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How to make a Feng Shui card of desires for 2019

Feng Shui Wishes Card for 2019 — Instructions

We will tell you how to make a feng shui wish card for 2019. It is important to consider everything: choose an auspicious day, find suitable pictures and activate the map so that it starts working.

Favorable days

For the desire card to work, it must be done on favorable days. These are practically any periods of time when the Moon is growing, except for days of exceptions.

How to make a Feng Shui card of desires for 2019

  • Periods of retrograde mercury;
  • Days of lunar and solar eclipses;
  • New Moon and Full Moon;
  • The periods when the moon is waning.

There are also particularly prosperous periods in which the card of desires will be especially effective:

  • Two weeks after your birthday. Provided that this time coincides with favorable periods for mapping;
  • The days of the Chinese New Year are the perfect moment.

Be sure to select the appropriate day and mark it in the calendar, so as not to forget.

Map Sectors

What paperman’s sheet is your future wish card; you need to divide it into sectors according to the Chinese Bagua grid. Each zone is responsible for the scope of execution of the plan.

  • Southeast — a zone of wealth. Here you need to glue the image of everything that is associated with money and material goods;
  • South is a zone of glory. This sector is responsible for your reputation, credibility in the eyes of others and popularity;
  • Southwest is the sector of love. They paste pictures with desires about events that should happen in personal life;
  • East is the family sector. In this zone, unlike the rest, you can add pictures of real people — your relatives and relatives, whom you would like to leave in your life for a long time;
  • The center is a health zone. This place a personal photo. It is very important that the picture is positive. You can take photos from some vivid, memorable events in your life;
  • The West is a sector of creativity and children. Everything that you associate with spiritual development, talents, creative skills and achievements;
  • Northeast — the sector of knowledge. These are your dreams of getting an education, finishing some courses, attending seminars and trainings;
  • The North is a work and career zone. Images of everything connected with self-realization and the search for one’s vocation are placed here;
  • Northwest — sector assistants and travel. We glue here photos of people who can teach you something, as well as places that you plan to visit in the future, but have not yet had the opportunity.

The figure shows an example of placing photos on a wish card in accordance with the Bagua grid:

How to make a Feng Shui card of desires for 2019

You can paste not one, but several pictures into each zone. It is only important that their sectors be equally divided in order to maintain a balance.

For example, if there are five images in the creative zone, and only one in the wealth zone, you will break the harmony. The financial part of life will suffer, and the creative will be too active.

The shape of the map also matters: it should be rectangular. Many try to make it round, but this is wrong, the card will not work.

How to make a map

What you need to do to make a wish card:

  • choose an auspicious day;
  • prepare a drawing paper or a large sheet of thick paper if you do not want to make the card too large;
  • scissors for cutting images;
  • printed pictures that visualize your desires (pictures from magazines or photos from the Internet);
  • pencil, eraser;
  • a set of colored pencils, markers or paints.

Colored pencils will be needed to color each sector of the map. This is not necessary, but with the help of color you can increase the energy of each zone:

  • green shades activate the wealth sector:
  • red — fame and popularity;
  • green — family and family ties;
  • yellow — health zone;
  • white can leave the sector of children and creativity;
  • brown shades decorate the area of ​​knowledge;
  • blue pencil color sector career;
  • gray — sector helpers and travel.

If you decide to color the map, then try not to confuse the colors of each area, otherwise the visualization board just will not work.

Watch the video of the master class on drawing up a wish card for the year:

Tips and tricks

There is nothing difficult in the process of creating your personal visualization board. But be sure to follow some simple recommendations.

How to make a Feng Shui card of desires for 2019

  1. Complete each area in turn: start from the center, then go to the northern zone and continue clockwise.
  2. Empty plots should not be. In each sector — an equal number of pictures. This is very important to observe in order to avoid negative consequences due to imbalance.
  3. Desires must be truly yours. Therefore, think carefully about what you really want yourself, and what needs and requirements imposed by others. You also do not need to stick images with the desires of your children or husband — they must make their own map in this case.
  4. Before you glue the picture, take it in your hands, close your eyes and mentally imagine how your wish is being fulfilled. Feel this joy, all the positive emotions that you experience, activate the magic of the card.
  5. Each image must be signed with positive statements in the present tense. For example, sticking a wedding picture in the love sector, write: “I married a man who suits me in all respects”. Avoid negatives and negative language.

At the end do not forget to activate the card. To do this, think up some simple, easily accomplished desire.

For example, wish to eat an orange and stick a photo of the fruit in the center. On the same or next day, fulfill a mini-dream, and the visualization board will start working.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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