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How to talk a pin against the evil eye and damage: create a charm with your own hands

How to talk a pin against the evil eye and damage: create a charm with your own hands

In the modern world, we are often subjected to negative influences. Protect from the evil eye or damage will help the usual pin, which can be spoken in a simple way.

Despite the development of technologies and numerous changes in the world, no one has canceled the possibility of the energy impact on our biofield. Even if a person does not believe in the existence of the evil eye, damage, love spells, this does not mean that they will not act on him.

Negative impacts will always be, and often they come from people close to us. Mostly this happens unintentionally: it is just that someone in your surroundings who will envy you. And if this person’s energy turns out to be stronger than yours, then his emotional message will attract trouble and all kinds of negative things to you.

That is what was called before the damage or the evil eye. And many rituals were performed intentionally to harm a certain person.

How to determine what is your evil eye

As a rule, after targeting damage, a person’s life begins to change dramatically for the worse. This is reflected in all areas. He may suddenly feel bad and literally fade before his eyes, or he will suddenly find a serious illness. Personal life can also be destroyed, and at work will start to happen trouble, which will lead to dismissal.

All of these situations suggest that a person was damaged or jinxed. You can learn more about the signs of damage on our website.

Plot on spoiling pin

The pin since ancient times was considered one of the most effective subjects of protection. The thing is that it does not take up much space, and it can be imperceptibly pinned to clothes. No wonder there is a tradition to pin a pin on the wedding dresses of the bride and groom to ward off the evil eye and any negative influence.

A pin can serve both as a subject with which to harm another person, and as a talisman. There are cases when it was stuck in the joint, or put under the threshold, so as not to let in the negative into your house.

For the pin to serve as a protective amulet, it is enough to carry out a simple ritual and charge it with your intention. But in this case it is necessary to monitor the level of your energy field, since the pin will take power from it. And if your energy is weakened, the charm will also lose its protective properties.

This ritual is performed on the growing moon. Buy a new pin in the store and before starting a conspiracy, clean it from foreign energy. To do this, put it in salt water for a day.

After clearing the pin will be ready to receive the necessary information. You will also need a small white candle.

Spend the ritual in the evening alone. Stand near the window, take the burning candle in your right hand, and the pin in the left and whisper the following phrase three times: “With the power of the growing moon I call upon my Guardian Angels for help. As at birth, I was rewarded with High Defenders, so I assign this pin as my personal keeper from all the negativity sent in my direction.

May all evil thoughts be shattered in the dust about my protection or return to the one who sent them to my detriment. This pin will protect me as long as I live, wherever I am and whatever I do. I confirm all my words with fire and moonlight.

No one to step over this defense. Amen».

After that, leave a pin at night near the window and put out the candle. The next morning, your personal amulet will begin its work. You can attach it to clothes or carry in your pocket, bag, wallet, keychain.

Here everything depends on your decision. But try not to touch the pin to anyone else, otherwise its protective properties may be reduced.

Such a pin will serve you for a long time faithfully, but if you want to further improve your financial situation, then in this case it is better to make a separate monetary talisman that will work purposefully. Love yourself trust the universe and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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