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How to make a charm

How to make a charm. Tips from Dmitry Volkhov

Psychic Dmitry Volkhov told on his official website about the power of talismans and how to make a guardian with his own hands. According to the winner of the “Battle of the Psychics”, it is important to make a guard for good luck on your own. Only then will he be endowed with magical power and help avoid trouble.

How to make a guardian with your own hands

To create a protective amulet, Dmitry Volokhov advises to sew a small bag of natural fiber and fill it with dry herbs. It can be lemon balm, lavender, sage, chamomile, horseradish, wormwood and other plants with magical properties.

For example, calamus attracts money and gives good luck, and also serves as a protector from diseases and accidents.

Basil attracts love, strengthens relationships in the family and gives inner harmony.

Hawthorn is a powerful protective agent against damage and the evil eye. In addition, he is able to scare away bad people from his owner.

Poppy and myrtle will help conceive a child. These plants are also considered a good preserving amulet for pregnant women.

This bag of herbs must be tied up with a red ribbon and always carried with you. Dmitry Volkhov recommends wearing the amulet closer to the body, for example, in the inner pocket of a jacket or around your neck, like a pendant. Show your charm to anyone can not, otherwise he will lose power.

If you need to protect your home, then the psychic advises to make a talisman for the house.

How to make a house amulet

In the creation of a charm for the house, too, trees and plants are used. According to Dmitry Volkhov, dry herbs are an effective weapon against damage, the evil eye, misfortunes and diseases.

To create a talisman for the home, the winner of the “Battle of the Psychics” recommends using yarrow, rosemary, alder, mistletoe, ivan da Marou or aloe. These plants will help preserve peace in the family, save you from diseases, and attract financial well-being and love. Where in the house to keep herbal amulet? Dmitry Volkhov advises to choose the place of storage of the talisman, depending on what you expect from him.

If you want to protect the house from damage and unkind people, then it can be hung above the entrance door. If you want to attract love, strengthen relationships, get rid of diseases and improve emotional health, you should keep them in your bedroom. If you need to attract money, then a bag of herbs can be hung in the kitchen or in the hallway.

According to the psychic Dmitry Volkhov, everyone can make a talisman and protect himself from the troubles and failures of life. It is only important to invest in it your positive emotions. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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