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How to make a strong charm for the whole family: Helen Yasevich’s advice

How to make a strong charm for the whole family: Helen Yasevich’s advice

At all times, people tried by all means to protect their family. Elena Yasevich, a famous psychic, told how to do it.

Useful properties of cereals can be used not only for their health, but also to create a strong amulet. Our ancestors were able to appreciate the gifts of nature and use them for their own benefit, so even in the modern world you can take advantage of their unusual properties.

Strong amulet for the whole family

According to the psychic, any croup has a special structure capable of absorbing words and emotions. Our ancestors, even when preparing porridges, spoke to them so that the family had no place for illnesses and misfortunes. Cooked with love, such porridge had a powerful positive energy.

For the preparation of a talisman is important attitude. Do not start making if you are worried or upset about something. Prepare a handful of rice and buckwheat, put them in a frying pan without adding oil and heat slightly. Do not fry the cereal for a long time, otherwise it will burn and will not carry any value.

Let the croup cool, and at this time lay a small piece of cloth on the table. Flax or cotton is best for a talisman. Choose a fabric without dyeing and bleaching so that its energetic properties make the charm stronger.

Pour the croup on the cloth in a handful, and hide the yellow color inside. Say at the rump:

“Protect your family, protect, help! Do not let evil in the family, but attract good. Let it be so!».

Raise the corners of the fabric and secure them with hemp rope. Keep the charm you need in the hallway or near the entrance door, or in the closet on the shelf. Every three months, the guardian needs to be changed so that the negative energy does not penetrate your home. Take the grain from the old ward away from the house, bury it under a dry tree or in the wasteland with the words:

“I stand the evil out of the house, I’m not harming anyone. In the wet earth I will bury, I attract happiness in the house ».

The coin is left for the next talisman, but rubbed with coarse salt to clean it from the negative. Salt is buried together with barley or thrown into the river with the words:

“Solon-bitter leaves the house, is washed with water, renewed and happy returns.”

Amulets were of great importance for our ancestors. With their help, they defended not only the houses, but also the household, cattle and vegetable gardens. Use ancient knowledge so that your home has no place for bad luck and grief. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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