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How to read and listen to mantra?

How to listen and read mantras?

A mantra is a sacred text that is used in meditations to achieve certain goals. If you want to learn how to properly read and listen to mantras, read this article.

How to read and listen to mantra?

What is a mantra and how does it work?

Mantras are not just a collection of words. Each sound is filled with positive vibrations that can drastically affect the internal state of a person.

As a result, the surrounding reality changes with the variable of the internal state. Therefore, mantras are an important part of spiritual practices and enlightening meditations.

Mantras came into our life from Buddhist teachings. While reading the mantras with refrain, the sacred words that carry positive energy are repeated.

They help to set themselves up in the desired fashion, send the right requests to the Universe, thanks to which the desired changes occur.

How to read and listen to mantra?

It is very important to tune in to a certain state during the reading of mantras, to choose the right text, to choose the right time and place. Let’s talk about how to properly listen to mantras, read them so that the manipulations performed work.

The basic principles of reading mantras

It is important not to confuse mantras with prayers. In some ways they are similar, but they are read in absolutely different ways. The main rules for reading mantras are as follows:

  1. Watch for accurate sound reproduction. Every word, every sound will affect your life. Therefore, it is necessary to reproduce the mantra with maximum accuracy and only in Sanskrit language.
  2. When pronouncing the most important sound «om» you need to create a vibration on the letter «m». To succeed, it must be pronounced during exhalation, directing the breath from the mouth to the lower abdomen.
  3. There is a certain number of times to repeat the mantra. It is allowed to read the mantra 3, 9, 18, 27 or 108 times. Moreover, the 108-time repetition is the most effective and significant. You can repeat the desired sound more times, but make sure that the number of repetitions is a multiple of 9
  4. To count the number of repetitions, you can use your fingers (bend during each repetition). But beads are much better suited for this purpose. They help not only not to lose count, but also to relax and enter a meditative state.
  5. One meditation is one mantra. Do not use several mantras at once. It is better to work one more deeply than a few
  6. Use mantra need with pure intentions. Their goal is to bring good, not harm. Therefore, use sacred texts only to benefit yourself and others, and not for mercenary purposes.
  7. You can choose any time for reading mantras. But make sure your emotional state is positive. When you are upset, angry, offended, refrain from meditations. Wait until you become calm, peaceful, joyful and grateful.

In addition to these general rules, there are more specific ones that relate to the correct technique of reading mantras.

Control of breath, mind and body

In order to benefit from reading mantras, you need to follow three important aspects:

  • Learn to breathe properly while working with mantras
  • To be able to control the mind, tune it to the desired wave, abstract from unnecessary thoughts and stop negative
  • Follow the relaxation of the physical shell — the body. Voltage is always an obstacle before the desired result.

Therefore, the mantra should be read while in a state of meditation. It is best to do it lying down, only in this position you can relax as much as possible.

It is possible that the first attempts to master the reading of mantras will end up falling asleep. This is not scary and quite predictable — you have not yet learned how to control your mind well.

Repeat attempts, and sooner or later they will be crowned with success.

How to read and listen to mantra?

Before you begin to practice, memorize the mantra. The easiest way to do this is if you sing the sacred text on a calm, measured motive.

Use mantra texts from trusted sources, train the correct pronunciation of sounds — the final result will depend on it.

How to listen to the mantra

Perhaps learning mantras you decide to start not with reading, but with listening to sacred texts. It is easier. But also there are certain rules that must be followed:

  • Breathing while listening should be calm, muscles throughout the body — relaxed. This is necessary to avoid squeezing the internal channels through which energy moves.
  • You can play mantras not only at home, but also on the road. But it is better to do it all the same at home and alone, when nothing and no one interferes, and the situation around you will be quiet and calm.
  • If you fall asleep while listening to the mantra, do not worry. Such a dream has healing power and is good for the body.
  • The number of repetitions of the mantra, as well as when reading, must be a multiple of 9 or equal to 108
  • It would be nice if during your listening you mentally repeat the text of the mantra.

Watch the video on how to properly listen to the mantra:

The effect of listening is not as strong as reading. But then it will be easier for you to memorize and correctly reproduce the texts.

When used properly, listening and reading mantras will be of tremendous benefit. You will learn how to solve many problems, achieve harmony with yourself, improve relationships with others, be able to better understand what is happening around you, set yourself up in the right way.

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