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How to make a charm in the New Year’s Eve

How to make a charm in the New Year’s Eve

Change of year — mystical and mysterious time. On this day, cherished dreams and desires come true. You can help yourself in the coming year with the help of your own charm.

There are many talismans and amulets for all occasions. Year of the Red Rooster will come very soon, so you should think about creating charms that will bring good luck and well-being to the owner for the whole next year. You should pay attention to this magical ritual and speak the subject of what you really need.

I am lucky

To create an amulet that attracts good luck, the following items will do: horseshoe, rooster figurine, four-leaf clover, a pin with beads, as well as any thing that you don’t part with and believe that it helps you and brings good luck in business. You will need a white candle, a few minutes of free time and conspiracy words:

“On the night of the outgoing year, I am precious, I bring happiness to myself. The Red Rooster will help me in this, in New Year’s Eve good luck will be put under the tree ”

Leave the object being started under the tree, and in the morning take it away and do not let anyone in your hands. Your personal luck talisman is ready. You can carry the talisman with you or, if the item is large, put it at home in a secluded corner.

Don’t forget to share your victories with him and tell him how he helps you.

Charm, attracting financial well-being

To attract finances help items denoting money or related. It can be old coins, a non-exchangeable note, a credit card, and also rice or millet in a red bag. On New Year’s Eve, under the chiming clock, you should hold the future talisman in your hand and make a wish that financial prosperity will come to you with the last chiming clock and will not run out.

Created amulet brings money luck, in contact with money. It must be carried in a purse or left where money is stored.

Love Amulet

Love in life does not happen much, so those who want to preserve this tender feeling and those who want to attract love should think about creating an appropriate amulet. The objects can be paired figures of angels, bells, a photo of a loved one, a yin-yang medallion. In the evening, a few hours before the beginning of the new year, you should light a red candle and start talking about a future guard that attracts and Attracting love «> love preserving:

“Feelings are strong, strong feelings. The love thread will not break, the beloved himself will be found, he will remain with me, others will not get it. My word is strong, faith is strong. Let it be so!»

Charm for health

Conspiracy and an amulet will help to attract health and protect your life from injuries and dangers. The best guard against disease is wax. From it you can fashion any figure and use it during the illness. It perfectly reduces the temperature and helps in the fight against viruses.

You can make a heart out of wax and make a pendant. To make it work, in the New Year’s Eve light 3 white candles and say:

“Petya-cockerel, you protect your family, you gather chickens together, you protect chickens. Help me, leave your courage and courage, but the health of the heroic. I will remember you, get well ”

Charm put in a secluded place and wear at the first sign of illness.

The most reliable amulets are made of wood. Their natural energy protects against negative effects and improves immunity. As an amulet, you can use a purchased medallion with runic signs, Chinese hieroglyphs of health, or those symbols, the meaning of which you know and they suit you exactly. So, for example, a woman should not wear amulets with male energy and intended for other purposes.

The chosen amulet should be put on the window sill and left overnight. During the battle of the chimes, you need to ask the Red Rooster to charge the amulet and give you his good health. In the morning, the amulet should be sprinkled with holy water and worn under clothing without removing it.

Remember that every thing has its power. Pay attention to the stones and minerals for the signs of the zodiac. They also help and protect the owner. We wish you a happy New Year, and do not forget to press buttons and

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