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How to make a charm for the child with their own hands

How to make a charm for the child with their own hands

In order to protect their children, in ancient times people created special charms. In the modern world, amulets have not lost their popularity or their strength; therefore, each mother can take advantage of the knowledge of previous generations and protect her children from problems and the evil eye.

Every mother knows how difficult it is to save the child from all sorts of trouble. To do this, you can create a strong protective amulet, because young children are more susceptible to adverse effects than adults. Jinx the child is much easier, but it can be difficult to remove damage. It is better to prevent negative influence by creating a strong protection that will save the child.

It is known that the power of the maternal word can work wonders. However, the grandmother can be engaged in the manufacture of protection.

In the world there are many protective amulets. If you do not have the opportunity to make an amulet yourself, you can purchase ready-made. But it will need to be cleared of someone else’s energy and be sure to talk to a particular child.

Chaff of rowan

Rowan has unique protective properties, therefore, to create charms use all its parts. Leaves, twigs and berries will serve as an excellent protection for your baby. For example, from the twigs you can create a cross, fastened with a red thread.

Such charms are often made by our ancestors, hanging amulets over the beds and cradles. Under the bed, you can put a few leaves and berries, or a bag of bark or wood, which will protect your baby from any misfortune. Such charms from time to time need to be changed.

All parts of the tree after use must be thanked for the help, and then burned at the stake. To create a strong amulet, take a candle of green or yellow color, light it and place several rowan leaves in front of you. Read the plot words:

“Mother Ashberry, I appeal to you with help, I am going to protect my child. Ryabinushka, my child, save me from evil, protect metererly, protect me from the evil eye. Let my little kid grow up and grow up, misfortune and grief do not know.

Let the troubles bypass it, but good luck creeps under your feet, remains with it. Let all the evil pass by him, do not turn us into our house. As I command, so it will be! ”

Conspired leaves must be placed under the mattress of the baby. They will protect your child from diseases, the evil eye and damage. Also, the charm will help keep the baby calm and relieve him from headache and toothache.

Conspiracy Charm

Pins are the most common objects with which, from ancient times, they made effective protection against any negative impact. With the help of the simplest pins, you can create a charm for your child. For this pin you need to pin on the back of the clothes and speak:

“The pin is sharp, thin and dashing from my child (name) will lead. With a sharp end, evil will pierce, it creates a strong defense. Every day and every hour, guard my child, do not let it go.

Let it be as I said. ”

The pin is removed only before washing, and then again speak to the defense. If it turns black or rust, sprinkle it with salt, then bury it away from the house with the words:

“I’ll bury the evil, I won’t pass it to anyone.” Thank you for the protection pin, I am creating a new amulet. ”

You can pin a charm as you like, but for the smallest charm you should put it at the head of the crib or on the back of the mattress. So you will save the child from accidental pricks.

Bay Leaves

Laurel leaves perfectly protect from evil and negativity. Since ancient times, this plant is considered the strongest talisman. Lay the dry bay leaves in the corners of the room in which the children sleep, or place them under their mattresses. You can sew a special bag, decorating it with protective embroidery.

To do this, independently make a pouch of burlap, flax or cotton, threading a natural thread through the neck. Inside, put a few leaves of laurel and say:

“I urge the protective forces of laurel, I create a charm. With whom the bag will be, that and evil will forget. Bad thoughts will not come, people will not harm evil.

Let it be so».

Small children put the bags in the crib or stroller. Older children can keep their wards with them in bags, backpacks or pockets.

Red thread guard

The red thread is known to everyone. It is popular all over the world, and it can be used as a protective amulet for a child. The thread can be purchased at the store or found at home.

It should be from natural material without admixture of synthetics. Creating a charm is simple: tie a thread on a child’s hand with seven knots, saying:

“I tie the red thread on the wrist (name), I tie the protection to it (to it). No one else will wish my (my) (name) evil and will not cause it, it will not harm the evil eye. Happiness comes to my child, and bypasses any evil side.

So be it! ”

You can weave a bracelet out of red threads, decorating it with beads. Speak silently or aloud words of protection for your child while weaving.

Bells charms

Gentle play of small bells will calm anxious child, give him a good sleep and reliable protection. Our ancestors with the help of such charms drove evil forces, created a positive energy background in the house. The bells are hung next to the crib of the baby and closely monitor their condition.

Blackened, stained or cracked bells are immediately replaced with new ones.

Once a month, clean the charm with salt. For this you can use a special miraculous Thursday salt. If you do not have it, then the usual one will do.

Above her, read the prayer to the Supreme Powers for the granting of protection. The bells are placed in salt overnight or overnight, and then thrown away with household waste. Make sure that the salt does not wake up and does not remain in the house.

Do-it-yourself toy

Our ancestors made special pupae with which the children played. These charms have an excellent protection function, which is why in the timely world there are often toys-guards for children.

To create a toy, you can take any safe materials: threads, filler, fabric, beads. It is important to sew a soft toy with your own hands and it is advisable not to make faces to it. In ancient times, dolls were made of thread and fabric, which was stuffed with fragrant herbs or hay.

They tied the head, hands and feet with threads, sewed dresses and hats. The “empty” face was left in order to prevent evil spirits from entering the charm. Speaking doll charm is simple:

“I will cross, I will ask for protection from the Higher Forces. Do not leave my child (name) in trouble, protect from any evil. Help him wherever he (she) is (a).


In the toy itself, you can sew a hand-written prayer. She will protect your baby from all adversity.

Protection from the sea

Many houses have pebbles and shells brought from the sea coast. They can be used as amulets for the child. You will need a rock with a hole or a small shell. Read the plot on the charm:

“I protect my child’s name with salt water. I distract troubles from him, I protect from misfortune. Forces of coast around (name) get up, any trouble from the child will be taken away.

Sea water, mighty and unbreakable, overcome any evil. «

On the rope in addition to the charm can be strung beads. Every talk from the disease, the evil eye, damage, from what you want to create a defense. Tying knots on a cord, say:

“I close the protection with nodes, I protect my child”.

Amulets are changed approximately every six months or placed in salt water for a day, updating the protective functions.

Icons-charms for children

Icons at all times were considered the best protection for any person. For children, you can purchase small images of saints, in whose name they were baptized in the Orthodox Church. The icons will save your child from any evil, evil eye and damage, will take away trouble and help him avoid trouble.

To protect the child from disease, you can use the image of the Tikhvin Mother of God. This icon will help you to strengthen the relationship with the child and save him from the bad influence of peers. To help you learn, present your child the image of Sergius of Radonezh.

Whatever charm you choose, be sure to create it in a good mood. Tune in to protection, and then your personal energy will go to the amulet. Pray to the Supreme Powers for the protection of their children, so that evil and negative will avoid them. I wish you happiness and prosperity, and do not forget to press buttons and

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