anyone that you have conceived so as not to frighten luck away.

Tying knots is important in a good mood and without negative thoughts. If you are confident in your own luck and strength, then you will certainly succeed in creating a strong amulet for all occasions. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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